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August 15, 2003
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Scheduling, Ice Cream, and Tomatoes

SV: Talk with Joan about schedules. Work it all out cheerfully. Forget about dentist appointment. Oops. Reschedule. Feel bad. Quiet morning, otherwise. Get Jet, he naps for two hours. Get some food into him, then go to Ice Cream Social. I meet. Finally tell boss, gotta catch the tail end. Oops. Run off. Boss' boss' boss says that my son is entertaining everyone. Oh? Jet asking for Bob, as he left for a meeting. Jet as the Agent of Entropy. He's had his ice cream. I get mine and enjoy it and talk with people. A walk around the site. No Bob. Home. I make spaghetti with peeled tomatoes, basil, and chile flake for John. Jet eats noodles.

I think the stress of talking through the entire scheduling process made it very hard for me to remember the dentist appointment. Some of it was the fact that everything worked out just fine. In fact, Joan said that she would miss Jet if she didn't see him every day. It wasn't an imposition on her day. She really does enjoy taking care of Jet and having him as part of her family. I think the relief of that made me far more relaxed about the rest of the day than I should have been.

The dentist's office was very kind, they called to ask if anything had happened to me. They also warned me that they would forgive the trespass this time, the next time it would be $75. I felt pretty bad about that, more about letting them down than the money. I think my hormones are acting up, as I got pretty depressed about it for a fairly long time. Other than that both John and I had a great morning and early afternoon because Jet napped very well.

When Jet got up we went into work. There was an Ice Cream Social this afternoon to celebrate the new release. My boss had scheduled our one-on-one right on top of the ice cream social. I suspect she thought that it was at the same time that the San Jose social was supposed to be, which would have made it three here and two there. However it was actually at two in both places, which offset them by one hour. Normally our one-on-one are only half an hour, and for some reason she had scheduled an entire hour this week. I had assumed that she had actually meant to schedule half an hour, but when it had gone already 45 minutes I had to explicitly say that I really wanted to make the tail end of the social. She sounded completely flustered. I felt bad about that, but wasn't sure what else I could have done.

As I walked over to the building that the social was being held in my boss's boss's boss commented that my son was entertaining everyone. I wasn't sure if I should be scared or pleased.

When I arrived Jet was running around the large room quite happily. There were plenty of people to pay attention. He also eaten in entire bowl of ice cream himself, so was quite pleased with himself and probably happier for having eaten something. He ended up playing with a brass plate that covered several types of electrical connections. He was mostly playing with the faceplate and not putting anything into any of the sockets, thank goodness.

It was pretty funny to have Jerry agree when John and I called Jet our agent of entropy. He could see the resemblance to the name.

I managed to get my ice cream and eat it before everyone left to go back to their jobs. It was really fun to just stand around and talk to people for a while. I don't normally get to all of the cross-company social functions, and it's very nice to see people I don't normally get to see.

Jet finally noticed that Bob had already left. He had been playing with Bob quite happily before I had arrived, and Bob managed to slip off to a meeting. When Jet noticed he started asking for Bob. So we went back into the main building on a hunt for Bob. It turned out, however, that he was in a meeting. So we had to leave without seeing him.

The tomato plants have been producing quite profusely. We have a good dozen tomatoes, and they needed using. So I made something that I had really liked but we were visiting Seattle. Cucina!Cucina! had this wonderful, simple tomato, basil, and garlic sauce on angel hair pasta. I wanted to emulate that. So I boiled a great deal of water, and took part of it to douse the tomatoes. One minute in hot water, and I was able to peel the skins off of the tomatoes fairly easily. I smashed and minced the garlic. I sliced the basil into thin ribbons. And I took a good deal of olive oil, heated it until it was shimmering, and threw the garlic into it. I left it in for about 10 seconds and then threw half the basil into it as well to let it crisp a little. The diced tomatoes went in after that, with some splattering. The rest of the boiling water got the angel hair pasta at this point. It only took two minutes to cook. I fished out the spaghetti. I folded it into the sauce. I then put it on plates, and shook red chili flakes all over John's portion.

The dish I had in Seattle contained red chili flakes, but they had been unevenly distributed. I carefully folded these in through the whole mixture. John was very pleased, and when he had seconds he added his own chili flakes.

The garden tomatoes were wonderful in the sauce. They were meaty and sweet, and had a wonderful depth of flavor. Also, without the rather tough skins, they were very tender and juicy. I think the skins would have detracted from the texture of the sauce. Most canned tomatoes are without skins, and I think they make a better sauce because of that.

However, Jet would have none of it. I even made him a plate of the spaghetti without any of the chunky bits, but he still didn't want what we had. Instead, he went to the pantry and pulled out his ramen noodles for his dinner.

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