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December 14, 2001
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Work and Casa de Mina

Today was another busy work day. Jet had an okay night, and we had our usual Friday. I didn't have any meetings today, for which I was very thankful as I had a ton of stuff to get done. John had a lot as well, so I juggled Jet and work during the afternoon. The morning was pretty smooth and I got a lot of stuff done, and then went and got Jet and nursed him and then we made lunch together. Frozen pizzas are easy.

Lunch for both of us we straightforward and he clearly didn't want to sleep, so we played. I even got a little time by taking him upstairs and putting him in his portable pen. He played with his toys very contentedly while he was full and dry. When he got wet, though, he got kind of antsy, and John took him, changed him and fed him some solids. When he was done with that, he had a meeting at 3, so I took Jet then and we played for a little while.

Mei came to use my Chinese calligraphy setup. She had some characters she'd wanted for some business cards, and while she asked me to write them for her, I knew she'd had a lot more practice even with just childhood lessons. And, indeed, she did much better than I could have. So we just let her alone to use the ink and brush and her own paper.

Jet had eaten another two jars of food for his 'lunch', so it surprised me when he made every indication of wanting to nurse off me again. But I obliged and he went to sleep. I tucked him into his car seat, put him in our room and turned the humidifier on for white noise and got another two hour's worth of work in from 4-6.

John was wise and quit at 5, and he said that it's the first time he's felt caught up in quite some time. I felt pretty caught up as well. It helped having a list of things that had to be done and when they had to be done by. So I knew where I was and what I'd done was what I had to do.

Jet woke up at 6, and we decided to go out to eat. We weren't quite sure where. I wanted to eat at Red Lobster because they were having a crab leg special, but the wait there was forty-five minutes, so we decided not to hazard that wait. Instead we went into Erie and the Casa de Mina.

They had an entirely new menu that included a green mole and a carne con queso, which is what we got. They were really yummy and we had to try them, but the meals, as usual, were big enough to feed both of us. My steak with cheese, onions, peppers, and a creamy chipotle sauce was enough to feed me three times over. It was a flank steam that was, literally, as big as the dinner plate it was put on, and stuffed with white cheese. It was pretty amazing. The green mole was redolent with anise and mildly more chalky than the red mole. I am pretty sure I like the red one better, but John liked both equally.

It was a lot of food. It was also very good. The steak, however, was chewy enough that my crown on the left side ached by the time I was full. It's not painful unless I abuse it a little, and this constituted enough abuse that it ached pretty well when we got home. I was silly, though, and asked John for the double-dipped macadamia nuts. They weren't very nice on my teeth, but they were very yummy to eat anyway

While it was cool tonight, it wasn't deep cold. Tomorrow is when it's supposed to start snowing. There's a few things we want to do tomorrow, but we'll have to see how it goes.

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