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August 28, 2003
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Jet Helps Me Out

I had a lot of surprises today from Jet. The morning was atypical in that Joan brought Jet over when it was time for her to go pick up Haley. She'd brought Jet with her to Haley's pre-school to make sure that Haley got settled in okay, and he'd thought that he was going to stay with Haley. But then Joan and he went back to Joan's house.

Joan said that they both felt a little lost that morning, without Haley. She'd fixed a vacuum while Jet watched and helped, and that was about all they did. Since Joan had to pick up Haley anyway, she did it all with one trip, dropping a wide-awake Jet off on the way. Jet walked right into the house, and we talked for a bit, before Joan left.

Jet nursed, but didn't go to sleep, at all. So I thought I'd make us both some spaghetti. I made one with tomatoes and one with the peanut butter sauce my mom used to make for us. I presented both bowls to Jet and he said, "Oh! Thank you!" and then proceeded to ignore both of them. He had no desire to eat either of them. He did asked to eat ramen, but when I said no, he gave up asking. So we ended up, an hour after he came home, nursing again and putting him to sleep.

He slept for 3 hours. When I looked up from my work, I went in and woke him up gradually and asked him if he wanted a smoothie. He nodded, said yes, and when I asked him again, he smiled and said yes, again. So I made him a smoothie, with slices of frozen peach, half a banana, a slice of sweet potato, and some cantaloupe, yogurt, and soymilk. When he came out and I presented it to him, he said, "I don't want it!"

Which he repeated several times in the next half an hour as I got frustrated about him not drinking what he'd asked for. I explained it a dozen times, and tried doing it in different ways, and ended up with him crying pretty hard. I hugged him, which quieted him instantly and talked about it again, and instead of crying, this time, he walked into a corner and quietly looked outside. When I came up with the smoothie and put it on the ground between us, he talked about the trees outside, that he was tired, and showed me the texture on the walls. The conversation got a lot calmer with that.

When I dipped a finger into the smoothie and held it out to him, he tasted it. That was enough for me, but he asked for a spoon, so I gave him a spoon and he ate more of it that way. Finally, he picked up the cup with the straw and drank it as well, with little prompting from me. We played Freddi Fish 3, for a while. He drank his smoothie whenever he saw it. I noticed that when I asked him to click on things, he didn't hit the mouse anymore. He reached over, carefully, and didn't move the mouse and clicked without moving it. That's something very new for him.

He drank half his smoothie while we played. Then we packed up and headed to the Rec. Center.

I was sore going in. I was sore from Tuesday and all that extra stair climbing. So I took it a little easier today. Swimming itself was okay, I took Jet up for his first slide, and he demanded that I take him for the second, but then the last three he was okay with John taking him up. So that wasn't too bad.

We had dinner at the Pepperoni Pizza Kitchen. Jet got the second half of his smoothie, goldfish, and he ate a couple bites of pizza before he decided to explore the whole restaurant and left John and I with our medium sized "Italian Stallion", which was a stuffed pizza filled with six kinds of meat, three vegetables, and two kinds of cheese. It was really good.

We drove back to the Rec. Center to pick up John's car, and I drove the van home. When we got home, John pulled in at the same time. I just sat in the driver's seat after turning everything off, and finally stirred when Jet asked, "Get down?" Which is his normal way of asking to get off his car seat. So I went back and unlatched him and helped him down. I sat down on the bench beside his seat, and watched him as he carefully climbed out of the van. He made sure he had a good hand hold on the sliding door before he took the big step down. He made it, just fine. Then he looked back at me and asked, "Coming?" I shook my head, "I dunno."

Then Jet turned back towards me, held both arms up to me and said, "Here you go."

He was offering me a hand out of the van. Just like when he asks John and I for help to get out. We hold out our hands to lift him up.

He held his hands out to help me out. I took his hands, stood up and said, "Thank you."

"You're welcome." he said, matteroffactly, and trotted towards the house.

I picked up a couple of bags and took them over to the stage. I gradually unloaded everything out of the van and even took Jet's car seat out as well. There's a lot of stuff to go to the gym and swimming. All of it got out of the car and into the house. When we got in, Jet wanted to play Freddi Fish again, so I started it up.

When Jet asked me to drive, I said that he could do it. And, sure enough, he could! He surprised the hell out of both John and I by carefully putting the cursor on the thing he wanted to click and then clicking it. Over and over and over again. He needed a little help with some of the more complex sequences and anything that required some fast timing, but pretty much everything else he could do. Wow. It was a step-function. Even a couple of days ago, he'd been demanding that I drive; but suddenly he could do it and do it easily!!


It's such an amazing independence step for us. Now we can just start it up for him and he can just do it.

He went to sleep a little late. We had ice cream for dessert, and he spooned it for himself and spilled relatively little of it on the towel cover of his favorite table. He did really well with it and it was good because I really hate sprinkles on my ice cream and he's not too crazy about pecans. A good thing to have separate bowls. Hee.

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