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February 4, 2003
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Stress, Pizza, and Pop-tarts

9:29 pm: I had a mildly stressful day at work, just personality clashes and communication differences. It doesn't help when I have 10 hours of meetings a week out of 25, and someone wants to add another hour just so that they can communicate the way they want to. A cool thing is that a co-worker is now three months pregnant, so we'll probably BOTH have all of July off. A good thing, as it'll mean less for me to catch up on when I get back.

When I got home, everyone was eating lunch. Jet fell asleep when Isabel and George tried to take him out on an excursion, and napped happily for the hour and a half that they were away. He was eating noodles with gusto and drinking soup when I got home. He did nurse after I'd had my lunch, which helped my comfort levels greatly. Whew.

Work and a meeting, and John and his parents took Jet to his swimming lesson. I worked. When the meeting was over, I made pizza dough in the bread machine. Then I worked some more, and when everyone came home, they all told me about Jet's solo swim lesson! I knew that Alex and Haley weren't going to make it as they were in the mountains, but the other three kids didn't make it either! So Jet had a half hour lesson all to himself!

He did great, too, from everyone's report. He'd gone with the instructor, no problem, and had a great time going back ad forth and back and forth, and he'd done very well with all the things she'd asked him to do. I'm really glad. From all reports, he had a great time, she'd had a good time, and Jet got to learn a lot about swimming. He'd even had time to sit in the water, on the steps, at just his height for a while.

When they got home, George and Isabel gave Jet a bath to get all the chlorine off of him. John and I worked a little more, and then we started dinner together, when the pizza dough was done. Isabel and John grated, sliced, and chopped various items for the pizza while I made the pizza sauce with Jet. Crushed garlic, Penzey's pizza spice, and a can of crushed tomatoes, all cooked together until it was half the volume.

John got a call, earlier, about a guy that wanted to look at the Rover, and he arrived about the, so they went off on the test drive. I started pre-heating the oven and the pizza stone. When they got back, I rolled dough, and John built the pizzas and stuffed them into the oven. They came out gorgeous.

Jet even ate them, crust and all. I was glad of that. We all had some ginger beer, pizza, and carrots for 'salad'. Yum.

Simple, good, dinner, and a quiet evening. The Rosticoni present arrived in the mail today, and Jet got his daily treat of getting "Happy birthday" sung to him and another couple of presents to open. He grinned at the two books, and John read "Chewy Louie" for bedtime. After his milk, Jet was so tired, he just sat on the couch next to John and was asleep before John was even through the book once.

Jet was kind of cranky all evening, but it was because he was very tired after his lesson. That's one thing I really love about Jet, he's only cranky or grumpy when he has a reason. Either he's hungry, dirty, tired, or truly injured. Other than that, he doesn't cry much at all. I'm very, very thankful for that. He does still cry when he doesn't get what he wants, but that's just part of being with a two-year-old, I think, and that one is often resolved with a distraction of some kind.

One funny thing, this afternoon, was that Isabel was convinced that Jet wanted a Pop Tart that's on the top shelf of our pantry, and she couldn't let him have one of those. In reality, Jet's never had a Pop Tart (they're John's mild vice) and probably wouldn't want one, instead, right next to the Pop Tarts was a can of potato sticks, which he does love dearly. It was just funny that Isabel assumed, as I sometimes do, that Jet REALLY wanted the thing that was the worst for him rather than the thing that wasn't nearly as bad. Sometimes it pays to give him the benefit of the doubt, as I'm sure that if Isabel had given him a handful of the potato sticks, he would have been quite content.

I have to remember that, sometimes, I need to look around and see if my interpretation is wrong, and not only make it right, but apologize to Jet appropriately when it's something I should do. So he learns the example

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