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August 29, 2003
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Recovery, Rain, and Catching Up

10:39 pm: A good recovery day. I actually had three meetings in the morning, with three different people. All of them were very useful. One of them for the information that I didn't get rather than the information that I did. It's made the decision to not stay with this group all the easier. Yay for efficiency.

After work I went shopping for a bit. I am really enjoying my Covey planning system and it really requires a pencil for putting things down so that they can be erased. I've already made a couple of scheduling mistakes with my pen that I don't really regret but would have liked to be able to change. So I went to see what the new pencil technology looked like and got a few cool surprises with a ballpoint pencil, where the ballpoint pretty much set down a trail of graphite, which could be erased with an eraser. I really didn't like the feel of it or the way the lines looked.

I did however, also find two eGrip Pentel pencils that I really did like. They were neon colored, had .7 mm leads, and had great grips for my hands. Big, rubbery, and pretty. Jet loved 'em the minute he saw them. He was still awake when I got home. He grabbed one of the pencils and started drawing. He hadn't gone to sleep on the way home, and didn't want to nurse, so the two of us played and did stuff until nearly 2, and then he nursed and went to sleep.

I worked. I had some lunch. I got a few more tomatoes, and watered the plants on the edge of the drip irrigation system. I probably shouldn't have.

At 4, Jet hadn't woken up, yet, so I went in and woke him up very gradually, we nursed a bit, and then I got him some ramen for lunch as he hadn't had it for most of the week. By then it started raining. John came down from his work stuff upstairs, and we opened the house to the 60-degree weather. It was cool, even cold, but it was really good at cooling down the house quickly. I had been planning on grilling outside, but with the downpour, I decided to just broil the chicken and boil the corn. Jet refused to eat any of that, but, given his very late lunch, I didn't blame him for it at all.

It started pouring while I was cooking. Jet, being our son, decided he HAD to be out in it. So he went out in it. John got a good shot of him with the video camera, as he was taking a small bucket, filling it at the drain, and then pouring it into a bigger bucket. Every time he had the bigger bucket filled, he'd dump it and start over again. Eventually, he was so wet and cold he couldn't talk without stuttering, so I took him inside, stuffed him into a hot shower, and let him stand there until he was dancing and singing again. I pulled him out, dried him off, lotioned him, and put clothes on him and he wanted to go out again. I locked the door, but opened the curtains so that he could see out. That seemed to be good enough for him, which was a good thing.

We had dinner. John wanted to watch football, Jet didn't. So we went downstairs and played Crash until John got enough football and got to play for a bit, too. Jet was poopy, though, so I brought him upstairs and changed him. By then John came up, too. We putzed around upstairs for a while, as I had my laptop on the kitchen counter. Perhaps that was a mistake. Anyway, I got a few things done, while Jet played in his PJ's. I went upstairs and the walls were dripping with water under the windows that John had opened. I closed them and used a towel to dry them off.

Then I came down, told John to go to sleep, and played with Jet for a little while before offering to nurse him. He was happy to get his teeth brushed and we nursed and he fell asleep quite readily. I think he was pretty tired, just didn't quite know how to say so.

I got to watch Tyler's Ultimate and the Cook's Tour episode on BBQ, which is pretty interesting, I even wrote down the names of all the places, and only one will probably send out products by mail. I should do that someday. It's not like I'm going to go to North Carolina or Texas any time soon.

I got to catch up on the journal so that I have a chance at posting up to today tomorrow on the big web site. That should be good. I am SO glad that this is a long weekend. It should provide good time for doing the things that I want to do again, not just the things that I have to. John's already done nearly all the laundry, so we don't have to do that this weekend. I got our milk, and that's pretty much the most of what we need for a bit. Nothing we have to get at the grocery store so we can take that on our leisure.

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