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December 13, 2001
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Google and Grocery Run

10:04 pm: With the gradual disappearance of his skin condition in the diaper area, Jet's gone back to an older sleep pattern. He wakes up two or three times before midnight, with gas, and then sleeps through until a feeding from me and then keeps sleeping until dawn or a bit past dawn. Since dawn isn't until after 7 these days, it's a good, long sleep and we get to sleep in after the long time up and down until midnight. It's a far better pattern than up every hour or two through the night, though it could still do with some improvement.

I had a clear enough head to actually work this morning, and I had a meeting that I didn't have to pay that much attention. I just plowed through a whole lot of stuff. The first thing was to actually make a list of everything I hadn't done and needed to do. I had to also figure out the timing for a bunch of it as well. There was a meeting on Monday that needed me to finish at least one thing. I also had three things that, surprisingly, were just on the verge of being done.

So I tried to get the most bang for my brain and got a number of the things that were just a hair on the side of being Not Done to the Done stage. I also got the thing done that had to be done by Monday, eventhough a very basic element of that got changed one way and then the other before I even got to it. Luckily the waggle happened all the way back before I actually got a chance to change anything. Whee.

In the midst of all that I got a note from Rick Floyd, a Usenet friend of mind since the mid-80's, and he said that Google Groups had just gotten archives of something like twenty years' worth of Usenet from the 80's and 90's. A whole bunch of history all in a neat, digital package. Being self-centered, I entered 'Liralen' in the search mechanism and got 2800 hits!! Aiee! Not just my history but my Usenet history writ huge.

It was pretty amusing to peer at some of the articles, a whole lot of them are Callahan's appearances, which were bland enough and not offensive or embarrassing, but sometimes trite. It was fun to peer at any rate. I really wanted to see the really old ones, in the net. days, but when it sorted by date, it was most recent first instead of oldest first. I spent, maybe twenty minutes all together and got tired of it as quickly as I get tired of the Usenet now.

After getting Jet home, he got to nurse, and then I ate and we then settled in the livingroom to play and play and play. Jet's pulling himself up to stand by just about everything. He's also doing a far better job of letting himself down to a sitting position. I was very impressed with how much care he now does that with compared to the times when he was learning and whacking his head on everything in sight.

He now really enjoys wandering around and going out to play with things before coming back to me for a hug. When he gets his hug he then goes out and plays some more again. It's pretty interesting to watch.

I then fed him solids, made sure he was clean and dry and we went back upstairs and I worked for a while as Jet played behind the fencing with the toys that were there. I even had the fencing in a kind of spiral so it was more of a maze than a straight fence. He found that fascinating, especially when I set him in the middle of the spiral and he found that he could 'get out. The whole of the bulk of the spiral actually closed off the far half of the room, so it was actually keeping him out from under my desk and away from the cords, but he felt like he could 'get around' some of the fencing, and that was enough to keep him pretty content.

He eventually found where the wall and the edge of the curve met and forced himself into the space. He squalled when he found that he'd made himself stuck. I unstuck him. I'd had an hour's chance at the work, and the maids had just appeared, so I cleared up the office, went downstairs with Jet, and we cleaned up his play area and then we bundled up in coats and went out for a walk.

It was a gorgeous day for a walk. Cold out, still, but sunny and bright and dry. Jet didn't like the coat until we went outside, and then he was pretty happy to be in it. He watched everything, and I sometimes think I don't get him out enough. There are nice lawns at the houses to either side of us, and the school teacher has said that Jet's welcome on her lawn at any time. I'll have to do that the next time it's warm out.

When we got back, Jet nursed and went to sleep for his afternoon nap. Ever since he went into his sleep late sleep cycle at night, he normally does two hour's worth of naps during the day. It makes it a lot easier for me to actually get work done during the day, which I'm always for. He was pretty happy getting to sleep and I went upstairs and worked. John came home during the nap and he got some extra work done as well.

John even had the time to thaw a couple of thick loin chops, so I made Shake and Bake, heated up leftover macaroni and cheese, and nuked some chopped broccoli as John wanted broccoli. It turned out to be a really good meal. The chops were tender and tasty, and the mac and cheese, for some reason, got crisp around the edges instead of hard. It was also fast enough that we were able to go to the grocery store and Dairy Queen.

It was a good thing, too. While I was cooking, John fed Jet, and Jet ate another two jars and a bit more of food. He managed to clear out our baby food shelf, so we had to get him more food tonight or he wouldn't have anything tomorrow.

It was cold out. The night sky was completely clear and filled with stars and colder than heck. A kiss of the vacuum of real space, that darkness and clarity were pretty amazing. We parked by the open entrance of the Safeway and walked our way to the Diary Queen. They'd sent a bunch of coupons in the mail, so we had good reason to get yummy ice cream treats. I had the Chocolate Rock, which has lots of almonds and that chocolate shell stuff as well as hot fudge on the ice cream. John got a medium dipped cone with chocolate ice cream. Jet still can't have any chocolate, so he just got little bits of my vanilla soft serve. He liked that.

Shopping was pretty relaxed, the Thanksgiving level of shoppers has dropped, and it was fairly clear. So we got to just wander through, half fill our cart with baby food, and restock the half-empty pantry. We've been using up the stuff in the pantry, and we got to restock it, and basically had a whole lot of heavy weight stuff. There were a lot of produce specials going on that involved ten pounds of whatever it was. We got ten pounds of grapefruit, ten pounds of potatoes, and ten pounds of yellow onions. So it was a bit of a pain getting everything loaded and unloaded from the car.

Jet fell asleep on the way home, and we left him alone while we unpacked everything. He woke up in time to eat at the usual time. I enjoyed watching Rick Steve's Europe while Jet did that. Sadly, the Comedy Channel moved their schedule around and we can't see Win Ben Stein's Money every night anymore. It had been nice to just watch the same program every night, rather than having to figure out a TV schedule that's different every night. Ah well, so much for laziness.

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