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February 24, 2003
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Distracted Day and Taxes

8:40 pm: I didn't get up until late this morning, and that was because I was up from 4 until 5:30 with Jet. He slept until 7 after that, and John got up to take care of him. John took him in to Joan's, while I slept. I am not used to getting up at 7, and it's been really hard changing my habits so that I could or should.

I slept late, ate some granola for breakfast, and made myself a latte. Decaf. With skim milk. It was a comfort though, for the brilliant and bitter cold morning. It was less than 0, but bright sunshine.

I worked. Not very well, though. I was pretty distracted by everything, but after getting Jet I found that he was pretty wide awake, so we had lunch before I nursed him to sleep. He napped and for my second work period I was far more motivated and got a lot more done. I was glad of that.

When Jet woke at 3, I just played with him until my 3:30 meeting, and then he played by himself while I was on the phone and taking notes. He did great. I changed him when the meeting was done and John came home. I took the time John offered and instead of working, as I'd done my five hours for the day, I read.

I'm gradually getting through the Lone Wolf and Cub series, a book at a time, they take about half an hour each, but a re-read takes another half an hour, if not longer, as I'm looking for specific details. It's a great read.

John made dinner, the Gardenburgers from the freezer. We're doing our best to clear out the freezer before the cruise, and we're just gradually working through stuff. The Gardenburgers, however, aren't nearly as good as the Morningstar burgers, which actually have great texture. I guess they must use gluten in them or something for the chew. The Gardenburgers fell apart as we ate them.

Jet ate fries and spurned the burger. Though he did like putting ketchup and mayo on my burger and on his plate.

We played for the evening. John finished the taxes, and got them all filed and everything. He looked up some data we were missing, and I gave him the time to really look for them, which I'm glad of. So we should be getting our refund before the trip. It should, easily, cover. I'm glad of that. It'll be good to have a windfall that can cover the cruise, my DDC trip, and whatever we might want to spend for July. Yeah, it's that big a difference between what we used to pay and what we paid for last year. No wonder all the tax revenues are down, if all kinds of families are having to deal with an equal downsizing of their incomes.

I guess Jet's feeling the affects from his active night, as he's gone to sleep early tonight. I'm glad. Mmmm... herbal tea and a little time to myself

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