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August 23, 2003
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Flat Irons Mall and Cooking Experiments

8:27 pm: SV: All up early. Jet slept all night. Flat Irons for walking, but got organizational stuff, both house and brain. Also got RC cars! Home. Nap. Popeye patties as a try. Lawn mowing. Journal catch up. J's go get taco fixings plus what few things we need. Chicken taco's. Crash. Spyro makes me sick.

Jet slept all night even with one of his windows wide, wide open and all the light streaming in. So it's not light that causes him to wake up wanting us. We'll have to remember that. I slept so well without having to take care of him that when he got up at just about 7, I decided I might as well too.

We had peach pie for breakfast. It is very good, though I'm not too sure of the spicing. The crust, though, turned out exactly what I wanted. Yay! Peach pie and cheese. Jet had a little pie, but John gave him a cup of milk foam and we persuaded him to dip cereal into it. So he ate a quarter cup of cereal that way. Not too bad.

The trip to Flatiron Crossing was just for fun. A way to get out of the house and do something different. Jet wanted to be carried for a lot of the time, but we finally managed to pursued him to ride in the stroller when we offered him some goldfish. We went through the whole organization store with him in the stroller, eating fish, until we bought a broom with a dustpan that I wouldn't have to bend down to use. There are so many crumbs in the kitchen, all the time, now that Jet really likes eating just the dried, uncooked ramen blocks. It is much easier to use a broom than the dust buster, especially with a dustpan I don't have to bend down to use.

We also got some other organizational stuff, like a bag stuffit that dispenses them through a slot, a rack for some stuff John had, and I got two stacking drawers for an old cardboard box filled with my bath stuff, including candles. I needed the extra room and organization. That was very cool.

There was also a little kiosk selling tiny RC cars that can be recharged instead of burning more batteries. They have a little pedestal that can be run by rechargeable AAA's which, in turn, charge the cars themselves. They get a 10 minute run on one charge, which is pretty good. They fascinated Jet, but John was the one actually driving them around. I think it might teach Jet more about driving the Crash Team Racing cars on the video game if he can get the RC car to go.

Finally we stopped by a Franklin Covey shop and I picked up a few elements of an old addiction. There is something about being able to track things on both the large and small scale that I miss with my present ToDo lists on my Visor. I like the paper tracking, and kind of miss it, especially the scheduling of things that I need to do for myself. No one else is going to track that kind of stuff for me, and make sure that I make the time for myself. So this should be a way to get back into it, again.

Home again, home again, and Jet fell asleep pretty quickly. So both he and I napped when we got home, and when we got up, I made him some Popeye patties out of the Jennifer Lang Cooks for Kids book. It's basically ground bread, chicken, and spinach sauteed to make a patty. It tasted, to me at least, a lot like a chicken nugget. Jet, however, took an interest to the bread I used in the patty, and ate the other half a slice of bread before I was even done cooking. He also drank a big glass of juice, while watching me, so when they were done he took a good bite out of one of them. He ate that bite. He then fiercely protected his 'cookies' from me, but he didn't eat another one of them.

Ah well. I think he'd like them on an empty stomach, but it was a sort of failure this time. I want to try some of the 'muffin meals' next, but it's at least some ideas for how to get Jet to eat something other than frozen French fries and ramen. Even just feeding him slices of bread would be better.

Jet and John got the last few things for dinner, while I got to stay at home and dictate chunks of journal. Backfilling is such a chore, but it's a lot easier doing it through dictating than typing. My hands are pretty sore from all the work I'm doing on the laptop while it's on the kitchen counter. So being able to dictate is a lot nicer.

We spent a lot of the evening playing and watching various Crash games. Jet wasn't too scared of any of the racing games. We tried to see Spyro for a bit, but it made me so seasick I had to go.

Jet's fascinated by the Fear Factor. It's pretty cool that he's not at all afraid of anything on that show, when he's afraid of Crash getting crushed. I kind of like what that says about him.

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