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January 4, 2003
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Zoo, Pho, and a Nap for All

Jet was up a bunch in the early morning, an hour with John at 3 ad then he was up at 6-7 with me. I gave up sleeping at 7, and took him downstairs to nurse. When he was done I wasn't able to get back to sleep, but Cathie was willing to entertain him and I took advantage of that and put myself together while she and Jet played. Then I started up the boiling water, the oven, and took the bagels from the fridge.

They'd risen nicely, and by the time they were boiled and the oven was hot enough, John and Walt were up, too. So we all got hot bagels right out of the oven when they came out. We also all got to watch Jackie Chan Adventures as Walt had known that there was a Jackie Chan cartoon, but hadn't been able to see it until now. So that was pretty cool.

We thought about the day, and decided that we might head into Denver for the zoo, to let Jet walk around a bit, maybe pho for lunch while downtown, and then swimming for the afternoon or evening. It was pretty ambitious, but it was less ambitious than going up to the mountains and trying to find cross-country skiing for everyone again. The last time we did that it was two hour's worth of work; and they had bee mostly thinking about taking advantage of any snow that might have fallen right by the house.

There is no snow here. It's dry, bright, and bare here. The sky clouded up, but nothing has fallen. The temperatures are actually in the mid-50's, nearly 60, but there's wind and wind-chill. So we layered up in multiple layers, and Jet fell asleep on the way out. He got about an hour's nap between car sleeping and sleeping, bundled up, in his stroller and woke up to elephants.

Wow. He loved the elephants. He wasn't as impressed with the hippos in their tiny, indoor, warm, concrete enclosure. He woke up, though and started looking at everything, and eventually asked to get out and walk around and look at stuff himself. He seemed to like watching various animals, but he was more interested in all the other kids that were there, running about, shouting, and looking at other things. Then we saw the tiny railroad that ran around a portion of the zoo and Jet was awed.

"Choo! Choo!" he said, repeatedly and we had to stop and wave at everyone on the tiny train. After that, no matter what we tried to look at every time the train came by he was running to see it again. Finally, we bought tickets and took him on the train and he was so rapt and happy that it was well worth the price. He rode quite still and looked at everything. Afterwards he was willing to get off in order to study the engine for a while and when we urged him away, he finally went away without any problem.

While he did say, "Choo! Choo!" every time it went by, after that, he didn't fight to get over to it anymore. That was good.

The wind picked up and by 2:30 we were all tired, cold, and a little dehydrated. So we went back to the Eurovan and headed towards the Pho 79. Jet and I shared a Seltzer water and he spilled some of it on himself; but I knew that it would be nothing compared to when he really got into his noodles. In the bus, Cathie and I asked Jet if he wanted noodles and he grinned hugely and said, "Sure!" and hugged himself in happiness. Hee.

So he got his noodles! Lots of them, too. He was eating them with a single chopstick, which I found pretty impressive, especially when he went through a good cup's worth of noodles. He also went through half a cup's worth of broth and a pile of mung bean sprouts. I was impressed that he was eating the big sprouts straight from the plate. Crunchy, I guess. He loved it. His little belly was sticking out when he announced, "All done!" and demanded to be let out of his chair.

Jet did laps around us while we finished eating. John, Walt and Cathie ordered iced espresso with condensed milk, and they were drinking them when Jet came up to me, looking a little worried, pulling at his pants, and saying, "Change. Pleeze." I praised him for telling me, and we went out to the van.

Out of the wind it was very warm, and I had no qualms about changing him in there. He was happy as a clam, and when I'd changed his diaper and his clothing, he danced around the floor of the Eurovan. The other folks arrived soon after and while Jet protested, at first, getting put into his seat; but two minutes later he was fast asleep.

I slept, too. I was tired. When we got home, everyone was talking about lying down for a bit, and I went and napped in our bedroom with Jet in his car seat. I napped for an hour and woke up and put myself back together, and Jet was still asleep. Finally, I had to wake him up after two hours, as three hours is the evil amount of nap time. He got to nurse, and was mad when he had to stop. But he got some milk and that settled him again. Yay!

Cathie and I made flour tortillas and everyone reheated their Mina's leftovers. I made Spanish rice in the rice cooker, and we all had a good dinner. Jet ate rice and ripped apart a tortilla and nibbled parts of it. He joined us for cookies and milk afterwards, too, while we watched a bunch of the extras on the Monsters Inc. DVD.

The combination of the late nap and all the stuff that went on probably affected Jet, as he didn't go to sleep until 11. Cathie was great and took over changing Jet, getting him in his PJ's, brushing his teeth, and then she sat with him in the rocking chair with the lights down, and read to him. I was very glad that he just fell asleep right there. Proof that he can go to sleep with someone else holding him. That's really good.

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