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August 25, 2003
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Smooshed Schedule

Short Version: Too busy. Joan took for morning. Nap for early afternoon. Peanut butter sandwich for lunch for Jet. Ran to grocery store. Got to work for meeting. Popcorn and Monsters Inc. for Jet. Went well. John took after 4. Baby shower for Fei and Vivian. Cake and running around like crazy until 6+. Go home. Chicken dinner. Quesdiilla 'pizza'. Mac and cheese and broccoli. Refuses to eat even a bite. Standoff until he goes to bed hungry. Bleh.

The afternoon was crazy. I knew it even as I scheduled it, but I had to do it. I had a 3:30 meeting, that I usually get called for, and there was a 4:30 shower for Fei, a guy that I work with all the time.

So at 2, Jet and I headed out and went to the grocery store to start. Jet, however, got it into his head that he HAD to push the grocery cart in a particular direction. We didn't have time for it. So I picked him up and put him into the cart and rolled towards the few things we had to get. I'd only given us half an hour, and I would have given us more, but he'd slept more than usual for his nap. Jet ended up trying to claw his way out of the cart and onto me, so I put him down and asked him if he wanted to go with me or if he wanted to be picked up. He kept heading in the other direction, so I had to pick him up, kicking and screaming in a football hold while trying to maneuver the cart.

On the way in I'd promised him a pop. When I got to the last item, I put him down, and instead of running off, he stood there and just cried. When I got it, I told him that we were going to go look for his pop and was that okay? He nodded, and we went off to the cold pop area, and found him a can of Hansen's natural pop and took it to the checkout line. He was great there, and when I filled his sippy cup with pop he was a very happy little boy again.

By the time we got to work he was happy as anything. I popped him some popcorn, set him up in the corner of the meeting room we were going to meet in and started Monsters Inc. for him. He settled down, ate popcorn, drank pop, and watched his movie through the meeting. At 4:15, John popped by to see how things were going, but Jet saw him, so he wanted to go out with him. Turned out that he was pretty wet, so John took the diaper bag with him, and changed him to set him up for the baby shower.

Our meeting ended a little late, and I took a little longer cleaning everything up, so by the time Jim and I arrived at the shower, Fei and Vivian had already opened their gifts. That was cool. Jet was running around, entertaining everyone. Cake was being served, as well, and Jet would run by John or I with his mouth open and he'd get cake shoved into it. He was having a blast. We had a lot of fun talking with Fei. Karen and I had fun giving motherly advise. We were the last ones standing, as usual. For some reason we always seem to end up as the last people out of the party.

Jet was pretty tired. Instead of going swimming, the way I'd originally planned, I asked John if we couldn't have the day off and go tomorrow. We'll both be home for the latter part of tomorrow, as we don't have daycare for Jet. It should be easier tomorrow, so we decided to just go home and have grilled chicken leftovers, mac and cheese, and broccoli.

Jet asked for a pizza, so we made him a quesadilla, as that's all we really had for pizza. He refused to touch it and, finally, set off both John's and my frustrations, and for the evening, we said that he had to eat some of his pizza or some mac and cheese or a piece of broccoli before he could have crackers, goldfish, ice cream, milk, or anything else. He had to just eat one bite, a taste. But he refused to have anything to do with it. Both John and I carried it out to the bitter end, as Jet finally fell asleep from sheer cussed tiredness. Given his day I wasn't too surprised. Disappointed, yes, but not too surprised.

John and I ended up talking it all through and figuring out what else we could do and what we had to stick to as a rule with Jet. It's a simple enough rule, with most kids, that they have to eat some thing that they don't want in order to get what they do. I'm not entirely sure that we should be enforcing it now, but we have to start sometime.

So Jet went to sleep without dinner, dessert, his warm milk, or even my nursing. He did just fine, too. Slept normally, only waking up twice, so it's obvious that going to sleep once without eating hasn't hurt him any. We'll see if it changes his eating habits for a little while to come.

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