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August 20, 2003
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Free Dessert

Short Version: Up. Ugh. Joan's. Work. Lunch at Great Harvest talking about compilers. Free dessert! Safeway run. Joan's. Jet's asleep. I work for an hour!! Then play Crash games with Jet until 5. Roast chicken, beans, peas and carrots. Jet has fish sticks, fries, and broccoli flowers. Hmmm.. should feed him more broccoli. Taping - eject - Goofy movie. Sleep early. Whew.

Mostly a normal day.

We had sandwiches at Great Harvest. They're a bakery that does specialty breads, and it was really nice to just go there, and get a freshly made sandwich. Yum. The really cool thing is that they have a company policy that says that anyone that goes in can have a free sample of bread. The Pecan Swirl loaves were coming out and I knew that I wouldn't eat a whole loaf, a single slice of it seemed very tempting. It's basically a loaf of pecan sticky rolls, but no icing. Thank goodness. But it was really, really good. I loved it.

I was very glad, though, that I could only have one slice. Even if it was whole wheat, it was still a sweet dessert. *grin*

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