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January 22, 2003
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The Mystery Cafe

I think that last night was the first night I've actually slept through the night in quite a while. John was great and took care of all the times Jet got up, and I got up to nurse Jet at about 6. Wow. What a difference uninterrupted sleep makes!

Instead of handing Jet over, I just kept him and did a few things around the house. I cleaned up the livingroom a bit, washed all the dishes in the sink, and then toasted bagels for lox and cream cheese. Yum. John didn't get up until 8:30, but given that he'd had the harder night.

We headed in together, dropped Jet off at Joan's, and then hit the Starbucks by the Safeway. I got myself a half caf, organic, grande butter caramel latte. Not stirred or shaken. Damnit. They're supposed to stir it after putting it together, but they didn't this time and I got a really strong shot of nearly straight caramel at the end. So I just added coffee, and mitigated the intense blast.

We all had a great lunch at the Mystery Cafe. It turned out to be the Family Affair Cafe, which was a great little diner that made their own food on the most part, and had a really great waitress who could hold her own against any and all of the shit that the guys dealt out. At one really great comeback from her, John said, "I like this place already."


I had a green chile burger with cheese, onions, and crisp fries. The chile overflowed the burger significantly, and they were light with the onions, and heavy with the cheese. The chile was spicy enough to make me sweat, but not so spicy as to make me hurt, which I really enjoyed. Yay! Spicy food that tastes great!

We'll have to go back.

Sadly, my gut disagreed, probably with something I ate yesterday, but with the heavy lunch on top of it, it started just screaming. I actually had John drop me off at home, first and then go get Jet, it was so bad. I just ran to the bathroom, and stayed there for a long while. Ugh.

I was very glad for a quiet afternoon after that.

Jet ate a lot at Joan's. He had ramen, chips, cookie, fruit, and fruit snacks. It made her feel a lot better, as he often doesn't eat well at her house, or only chooses snack foods or junk foods. So she was very happy that he'd eaten so much and that some of if was good for him, too!

He slept for a little more than two hours, so John and I got to get a lot more work done than usual.

We had an early dinner, of simple fish, chips, nuked vegetable, and ended with oranges because Jet wanted to eat oranges. It was a good meal. John cooked it and I can't ask for anything more than that. Jet actually ate both of some of the fish and some of the French fries, when, earlier, he'd only ever eat the fries. So he's getting gradually better the more often we serve stuff to him.

The early dinner was so that I could swim, and I found it a really relaxing thing to do. I needed it badly. And I found that it was so comfortable to just float around in the water. Mmmm... warm water. I showered there, came home, and found Jet bouncing along the couch. John stubbed his toe on one of the barstools in the kitchen, said, "OUCH!" and Jet said, "Sorry!" Just like that.

John was really hurting, but he was also giggling like crazy from that, too. He served up ice cream for all of us, and Jet ran back and forth to eat from our bowls. He liked that, but was somewhat impatient when someone didn't feed him the moment he was ready for it. He thought about fishing for stuff from my bowl, but I said a firm, "No, please." and he didn't. Whew.

When Jet had gone to sleep, John made tea, and I decided to drink some of the last of my chrysanthemum tea. I found out that Imperial Tea Court has some, so I can buy it at any time. So I might as well enjoy what I have. It's always a treat after I exercise. I like the way it can calm my body down after I've pumped it up with exercise, and it makes it much easier to sleep. Yay

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