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August 30, 2003
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Rainy Day

It rained all day today. From dawn to well into the night, it rained and rained and rained steadily. Yum. Yesterday was really mild compared to today. It was actually cold, and we did a lot of stuff, anyway.

I was up late last night, which might have been a mistake. I kind of feel a cold tickling at the back of my head, but with plenty of food and things to do, it went away. I don't really know if it's a cold or allergies, with all the rain. But I got up a bit late, too. I'd actually taken care of Jet at 12 and John took the second up and then was up with him in the morning, so I could sleep in. When I got up, they hadn't had breakfast, yet, so we just got a can of seltzer, the whole wheat pancake mix and made waffles.

They came out crisp and wonderful. Jet ate a whole square himself and half of another with John feeding him while they played Putt-Putt goes to the races. John and I each got some, too, and when we were done, John went off to mail a package and get a newspaper.

We've stopped the daily delivery of newspapers since the vacation. We never had the time to read it every day, so it's less of a waste of paper. John just gets papers when he really wants them, and it's usually on the weekends. So he got a paper, and found that there's a bunch of sales this weekend, including a sale at our local garden supply store. They're actually a tree farm and there are a lot of open spots, still, in our yard that could use a tree or two.

When John got back, I nursed Jet, and he went to sleep for his nap. So I got to update my journal while John got to read his newspaper in peace. That was pretty good. I also soaked and cooked sushi rice. When Jet woke up, he said, repeatedly, "I want dragon! I want dragon!" So the boys went down into the basement to play with Spyro, the dragon, while I finished the rice balls. I made some of them with tuna, and some of them without, as I was pretty sure Jet wouldn't eat them with, but I thought he could at least try one.

Instead of picking them up, though, Jet just stuck his hand right through it and only picked out the rice to eat with his 'sprinkles'. He ate at least one whole ball, and perhaps part of another, but by that time they were in such small pieces I don't think I could really tell. He was also dropping both rice and sprinkles on the carpeting, and into the sheepskin. Oops. It was something of a mistake to bring those downstairs. I had to go through both with my hands to pick up as much sticky rice as I could, and finally go over it all with a vacuum to get all the dried fish and seaweed out. Ah well.

Jet did eat a lot, though, so that was good.

I got a little car sick watching the game, so I went back upstairs, after lunch, to water the plants and eat one of the last peaches that are left of the box. This year, the peaches were really well varied, and they lasted the whole time instead of ripening all at once so that we had to freeze them or something. The one hump we had was well taken care of by the peach pie. So we've gone through the whole 30 lb. peach box! That's pretty good.

When the boys came back upstairs, we upturned all of Jet's clothing, and went through it all to find what was too small, what could still fit, and what he really needed for the coming year. The chests upstairs were next, to see what could actually fit him now, and there wasn't nearly as much as there were the last couple of years. We'd stockpiled all the clothing that people had given us, and it had amounted to quite a lot for Jet's first couple of years, but it was thinning, now, and we decided to take advantage of another weekend sale at Kohl's, a local department store.

So we went with our list and got all of Jet's things, and I got two shirts, as most of my wardrobe, now, consists entirely of t-shirts and Hawaiian shirts. I thought it would be good to have a couple of things that were as comfortable as t-shirts, but a bit more fashionable. I got a nice rayon short sleeved t-shirt like garment that was really fuzzy soft, and an 80% silk knit sweater that was really nicely shaped. Both were around $20, so I was pretty happy. Jet's stuff totaled to a bit more than $100, including one toy, a "My First Leap Pad", as he'd had to forego a Dora Backpack, and a few other things he'd seen in the store. We thought we'd get him one thing he wanted.

He carried it into the pho restaurant with him. He kept talking about the characters in the book, but he put it down to dig through a big pile of noodles and lots of soup. He loved his noodle soup, and cleaned up really well.

We went home, then, and he talked about a "B-b. I want a b-b!" all the way home. Both John and I blinked at each other. A doll? A baby? Turns out that one of the pages in the book had what Jet thought was a baby on it. So when we put batteries into his toy and turned the book to that page, Jet was entirely content.

When I decided to make bagels, Jet decided he had to help me, too. So he played with the dough while I started the snakes for the bagels, and he helped by joining the tails and smooshing them together. He even got the idea to roll them under his palm to join them! So he made several 'donuts' and threw them onto the baking sheet. When I straightened them out a little, he was happy with that, too. He was great at helping with them. Afterwards, I washed his hands, and John changed him, and he went back to playing with his LeapPad.

He played and played until we asked him if he was tired. "Yeah!" he said and ran to the bathroom to get his teeth brushed. Wow. Yay for routine! He went to sleep. I soon followed, as I was still feeling kind of tired, and John stayed up to code.

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