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August 26, 2003
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Rice Balls and Late Night Solutions

Short Version: No kid care. Jet gets smoothie for breakfast. I go in for the morning. Come back at 11. Nurse. Nap. John works. Sushi rice for rice balls. I have a 2 pm meeting. Jet eats rice balls with dried fish, seaweed, sesame seed sprinkles. Yum! We go swimming at 4. 200 kcal workout for the first time in a while. A few weights. Lots and lots of stairs for the slide for Jet. Souper Salad. Jet eats lots and different things. Peach pie for me for dessert at home. Yay! Weird late mail from boss' boss. Up 'til 2 mad and then with a solution in my head.

The sushi rice balls were another idea I'd had for quite some time as to something I might be able to feed Jet and have him have his old favorite of rice, but with a more nutritious twist. Kathy had introduced me to the futomaki a while back, the dried fish and seaweed 'rice sprinkles' that the Japanese use on a lot of rice dishes. Jet loves the stuff. He'll actually push handfuls of rice into the stuff and eat it happily. He got fish, seaweed, and sesame seed with his rice.

Jet was even holding a chocolate covered protein bar in the other hand as he ate his rice. He eventually didn't eat it at all, just gave it to me and told me that he didn't really want it. Wow.

Joan had to take Haley in for her first day of pre-school, so couldn't take care of Jet today. So John took care of him for the morning, and I came home after just a morning's worth of work. I cancelled one meeting, another meeting got cancelled out from under me, and I didn't have to pay attention to the third. Jet, however, napped his way through most of that one, only waking up enough to want to nurse during the last of it, so that worked out really well. Both John and I got stuff done, enough that we could leave at 4 for swimming.

Swimming was hard. Jet kept having us climb the stairs, instead of him, but he did go down the slide a LOT. That was pretty neat. He did really well. He even ate a lot of different stuff at the Souper Salad, including a ton of melon, a few pepperoni (he seems to be getting tired of it, thank goodness), some goldfish, potato sticks, and he even nibbled a broccoli flower. That was cool. He got pop and ice cream, afterwards and as a very happy boy.

When I got home, I checked my email because my work machine was on the counter in the kitchen. It was a mild mistake, as my boss' boss wrote me about a particular 'project' he had. The description made me really mad. Ah well. But then my brain got engaged, and I had to think about it. Wow.

I came up with an interesting solution at about 11pm... and stayed up until 2 trying to go to sleep with it in my head, and I finally had to go into the kitchen and write it down before I could go to sleep. Ugh.

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