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January 3, 2003
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Quiet Day

We had a pretty quiet day today. Both John and I got the last few things doe that we wanted to get done before Walt and Cathie showed up. They left in the morning, and we were planning on them arriving around 5. We just traded off taking care of Jet, as we usually do on Fridays.

The snow from last week is all gone, so they had no problems getting here. It was just a pretty long drive, and they called around 6 to say that they had another half an hour before getting here. Which was pretty accurate, and then they called when they found that the exit they usually take was gone.


So they got here with John talking them in, and got to unpack, stretch a bit, and then we loaded them, Jet, ourselves, and Jet's table chair into the car, and headed to Mina's.

We all had a blast. Jet refused to sit in his chair, but he did eat some rice. He danced, played, spilled drinks, and generally made a good mess, and then tried running around. Everyone ate and ate a lot, and Mina tried to get everyone to eat more, but we all had enough leftovers to take home.

Then, of course, we made bagels. Hee. Jet had to help with the shaping, and John chopped green chilies for most of the bagels. The dough got pretty loose from all the liquid in the chilies, so I added a bit more flour to make sure it would stay together. I'll have to see how that affects them in the morning.

But we made them, and rolled them onto their pan and John found room for them in the refrigerator. I was glad he did, as I couldn't.

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