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January 14, 2002
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Fixing The Teeth

8:25 pm: It was much better having the dentist appointment first thing for the day, rather than having it be the last thing. Jet had a very early morning, he got up at 5 and just stayed up, eating off me, playing with John and then eating off me again. He went to Joan's and she remarked that he looked a little saggy. He was happy enough, though and when John went to pick him up, she said he'd had a great time while there.

I worked for half an hour and then went to Boulder and the Boulder Dental Group, was two minutes early, and, again, they showed me right to a chair. I asked Dr. Davis if he could do both of the molars, as his reasoning that the filling that Dr. Macri had done might be faulty, made way too much sense. By having it redone Dr. Davis would also cure the overhang neatly. It turned out that there was plenty of time to do both, so they did.

They used a big old dental dam to help keep the areas dry while putting the compound in and while curing it. That was kind of weird to have them put in, but it made the whole procedure that much easier. Also, when Dr. Davis gave me the numbing shots, he not only did the area between the cheek and gums, but also put one shot in the roof of my mouth. That one made it so that the molar he was concentrating on was completely numb. I was pretty impressed. With most local anesthesia I still get some sensation, but with this setup I felt absolutely nothing in that area. That was very nice.

They played Miss Congeniality on the TV while they did the work. I really did enjoy being able to concentrate on the TV while they were working, it was really easy to just shut out what they were doing and actually relax my body. I don't think I had the opportunity to do that before. It was easy to distract myself by concentrating on the dialog of the movie. I was glad of it, too, as they did some pretty extensive work.

It was nearly an hour when they were done. It hadn't felt like it was that long. I was pretty numb when we tried the guard in, but Dr. Davis did a bit of checking with some foam anyway, to get some physical feedback as there wasn't really any feeling feedback in my numb face, yet. It looked okay. My bite felt really different. It felt far more stable, the top teeth felt *solid*, and I know that some of it is because the composite filling has less give than the amalgam, but it felt okay.

I'll reserve judgement for a few days, forgive me that after that last dentist filling. Right now it feels pretty good, even after a meal, but then the last filling felt okay at this point. It's just such a relief for the numbness to go away. But the bite definitely feels different, and my lower crown isn't getting the 'I ache' signals from being chewed on just along the outside edge anymore. That's a useful feeling.

I got home when John and Jet got home. John had gone by the bank to deposit some things after picking Jet up from Joan's, and Jet was fast asleep. I got to work for another half hour, which was when Jet woke up and I nursed him for a while and put him back to sleep. John ate lunch while I was nursing Jet, and then I had potato leek soup with some crackers. I chewed carefully and it felt okay.

I called CeLena when I got home from the dentist, as I hadn't known when or even if I had an appointment with her as I hadn't entered it in my Visor. She called back to tell me that my appointment was at 1:30! Eek. That was rather unexpected. We moved it to 2:30, to insure that I would have some time to nurse Jet, no matter when he woke up, and that worked out, as Jet woke up soon after the phone call.

My massage went well. Between the swimming and the hour and a half start I had to the new year, my back was doing pretty well. My shoulders had some work to be done on them, and my knees still hurt, but my hips were better, and all along my backbone were some less tense muscles. That was really nice to have.

Home again home again, and Jet had gotten solids while I was getting massaged, so he played contentedly upstairs while I got another half hour of work in. When he got mildly grumpy again, I took him downstairs and nursed him to sleep for another nap. He got nearly another hour in, which was good given his early morning.

We then headed into Erie for dinner. John had seen a banner up saying that there was a Swanky Frank's diner coming into town, and that it was already open. When we drove in, however, the building was completely dark. So we decided to go to Efrain's in Lafayette. It had been a while since we'd been there, but it wasn't until I got my dinner that I realized that the last time we'd eaten there was when I'd still been pregnant.

The dinner I got was the mondongo plate, which is made of tenderloin, mushrooms, green chilies, onions, and a wine sauce. I remembered only being able to eat half of it, barely. This time I was able to eat pretty much all of it, and that's when I realized that the last time I'd eaten here, I'd been so pregnant I didn't have the stomach room for food. Jet had been taking up all that extra room. Wow.

Being pregnant is one of the weirdest experiences available to women. It's just strange, especially compared to normal life, which is pretty much the rest of the time.

Jet was great during dinner. We've learned when the toys need to come out, when we have to feed him and when to distract him with conversations with him directly. He does really well so long as we're paying attention or he has something he can pay attention to and is interested in. Boredom is the killer.

So we had a good, quiet dinner, went home, and just played all over the livingroom. Jet's standing more often, now. He was standing in front of the freezer, pulled Sean off the fridge and then Wallace, and he was just standing there with toys in both hands, totally oblivious to the fact that he's not holding onto anything anymore. He's going to be walking pretty soon, I think. Mom said that I walked at 13 months, and Kathy walked sooner, chasing after me. Given that Jet's chasing Haley and Alex, he might have more incentives to walk, too.

It's going to be cold again tonight. It was blowing pretty hard the last couple of nights, so I wasn't that surprised Jet was thirsty at night. We'll see how things go with all that.

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