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February 26, 2003
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Last Deep Water Aerobics Class

11:14 pm: Today was a typical Wednesday, though not a lot of people went to lunch. It was just Sudipto and Lynn and we hit Hunter's in the same mall as Sakura's. It was posh, not what I'd have called pub and grill. Nice food, though, and good prices for the quality we got, though John thought they were a bit steep for the quantity.

Jet had slept at Joan's, so I nursed him when we got home, and then tried several things on him for lunch. He refused them all. So I let John work on him while I had a meeting. Then I took over again for John's meeting, and then John took Jet out to do a few errands while I had my late meeting.

I managed to get a few things done, and John reheated some frozen split pea soup and some of the dinner bread I'd baked a long, long time ago. Jet refused the soup and the bread and was really, really grumpy. Both John and I knew that it was because he was hungry, and we ended up, finally, just making him a smoothie. I blended a banana, some yogurt, frozen blueberries, and cranberry juice together.

Jet drank it all. He also got a lot calmer and happier when he'd eaten. So it really was the problem.

Joan picked me up right at 7, and we got to go swimming one last time. She's stating another workout plan with Curves. Tonight we used her last punch, and I just paid for myself. But when we went in, there wasn't anyone to take our money or the punch. On the way out, we decided to be honest and paid. Hee.

It was interesting to know that it was probably our last time. I like working out with John a lot, but it's also fun to talk with Joan on the way to and from the lessons, and get some Mom Time together. She said that we'll have to go to movies, sometime, but she'll probably not want to see the action flicks I crave. Ah well. I am not that much into chick flicks, either.

But it was fun. We did good, and it was pretty clear that I do need more of a workout. It's also hard to do the Longmont thing right after doing the Carbon Valley thing the night before, though variety might be a good thing, too. It's been just a bit more than a year since Joan and I started doing this, and I'm glad that we started. I think we're both in better shape for it and aspiring to even better things.

I could see Jet and John in the rocker as I went up the porch steps, so I was quiet when I went in and, sure enough, Jet was nearly asleep. He stayed that way and John took him upstairs, and we had our herbal tea. John worked until late. I tried to go to sleep earlier, but there were clean shirts on the bed, so I hung them up first, wrote a bit, and now I'm ending up doing about the same as John.

Ah well

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