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January 25, 2003
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Sleeping In and the Rec. Center

I stayed asleep as long as I could. It was very good to be able to do that, and when I did manage to get up, Jet saw me and asked, immediately, to nurse. So he did and he napped.

John went off to do errands and I puttered around the house. I did laundry, filled the bird feeder, watered plants, breakfasted on pancakes, and RSVP'ed for the baby shower. Reminded of the baby shower, I knit like crazy. It was good to get something done, again. John made a bit of lunch for everyone when he got back, and since Jet woke up, he got some, too.

We then packed everything up and went to the Longmont Rec. Center. Jet had no problems, this time, going into daycare, and John and I got to work out. John jogged for a full mile, while I worked on the rowing machine and one of the standing bikes. I found out that all of the aerobic equipment had metal contacts for measuring heart rate! So long as both hands were on the metal plates, it would display the heartbeat it could find. It turned out to be, possibly, half the speed that I thought my heart really was going, but that was good to know, too.

After all the aerobic stuff, we hit the weights, and I worked my already tired legs, my abs, lower back, and outer thighs. I really ached with the last. But it was a good ache.

When we were done, we got Jet and went swimming. Jet did great on his slide protocol. He let the pushy folks go by him several times. One time, when he got to the bottom of the slide, a little girl came up to him, grabbed his feet and started towing him out to deeper water! John and I were on her, almost immediately, as she dragged Jet under. GAH! She let go the moment we were up and upset, and I got Jet back to the surface, sputtering. He wasn't afraid, or too upset, but John and I were pretty unhappy. If we hadn't been Right There, she could easily have made it MUCH worse for Jet. I'm so glad that we're right next to him all the time.

Jet didn't spend the whole time at the slide this time. He went off o big arcs through the play pool, interacting with other kids, bobbing through some of the deeper water, and exploring how well he could walk neck deep in water. I tried getting his float on him at that point, but he fought it so hard, I just gave up and he flounced right back to the slide. I didn't mind that at all.

After swimming we hit Deli Ciosos, and Jet ate with his usual, good after-swimming appetite. He dug through half his rice, drank all of his apple juice, and was much happier with the food inside him. He was very mellow for a run around Safeway and was fine in the cart or following us around. I was very glad of that. I sat with him on the way home, and he didn't go to sleep. So when we got him, he asked to nurse, which we did for a little while, but I kept him awake for it.

We played, afterwards, had some ice cream, and John took him and put him to sleep at the usual time with the usual routine. We gave him milk, brushed his teeth, tucked him into a lap with his bear, and read to him until he fell asleep. Yay!

When Jet was asleep, I picked up my knitting and did quite a bit more of it. I'll need buttons before it's completely done. Both John and I were mildly foolish and stayed up late, finishing things. There are times when I do mildly regret not just sleeping the moment Jet does. We'll see how he does in the morning.

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