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December 15, 2001
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Walt and Cathie at DIA

7:52 pm: A simple sort of day. Jet had his usual troubles until midnight, and then stayed asleep until 3, went right back to sleep after a change and a snack and stayed asleep until after dawn again. That was nice. We all got up when Jet got up and had a breakfast of banana pancakes. John then took Jet out to do some errands with him, and I stayed home, wrote, baked the last of the cookie dough and got a call from Walter about their layover in DIA today.

We met them at 12:30 in the main terminal. The area that used to be a seating area has been taken over by the additional security lines; but there was still a little area that people could just settle and sit that was carpeted so Jet could crawl around. Jet had a blast. He first climbed all the seats to stand and wobble around a bit, and then he started trying to crawl under the seats after anything he could see.

He went down there after someone's lost chap stick, after the lizard, and after various crumbs as well. We had to be pretty careful about what he went after, trying to tempt him with the stuffed lizard or a little wind up train that he could chase. The three of us had a really good time just sending the train between John and I and having Jet try and get it.

Walt and Cathie appeared fairly soon after their flight arrived and we went to the Red Rocks bar and had beers and BBQ sandwiches. Jet ate what he could of his food, and stuffed a lot of crackers into his mouth as well. He also talked a lot during lunch, but had a great time playing with Cathie and Walt while travelling from here to there. It was cool to sit and talk with them and have them talk with Jet and play with him, they obviously enjoyed the opportunity, as he enjoyed the opportunity as well.

I slept on the way home, as did Jet. I nursed him when we got back, and then went to sleep again. I was really tired, and John offered. So I just put my toothguard in and just slept and slept and the next thing I knew, I had had a two hour nap and felt much, much better. I guess all the walking helped.

John fed Jet early in a plan to see if Jet's gas is caused by a late dinner with adult food. We then had some of the leftover salmon chowder and garlic toast for dinner. Fast, simple and satisfying. We really enjoyed that, and then just turned the tree on and turned the Christmas music on and just played, did a little videoing of Jet, and read some newspaper.

I also tried to post a few journal entries, but had problems getting to flick. so finally had to bag that proposition. I then discovered that the brush that Mei had used yesterday was still caked with ink. That made me kind of sad, as she said she'd clean it, but either she didn't know how or something, but it was still caked with ink. The problem with Chinese calligraphy ink is that it dries waterproof. So I finally just used more ink to degum it, and it finally came free, but I was kind of sad that when she borrowed it she hadn't let me clean it properly. I'd offered, but she said that she knew how and I trusted her on that. I also found a wadded up paper stuffed under a keyboard and ink smears all over the desk, which took a bit of work to clean up as well.

So I was kind of mildly unhappy when I went to bed, but I did get the brush clean and I did get the work area clean again, so I couldn't be too upset. Still, I'll have to think again the next time she asks to borrow those things.

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