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August 16, 2003
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Peaches, Puppets, and Singer

Short Version: I sleep in 'til 8:30. Omelet. Pick up Joan. Go to Peach Festival in Lafayette. Jet sleeps in the car on the way there. Wander. Get peach cobbler. Jet wakes up. Puppet show. Box of peaches. Tortillas and HOT tamales. Home. Lunch of squash blossom quesadillas (Jet eats a whole one himself!) and HOT tamales, not cooked. Oops. Nap 'til 4!! John makes taco salad. I talk with my parents. Jon Singer visits.

Jet terms: "Hopcopter!!" for helicopter. "Fire engine! Fire engine! On the TV!" for his Tonka Rescue software game. "Pizza!" for his quesadilla. "Berries!" for the current tomatoes.

The omelet was very pleasant. I had been reading Neal Gaiman's Coraline, and the nasty mother who made perfect food had made her a cheese omelet. The bad mother had grated cheese into the pan and let it sizzle before stirring it into the eggs. I assumed, originally, that the cheese would have been poured back into the eggs and mixed in. But when faced with a hot pan filmed with bubbling cheese, I decided that it would be better to pour the eggs into the pan and mixed together there. It worked out well. I topped the omelet with halved current tomatoes, chopped garlic chives, and a little bit more cheese. It was a two-egg omelet, so when John expressed interest I gave him half of it. The current tomatoes were expressly sweet, and contrasted well with the custard of the egg and cheese and the sharpness of the chives. The exterior was brown and nearly crisp, and the interior was soft and creamy. I really enjoyed it and it was a good use of the tiny tomatoes.

Most of the morning was spent at the Lafayette Peach Festival. Joan had talked about going with us yesterday, and had wanted to talk with her family about who else wanted to go. It turned out that she was the only one that wanted to go, so we took the Passat, and found that it was very easy to park on the busy streets. Festival was much larger than it was two years ago. They blocked off a good eight blocks of the Main Street through the city, and there were booths set up on both sides. Several restaurants, nice ones, had concession booths that were selling all kinds of interesting things.

On the way there I sat in the back with the Jet, but that wasn't enough to keep him awake. He was dead asleep by the time we got to the Festival, so we just loaded him into the stroller and walked all the way down and all the way back up. I even bought vegetables from an organic farm's booth, and Joan and I both got peach cobbler with ice cream while John got a smoothie made, of course, with peaches. As we finished eating all that, Jet woke up. He was cranky. I had to hold him for quite a while, but he was willing to be carried as we went over to the puppet show that was set up only a few yards down the road. He wanted me to hold him for the first few shows, but when he saw other kids running around, dancing, and picking up the puppet master's business cards he decided that he wanted down, too. John was great and got Jet a lemonade. He also bought me a limeade. Both were very refreshing as the day heated up. Jet got a good hour with the puppets. When the puppeteer took a break, we settled in the shade behind the puppet display and Jet crouched down to peer into the box. He wanted to know what was going on in there. That was pretty cool.

We were able to take him away from the puppet show while it was stopped. John and I bought an entire box of peaches, and let Joan have four of them. The car was parked right in front of a tortarilla, so we went inside to see what there was to buy. Of course, they had plenty of tortillas. The lady behind the counter lit up when I said that I wanted a package of corn tortillas. I wonder if lots of non-Mexicans ask for flour tortillas. They also had two bins of tamales next to the cash register, and asked what the difference was between the two bins. She told me that one was made out of red chile and the other was made of green. I have often had red chile tamales, but never have had green before, so I had to buy the green chile tamales.

When we got home, after dropping Joan off at her house, we made lunch from our purchases. The tamales and the tortillas were still hot, so I assumed that they had been cooked thoroughly. The tortillas I made into quesadillas with cleaned, shredded, squash blossoms from the neighbor's vegetable garden. It turns out that squash blossoms taste a little bit like nasturtium blossoms, but are milder, without as much of the peppery bite as the brighter flowers. Jet got an open-faced quesadilla, which he called a pizza, and ate with great gusto. I was glad he enjoyed it. John and I each broke open a tamale, and discovered that they weren't completely cooked through. They were also tremendously spicy hot. The green chilies were extremely hot. They were also very good. I microwaved mine a little more to make sure it was cooked through, and ate it between bites of my very mild quesadilla. It was a very good lunch.

After lunch both Jet and I decided to nap. We went to sleep around 1:30 and didn't wake up until four. I guess both of us need our sleep.

What we did get up John had managed to quite a few things. He was quite willing to make dinner, and put together a very nice taco salad. He used tomatoes from the vegetable garden.

I called Mom and Dad because I thought their anniversary was yesterday. Yes, I was late. Or so I thought. It turned out that their anniversary isn't until another 10 days, so I was actually quite early. It was fun, though, to just talk to them about what was going on. Especially since John was already making dinner and I didn't have to lift a finger.

Jon Singer also called, and said that he could visit tonight if we wanted. We wanted. It did turn out to be a little later that we had originally thought, and Jet was rather tired from the day. But it worked out really well. We got to see lots of Singer's goodies, from glow in the UV glazes to stories about his gas kiln. That was really fun. He also spotted my tequin peppers, and asked for a few pods to take home with him. Jet got interested in the dried pods, and since he was tired he tore one part. John washed his hands immediately after taking away from him, but one rub his tired eyes Jet started crying. I guess there was still enough oil on his hands to cause stinging. We washed his hands thoroughly after that, and kept him from running his eyes anymore. I had to hold him and rock him in the rocking chair before he would finally settle down. But by the time he stopped crying, Jet was asleep. So I was able to put him in his bed and let him sleep in peace while we talked for a little while longer.

I always enjoy Singer's visits. There's always so much to learn from him and cool problems and concepts to think about. It was well worth any loss of sleep.

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