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February 17, 2003
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Morning Game and Flight Delay

3:29 pm: Ah well. Given the twenty-five inches of snow in the East, I'm lucky that my flight is only delayed by an hour. I was worried about getting my box through, but I needn't have. They just took it, asked what was in it, and when I said books, they ignored the rest of the list. There was absolutely no problem with that.

Getting through security was easy as anything, too. The line was short, the search much less thorough than I was worried about. I was very glad of that. But then I found out that the flight was delayed. Luckily, it's only an hour, sadly, that probably means that I'll be getting home well after Jet's bed time. I also packed the pump in the suitcase instead of in my carry-on, which may well have been a mistake. I don't really know.

We'll find out, I guess, or I'll pump at the airport before heading home. It's easy enough, now that I think I could do that. It's doable, it wouldn't, however, be that comfortable. Or I could just get home and do it then.

Either way, it means that I'm going to be mildly more trashed tomorrow morning. I can't nap until I'm on the plane, but I should do pretty well there. Given how deeply in sleep debt I was when I got here, I'm doing pretty well now. I got a full eight hours last night, and had a blast in a game today..

After all the feelings of inadequacy in the first game, I actually feel pretty good about today's game, which was also Champions and also with Whirlwind. I'm glad that I played her. I'm glad that I got a chance to feel good about playing her and about having fun with her and with that game. I really liked that. It was nice to be able to just do a few of the things she's really good at, and be able to succeed.

Carl managed to talk the villain down and not destroy the whole of the San Diego Comicon. Hee. So we won! Without getting civilians' killed!


So we had a very successful adventure. I even managed to get there on time, after a shower, packing, and getting pumped, it was pretty good. I actually think that I might be able to go without pumping, as I'm not producing nearly as much as I used to, I think.

We got to drag everything to Carl's car at 10:30 and I even bought a tray of okay California roll for my lunch/breakfast. I also got lots of snacks from Trader Joe's into me, along with some ginger beer and lots of sparkling water. Mmm... water.

So I don't feel too trashed at the moment. That's a useful thing. I am also getting a bit of time to fill in entries while I'm sitting here. Yes. I realize that I'm not going into full detail on the games. I may write them up in detail on separate pages, so that I can also link them to stories or games or something like that. Then again, I may just put as much as I put here, and leave it at that.

It's a lot of work trying to translate a game into a write-up. And there's something very, very different about the free flow of ideas and words that makes up a game and the serial order of a written account. I am not sure that the transformation is worthwhile, anymore. I'm not sure that it's not, either.

Right after the game, we went and picked up Gretchen, and zoomed for the airport and got me here in plenty of time. Yay! Good-byes to me, and thank-yous to John, and it was good. Simple.

5:15 pm: Well, I'm glad they found it, whatever it was. Turns out that there was a mechanical failure, so they got a new plane in Denver. We're getting a new plane and they were in the air already, and well on their schedule. We're likely to not get back to Denver until 9, but that should be okay. I called John to say that I'd be an hour late, so he's warned.

7:56 pm: So the flight was exactly an hour late. I was pretty impressed by that, and by the fact that they did swap out planes to one that worked. I'm glad.

The plane's half filled by a hockey team that 'lost' its championship game. There was some talk about the fact that their team had twice to three times the penalties of the other team and accompanying thoughts about crooked referees. It was funny listening to all the parents, coach, and kids in the waiting room and even more amusing being in the midst of them.

They're good kids. Polite and energetic.

I'm looking forward to seeing John and Jet again, and hoping that wrestling the box to the car won't be too much of a chore. I think it should work out okay. I could even ask for some duct tape or something.

I got home just fine. Deeply tired, but I pumped before I went to sleep. It was funny getting up in the middle of the night to take care of Jet, and have him give me this HUGE smile as he cuddled up next to me and went to sleep. He really wanted to nurse, but it was 1 am, so I said no, and that was that. Simple enough, and he went to sleep pretty easily.

It's good to be home, though I really, really needed the time out of the house, away from being Mama all the time.

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