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January 23, 2002
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Getting To San Diego

Today was travel day. I was pretty trashed, last night, by worry. Not a useful thing, but a real thing. Jet only woke up every two hours, instead of every hour, and I had the latter part of the night's duties. I got up and fed him and he went right back to sleep, which was good. He didn't really wake up until we were both up and banging around in the kitchen. John was up at 6, writing something down, and I was up at 7, with too much on my brain to sleep anymore.

So we got things ready. Finished off the packing of the things that we might have needed at night, and got everything organized. John even picked up for the maids that are coming tomorrow, and got things neatened up enough to allow them to at least work. Jet was pretty cheerful.

There was three inches of snow on the ground. It was still snowing, a light drift of bone-dry, tiny flakes that just kept coming down and down and down. It was cold out.

We got everything into the car and the whole way over we thought about the problem of what to do when we got there. The logical thing has been to check the luggage in curb-side. It's just much easier to get from the car to the airport without the luggage. The problem was that it was really cold out, and waiting outside with Jet wasn't really an option. So when we arrived, I stepped out with the luggage. There were only two sets of people in front of me, but it took long enough that I was shivering hard by the time the bell cap got to me. I was, of course, in Birkenstocks and a letterman's jacket instead of boots and down, which would have been much wiser.

It was doable, though, and I did it, and then waited, inside, while my toes and fingers thawed for John and Jet. I used the restroom in the time I had, and when John appeared with Jet's seat in his arms, we made a pitstop for him as well. Then we headed for the walking sky bridge and the security gate there.

I don't think the line was any shorter, per se, but they had a good number of gates working and the mood of this gate set is always a bit more cheerful than the other. Two little Korean boys and their mom, dad, and grandmother were in the line behind us. The boys were 18 and 27 months old, and were as alike as peas in a pod. They peered at Jet, who was trying to stand, as they were both sturdy toddlers who were walking about anywhere they pleased.

The security lined moved pretty well, and every once in a while the boys would look at Jet, and I'd set Jet down on his feet to look at them. They were a good head taller than Jet, and sturdy and solid on their feet. Jet was pretty unsteady, still, even when he was holding onto something. He did, however, find the other two kids fascinating. We all moved together, too, so he got to get picked up and moved when while the boys were moving on their own. When we did get to the security stuff, I set off the metal detector, so I grinned and handed Jet over to a security lady, who cheerfully took him and he grinned back at her while I got wanded. It was relatively low-key, and we got a good walk to the gate area where they told us we had half an hour until boarding time.

John and I shared a sandwich and Jet got to nibble on some Cheeto's along with crackers from his box. We also managed to fill his bottle with water and we set stuff up for the flight. While I finished my sandwich, John checked Jet's diaper and got him changed and ready for the flight. We got on during the courtesy boarding, and got Jet strapped in and put everything away in the bins and under the seat in front of Jet, and had to swap seats a couple of times before we had things set up.

Of course, Jet was pretty hungry by that point, and, of course, the plane was delayed for take off. It was delayed at the gate, and then it also had to go through de-icing and Jet was getting more and more upset. So I finally just got him and nursed him on one side while all that was happening. When the plane took off, I swapped him to the other side and that was enough to get his ears so that he wasn't unhappy at the pressurization.

He wasn't particularly happy, though, either. He wouldn't let me put him back into his car seat, and he wouldn't fall asleep while nursing because it was far more cramped than he was used to and he kept kicking whatever his feet were up against. When the drinks came he kept trying to steal ice cubes, so we finally started just feeding them to him in a string, small enough we wouldn't worry about him choking on them, big enough that he could eat them for a while and let them melt in his mouth.

He really liked the ice, but they didn't last too long and whenever it disappeared from his mouth he'd start crying for more. Eventually John just picked him up and walked around the front area with him, out of my sight because on the way away, Jet would cry whenever he could see me. I ducked behind the chairs in front of me, and while I was down, I went to sleep. I guess I was tired from the night before or something.

Jet eventually went to sleep in John's arms, too. I woke up when the plane started to head down, and John saw me awake and headed back towards me, and gave me Jet while he went and used the restroom. Jet was so fast asleep, I could just put him in his chair and he slept on. I got my chance, afterwards, and then the pilot turned on the seat belt sign and we headed down. I had to get Jet out of his seat and latched on while we headed down to equalize the pressure in his ears. He was mad at being woken up, at first, but he nursed okay.

We got off the plane last. Just let everyone get off ahead of us so we wouldn't be in any one's way, and then took our time getting all our stuff together, and finally made it off the plane. We reorganized everything when we had the space and then took off to baggage claim, where our bags were waiting for us. Mom and Dad didn't arrive until well after that, they'd called the airline and were told that our flight was going to be late, so they'd come as late as the airline said we'd be. It wasn't too bad, though John got a couple good walks in looking for them. Jet and I pretty much settled in seats by the baggage claim and watched the world go by. There was someone filming something along part of the outside of the airport.

Mom and Dad were very happily greeted by Jet. He gave them big smiles and big hugs, and Mom got to carry him until they setup the stroller they'd brought along. Jet really liked that stroller because he could hang out the front of it and wave at things while hanging from the waist strap. It did have a cargo area and a sun shade, so he rode in it as we brought everything out to their car.

Kathy had to work until late, so she just called when we got home and apologized for not making it out. I was glad she didn't push it, and she is taking tomorrow and the day after off to see us. The zoo is tomorrow, and crab the day after. Mom and Dad, with the list we had given them, had planned a lot of things already, just so we have fun stuff to do while we're out here.

One thing John took care of with Dad's help was moving Jet's crib out of our room. If he manages to sleep in it, he'll get to sleep in my old room, or what's now the office. I really like having him in a different room, and he sleeps better and we sleep better with that arrangement.

The afternoon was Jet discovering all the toys that Mom and Dad had borrowed from their friends. He really enjoyed doing that. There was also a set of blocks from when Kathy and I were kids, that Mom and Dad had found, washed and dried outside. They're really old blocks, half with Disney characters on them the other half completely unrelated. Jet loved knocking down towers. He also really, really liked a ride-on car with a push bar on the back for him to walk around using as support. He grinned and staggered about.

Mom and Dad then made hwoh tsai and scallion pancakes, not knowing that we'd just had them last week. Dad made his on the kitchen table, and it was fun to watch him and how many scallions he put into his was a real education on my part. I'll have to remember that the next time I make them myself. He makes them completely thick with scallions and only paints half of them with oil and folds them to spread the oil more thinly. That's a great trick.

After dinner Jet played like crazy. He started doing something I've never seen him do before, which was take a block and put it over his shoulder and drop them behind himself. I don't know where he learned it, but this is the first time I've ever seen him do that so deliberately.

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