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January 24, 2001
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Quiet Night

Poor John.

Looks like he has an ear infection, even went to urgent care to get it looked at and got a good dose of antibiotics. The medical center's pharmacist was pretty impressed with how well our insurance covered John, and all the things that they'd pay for. We actually use our health insurance very little, so it's good to know that it's very comprehensive for the few times that we do use it.

I was good all day. Ate breakfast at home, brought my lunch and even brought all my drinks and things so I wouldn't spend anything. It worked. I even got a lot of work done, but didn't stress myself too badly. Which is probably a good thing for the rest of the year. I felt better than yesterday. I hadn't pushed myself as hard and it made a difference. Got a few interesting things done which is better than letting the futile things get to me. Talked with some mommies on-line and got walked through a few birthings. That was fascinating to listen to and talk about.

We went home at 5, as John was hurting by then, and he immediately fell asleep on the couch while I baked crab cakes, made spinach salad and finally woke him up when everything was done.

The neighbor from across the street had called during the day to say that UPS had dropped a package off for me over there last week and she was realizing that they might not have left me a note! I'm not sure why she thought I'd have instructed them to leave it with people I'd never met or whatever, or why she didn't think that they'd just got the address wrong, especially since they didn't have their street number up on their house or their mailbox. But I walked over there in the dimming twilight, crunching through the snow, and got greeted by three tiny yap dogs very intent on yelling at the intruder as well as the lady and her big husband who was very gruff about UPS not even asking if they could leave the package there. I told them that I'd asked UPS to leave the package on my porch, so it looked like they'd just gotten the wrong address. I'm not sure they heard, but it may well not matter. The dogs calmed down with a little petting. The neighbors were nice. So it was an okay thing to actually meet the neighbors.

I crunched my way back, mildly bemused. The snow hasn't really melted at all, just sublimated into the high desert air. The tracks in the stuff were bone dry, and the snow itself just slowly disappears.

The package was from Lush Canada and it amused me that the package had 'LUSH!' plastered all over it. Wonder what the neighbors thought of that. It was my collection of bubble bath slices and three bath incendiaries. The perfume was so strong that the newletter that came with it was strong with the stuff, and I was made hopeful by the fact that it didn't make my eyes water. Sadly the chocolate mint bath bomb that Regis had given me had given me asthema and I was hoping against hope that the other ones these guys made wouldn't be like that. I'll have to see. I laid them all carefully by the tub for a time when I could experiment.

The Costco crab cakes looked like they had too much bread in them at first, but it turns out that they just use a lot of the really cheap, shredded crab meat instead of any lump meat, and the shredded stuff looks like breading, but is intensely crab. So they actually tasted really good for the price that we got them at. Yum. Nothing like fresh crab, but better than the average fish slab meal. John was grateful, and curled back up on the couch miserably and we watched some TV while digesting.

It was a pretty peaceful day, all together, for me. I'm still physically aching and all that, just finally decided not to fight it and it's actually not too bothersome when I don't let it be. That was nice.

I also just sat down, after dinner, and finished off the first Harry Potter book and enjoyed it tremendously. John took a bath, let it relax him and warm him up and he was all sleepy when we went to bed. Sadly, he didn't sleep very well, in part from my snoring, in part from him feeling bad, and he disappeared from bed sometime before 1 a.m.. I dreamed mostly of Harry.

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