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February 25, 2003
three years ago
four years ago

Swimming Lessons

8:16 pm: A very busy day. Lots of work stuff. Jet slept well. I did well. I even got out of my later meeting in time to just catch John and Jet heading off to Jet's swimming lesson.

Jet had a blast at the lesson, though, at one point, when the instructor was off with another kid, it really looked like he was turning to get into the water without her. I shouted a, "No!" and John told him that he couldn't go out there, and Jet started crying. I guess he's very unused to us yelling at him for something he's doing. But I didn't want him in the water with his instructor well out of reaching distance.

But Jet did go off the diving board twice. He didn't seem phased by it at all, though Haley did not want to go and cried a lot. Jet didn't seem to mind, and went the second time. He didn't go under his own power, but he didn't object to getting tossed in from the board. He got to jump jump jump! into the water from the edge of the pool. He kicked, he splashed, and he played a lot while waiting for his turns. Sometimes even splashing the instructor. Oops.

Afterwards, I gave Jet his bath while John worked. I also actually made dinner tonight, with a steak that we'd gotten over the weekend. John popped some potatoes into the oven before Jet's bath and they were mealy on the inside and crisp on the outside and very good with pieces of steak that I just pan seared. The big cut broccoli cooked well in the microwave, but it was much better with a little sitting time rather than just nuking it straight through.

Jet ate a bit of broccoli, half a strip of bacon that I'd cooked for the potatoes, and very little other than the rest of the bottle of pop that John won for shopping at Safeway while I was gone. I'm glad that the bottle's finally gone, though, as Jet can't ask for it any more and we're not tempted at all.

I got some time after dinner to write, think, and work on a few things. Jet's now headed for me. Hee. So, good night. Hee. He's happy playing with his Sesame Street Toddler software, so I have a little time. He's actually driving the software and using his mouse to point and click on things. It helps that things make noise when he's pointed at them, so that he knows that he has what he wants.

I'm feeling mildly overwhelmed by what I want to do with work and the reality of working only part time. I really DON'T want to work full time while Jet's still little. When he goes to school, I can get to three-quarters time, no problem, and that'll just have to be enough. I have to figure that out. Or I have to just write a novel and have everyone buy it. That would be kind of cool.

It's just like putting together a software system, no? Plan, then write pieces, test them, and then put them together according to the plan... hee. Or something

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