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February 18, 2003
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Zombie Me and Better Swimming Lesson

10:25 pm: I was mildly zombie like all day. It was kind of hard. John was in even worse shape, but he also wasn't being swarmed by a very attentive Jet, who really wanted to know where I was all the time when he was awake.

Jet, however, slept until 5 this morning, asked to nurse, and got it and he went back to sleep for a while. But then got up a bit after six. John graciously took him, since he'd had a night with absolutely no interruptions. I'd gotten up once in the middle and then at 5. So I got to go back to sleep. I didn't want to wake up when the alarm went off at 7:30, but I finally got myself off the bed, through the restroom, and out to the kitchen. I helped John get Jet to Joan's.

I finally decided to go in to work when I realized it would be even worse if I didn't, as I'd have absolutely NO incentive to do a damned thing at home.

So I went in. Talked with people. Met. Did stuff. Got motivated. Went home. Did pretty much nothing all afternoon. Bah.

Jet slept for 2 and a half hours, even. Though he did got to sleep around 11:30, so I only had the last hour and a half to work with. I got very little done. I was tired, couldn't think well and was unmotivated. So I managed to bash my way through my email of the two days when I was gone and everyone else was here. That was pretty good for me.

When he got up, we nursed, and then played and played until it was time to go to his swimming lesson. I really enjoyed the time with him and it was odd to realize that even after just four days, he'd changed. I felt like Jet was faster, stronger, bigger, more talkative, and more coordinated than before I left. While he's probably changed some, I wonder if it's just that I can look at him with fresh eyes.

We all went to Jet's swim class because my afternoon meeting was cancelled. Everyone else was hammering away at stuff. I needed the break, and Joan and Alex and Haley were there, too, and it was just good to talk to them again. Alex did GREAT swimming, and the teacher put everyone in floatation devices because the pool was completely filled with kids that had school off, so she took them where it was less distracting. And the deep end really needed to have some backup.

Alex, however, was able to do running jumps out into the deep end and get back to the edge, no problem! Woohoo! Jet got distracted by everything, and would start paddling away in his float when he got bored or decided that what was happening wasn't interesting enough. He did, however, follow Alex down the BIG SLIDE. Hee. He wouldn't, however, jump off the diving board. Haley wouldn't do the slide, but did jump off the diving board. That was pretty cool.

Afterwards, I took Jet into the locker room to change, and he pee'd on the floor while I had him naked and was looking for his diaper. Oops. I cleaned it up as best I could, and got him dried off enough to put into his clothes. Since I wasn't wet or swimming myself, and Jet doesn't quite know how to take a shower by himself, yet, we were taking him home to bath him.

I gave him his bath at home. John took the time off to relax as he is pretty trashed. It was a good thing. I had fun with Jet and we did a lot of washing. I think he might be able to do a shower, sometime, on his own, but it would be easier, I think, if we tried it a few times at Longmont and let him wash himself some, and see how it goes. He knows to rub his head with the soap and rub his body with the soap, but he mostly just does his belly, chest, and one patch of hair. Hee. So we might have to show/teach him how to wash everything.

He'd get it, with practice. It seems too important to let him practice stuff like that.

Anyway. We had fun in the bath, and he charged downstairs, and went right for the pantry. He found stuff to eat, and munched away while I cooked dinner for John and I, of course, that meant that Jet didn't eat any dinner, but given that he had cereal, a dried banana, and some other stuff, I didn't mind too much.

We had some pasta, leftover chicken, and whole wheat dinner bread. Simple stuff. Afterwards, we all ran around the house, picking stuff up. Joan gave Jet a Dust Devil vacuum cleaner, and first John chased Jet with it, then I chased Jet with it, and then managed to get Jet to chase ME with it. Hee. Far more tiring for him to be running around tugging along his toy vacuum. The scary thing is that it actually vacuums! So he was actually cleaning up bits of the floor. Jet ended up getting distracted by some confetti on the floor, and concentrated on vacuuming it up. Hee.

John went to sleep at 8. Smart man.

I took care of Jet and we did stuff. Watched Bob the Builder, and washed dishes. Of course Jet ended up hoarding all the cleaning implements against his chest, so he was soaked. And when I took them away from him, he protested so much that I knew that he was super tired. So, wailing away, I proceeded to warm him some milk, get him on the changing table, and I changed him. He finally stated drinking his milk, and when he did he smiled when I asked him if he wanted his Blue sleeper. So we tucked him in that, he finished a whole eight ounces of warm milk, and he went to sleep in my arms while we just rocked in the rocking chair while Bob the Builder blew his makeshift bugle.

It was so cool to hold Jet again.

I missed both of them a lot.

After Jet was asleep, I finished cleaning up, got my stuff together, and went upstairs to do a little bit of work that I really wanted to get done before tomorrow and wrote this. Mmm... writing again, though, admittedly, during my vacation I actually did an okay job of staying up-to-date, though I didn't do much, if any, detail on the games themselves, and they took the biggest chunk of time.

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