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January 26, 2003
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Super Bowl Sunday and the Sweater

11:14 pm: Today was a very simple day.

We started it with a trip to our Mystery Diner, which is actually called The Family Affair. It was very good. Both John and I ordered the bacon and eggs with hash and toast, but we got them about as differently as we could, with John getting scrambled, with green chile on his hash, and whole wheat toast. I got it with eggs over medium, sausage gravy on my hash, and raisin toast. That was pretty cool.

Jet ate bits of hash, drank juice, and nibbled toast and bacon. He also drank half and half right out of the little cups, and would have gone through the whole bowl of them if we'd let him. Hee.

We had, however, forgotten his diaper bag. So we actually went back home, got it, and then got to church in plenty of time for the service. The service at the diner had been that fast. I was impressed.

There was church. Afterwards, there was a lunch given by the Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered, etc. Gay Pride group of Boulder County. We normally give them the facility for a potluck dinner one Sunday a month, and they wanted to pay us back for the room and safe haven. So they were serving lunch to anyone that wanted to eat. There was also a congregational meeting after the service and it was cool having pretty much everyone doing the lunch after the meeting. Jet loved the Hershey's kisses on the tables and we finally had to hide them under a cup for him to even pay attention to his food. He ate some of the rice, a quarter of a tortilla and some fruit.

Then Jet joined a bunch of little kids on the stage right off that central meeting area, and he ran around chasing them happily, until he started falling over his own feet. It was kind of late for his usual nap. John and I caught him, changed him out of a dirty diaper, and were very, very glad we'd gone back for the bag instead of buying some disposable diapers and hoping they'd be enough...

Jet napped solidly on the way home. I got to nap, too, when we got home. When we got up, John was watching the pre-Super Bowl setup, and started making artichoke heart dip. I'd been craving that for a while, and even a half recipe was just really satisfying with crackers. Jet joined us for the crackers, and nibbled some apples as well.

I spent the whole game knitting on a baby sweater I was giving a co-worker for her baby shower. I got most of it done, and then after the game, I stayed and finished it while Jet and then John went to sleep.

Dinner was just some chicken wings, celery and carrot sticks. Jet ate a wing joint, nibbled celery and carrots, and then went and got more crackers. *grin* So not a particularly nutritious day for him.

I finally went to sleep at 11, after having finished pretty much all of the knitting to be done on the sweater. Okay. I like making baby clothing. It's so small and so fast it's an easy to obsess on type of project. Yay! Done in plenty of time for the shower. I'm glad.

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