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January 21, 2003
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Jet's First Swimming Lesson

We started the morning early, I got up to nurse Jet, so I got up early and let John sleep. So I boiled and baked the bagels, and when they got in the oven, John popped up from being asleep, so I was able to wander into the bathroom and take my shower while he watched them and finished them off.

That left exactly enough time for me to put together a bagel with cream cheese, lox, and capers (mmm... capers!), and carefully wrap it in a paper towel and take it into work. It amused me to think about my homemade bagel as I walked in. Especially as there seemed to be a bag of abandoned bagels just inside the door. Delivery? Or someone with just too much stuff to carry it all through the second door?

I'll never know.

I had a much better day at work today. I think it was just that there were a bunch of people asking me about things that I could help them with. I got several things resolved, with the help of other managers and other things, and it was really good to just get agreement on thing.

I also realized that while I get a lot of project put together, I really cannot affect anything myself. I don't build things anymore. I can't fix things myself. I have to convince, persuade, or otherwise make other people do the work. It's an interesting place to be.

It also helped to just take a little time to myself between my meetings and just do whatever I wanted to do. I do that so little now, with work. There's so little time where I am not just hammering away at something. Nice to just get a mug of tea, sip it, and think. I am really enjoying my sample of Heavenly Mist (ZG95) from Upton, and I think I may buy a whole packet of the stuff as it's a really nutty and nice green.

The second meeting felt very good, in that we went over a lot of stuff and decided things. My boss signed me up for a new product's new group and it was pretty cool to just see what was going on. Fei and I talked well over things that we needed to resolve, and then I got to go home and make myself a bagel sandwich with caramelized peppers and onions, some ham, and a little cream cheese. It was very compact for taking up to the office, and I enjoyed it.

More meeting, but it was over quickly. Jet was still awake at that time, so I nursed him and he went to sleep. Whew. Then another meeting and I learned that was were actually getting profit sharing for the quarter! Woo! Turns out that since we had made a substantial profit for the quarter, in spite of one big, special 'cost' mark down of property we hadn't sold yet (okay, where does a company get to write off paper losses on property it hasn't sold, yet, when people can't? Not that I'm complaining when it saves Xilinx on taxes.). So we got profit sharing. Woo. I hadn't expected that with the way the economy is.

That meeting was short, too, so I got to go with Jet and John to the pool for Jet's very first swim lesson!

He was all dressed up in his new swim shorts, which actually looked like long pants on him. They were all fire engine red with a flame motif on them, and he looked pretty styling. Alex admired them a lot, and then ran around Jet happily. Jet was so happy to see Haley and Alex! He smiled and smiled at them, and sat next to them by the pool. He's so small compared to them, but he was curious as to what was going on.

Sadly, when a strange lady then picked him off the wall and took him out into the water, he started crying. Poor tyke. He just was so sad about being pulled away from John and I on the side, that he was just inconsolable, and when he was brought back, he hid between John's legs in a soft towel while watching the other kids get their turn. He did that until it was his turn again, and this time, he didn't cry until he was halfway out and kicking some the way the instructor wanted him to. So he got better and better each turn out.

By the end of the lesson, he happily did Red Light/Green Light with all the other kids, kicking and splashing and everything. So he ended on a very happy, upbeat note. Yay! I was very glad of that.

We had a very quiet evening. It was good for me to just be quiet for a while. Just a pasta and bread dinner, with penne, as I like the bite of that. Yum. I sat down and planned my fine wool socks, as I'm still obsessed by good wool socks from that book. I also took a proportional sweater book and planned a shawl-collared vest from it. That was fun. Just getting all my measurements and trying to get it all together to work right.

I then did something I'd planned on doing for a long time, but just hadn't done. Instead of having massages with CeLena, I've been trying to get in a bath every weekend. Just a way to relax. But with the whole weaning at night thing, my breasts would have hurt too much to have a bath the very last thing in the evening. But I've actually been doing really well for the last few days, so I took a bath and it felt wonderful.

John put Jet to sleep as I went into our bedroom and journalled. I also took the Lamy pen and filled the converter from the bottle instead of dipping the head of the pen into the ink and filling it that way. I just dipped the head of the converter in, filled it, wiped it, and then stuck it back into the pen. It seems to be working just fine.

I'll hope it doesn't leak tomorrow.

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