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August 22, 2003
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Massage, Corvette, and Peach Pie

10:09 pm: Short Version: I get up at 5:30 with Jet. Baked pancake with peaches and yogurt. I go in for the morning and take Jet to Joan's. Stay at work until 12:30. Come home. Quick lunch. J's gone for lunch. I go to CeLena's at 2. Home to the boys. Crash for a little bit. Lynn gets a Corvette Z06. Zowie wowie. Taco salad dinner with the last of the picked current tomatoes. Make peach pie.

I'm pretty tired. Got up really early and stayed up with Jet and let John sleep in. He's been doing the early work for most of the week, so I thought it was time for me to give him a break. I needed some time with the really happy morning-Jet, anyway, and it was nice to just play with him, talk with him, and hug him a lot. He really wanted to watch a few cartoons with me wrapped around him. He kept pulling my arms around him and saying, "Hug! Hug!" So I cheerfully hugged him a lot.

Eventually I realized that some of it might be because he was a little cold. His legs were pretty chilly, so I put a pair of sweat pants on him and he was much happier. He was also very much more willing to let me go do a few things while he ran around and played with things. He really liked having the rocking chair's footrest upside down. It's a gliding footstool, so the bottom would rock back and forth as he climbed in and out and all around. He seemed to like the extra challenge of the moving target. "Wok at me! Wok me!" he'd cry and rock like crazy. Hee.

When I started getting ingredients out for a baked pancake, Jet demanded to get up on the counter and he commented and helped mix as I put together the batter. When I moved to a different counter to peel and slice peaches, Jet wanted up there, too, and asked for all the pits. For some reason he just wanted a pile of peach pits and was happy enough to watch me peel and slice the ripe fruit. I started worrying, a little, that we couldn't keep up with the fruit as it ripened.

When John woke up, we talked it over a little, and decided that it might actually be better for me to peel, slice and freeze the peaches we couldn't eat than to make peach jam. We go through so little jam on a regular basis, the jars go bad before we can eat everything; but frozen peaches can be used in smoothies, cooked into a syrup/sauce for waffles and pancakes, and are generally more often used by us than jam. So I thought I'd do that after I made a pie, as I've been craving peach pie for a while.

Work was good. I got to have some meaningful talks with a lot of different people. When I got home, I was hungry, so I thought about a leftover chicken breast sandwich, but there wasn't any good bread, so I ended up just eating a Lean Pocket, fresh from the microwave. To make up for the frozen food, I ate the apple turnover that had been sitting on the counter for a couple of days. It needed eating.

I worked for a while. Then at 2 I went to CeLena's and found that my arms and hands have been getting significantly better. Things still ache a bit, but it's not the pain I was having at the beginning of the year. I'm certainly not being kept awake at night by the pain the way I was earlier. That's a very good thing. We got through it pretty well, and things were sore, but not terrible.

The boys had gone to a work lunch. John's group was celebrating, and Jon took Jet with to do so. That was pretty cool. I'd talked with Joan about the fact that Jet had been up at 5:30 and that it would be really cool to let him nap earlier than usual. She was happy to oblige. So Jet got his hour and a half nap by the time he got to the party, and turned out to be very happy during the whole thing. He had a great time crawling under the table and playing with everyone that paid him attention.


When I got home, John wanted to work, so Jet and I did some things for a while, we watched the Goofy tape and when Jet wanted to play 'ffiangin'/"fire engine"/Tonka Rescue Trucks. Instead, I brought up Baby Wow, which I hadn't started for a long, time and Jet got fascinated by the pictures and words! That was wonderful! He had a great time, and would repeat all the words that he heard, whether he knew it or not, and he got clearer with repetition. Wow. He had a great time guessing the revealed pictures behind a tiled front. I had fun cheering him every time he got one right before the program told him the word. The best part is that Jet didn't have to have any fine control, just click at any time he wanted the next thing to happen, so he was quite capable of driving the program, completely. He liked that a lot and it freed me up to make pie dough.

By the time I put the dough into the fridge, Jet wanted to move on. So we went into the basement and did some Crash. Jet was very good about telling me, "Too scary! That's too scary!" for the levels he really didn't want me to play. Too owie. He didn't like seeing Crash get hurt. So I avoided the levels that made Jet cry, and that was that.

John got called in the middle of all that and came down to tell Jet and I that Lynn had just traded in his truck to a dealer in Cheyenne and was coming over to visit and show us his new purchase, a gorgeous, little blue Corvette. Yow. He arrived, and Jet crawled all over the car. He even fit himself into a tiny pocket on either side of the trunk. It was exactly Jet's size.

Lynn let John go for a drive. While John drove, Jet played in the sandbox while I wandered over to the tomatoes and picked a bunch of ripe ones, both big and little. I had turned the watering system down to only 20 minutes instead of 30 and none of the big tomatoes were blemished any more. So I think that might have been part of the problem. The other part of the problem has probably been solved by the cooler weather, no longer weeks of 90+-degree weather.

Lynn offered a drive to me, too, but I asked that he drive and I just ride. I didn't want to do anything I might regret to someone else's car, especially a car that they'd only owned for a couple of hours. It was a wonderful experience. I've only rarely been in a car that was accelerating so hard that I was literally pressed back into the seat. We went from a standstill to 75 in no time at all, and it was really fun. Empty roads are plentiful out by Erie.

When we got back to the house, I gave Lynn a bag and asked him to take as many tomatoes as he wanted, and he did. That was good. We aren't going to be able to eat them all really quickly, but he wanted some, so it was good to be able to give him some. He had dinner plans, so he drove off to the sound of the growl of a very happy engine.

John made taco salad from leftovers and the last of the picked current tomatoes. There were some getting kind of old, so better to just get through them. Jet had eaten half a protein bar for a snack at 4, but by 8 he was hungry again and asked for noodles. He ate a quarter brick, dry, and drank all the soup of the other half and nibbled some of the noodles. There are quite a few things in the kid cookbook that Mom left us that I want to try, now that I have pretty much everything in the fridge and pantry again, especially something called "Popeye Patties", which have spinach and chicken ground together with some seasonings and then sauteed as small patties. It should be close enough to Jet's understanding of chicken nuggets that he might even eat them. There are also a bunch of "Muffin Meals" that look intriguing. Jet eats muffins.

After dinner, John gave me the time and space to make the peach pie. It turned out that not all the peaches are ripe, yet. So I was able to use all the ripe peaches in the pie. The Best Recipe had a very cool mixture for the peaches that included crystallized ginger, allspice, and a bit of nutmeg. I also wanted a firmer pie, not a runny pie, more like the way grocery store pies are, but without the funky chemicals. Turns out that the recipe called for tapioca and had a great explanation of why tapioca instead of corn starch or flour. Yay!

Jet was really tired by the time I got the pie into the oven, and he nursed for, perhaps, five minutes before falling asleep. So I put him to sleep, and both John and I have been using our computers for fun since then. Probably time for me to go to sleep. It's been a mildly confusing day because I keep thinking that it's Tuesday, because I to go into work. I can't believe that it's the weekend already, another week gone by and I'm not sure what I've accomplished, really.

Maybe I should eat a little pie.

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