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January 28, 2003
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Jet's and My Adventure

It's a lot colder today. There's supposed to be snow soon.

We started our morning early. But I got up a bit too late to get Jet to Joan's at 8. So John took him and when he came back, he handed me the warmed up car, and I headed into work. Lots of long meetings, and then I went home, did more work, had lunch, and then got to nurse Jet when he work up from his nap. I had my afternoon meeting, and in the midst of it I heard John on the celphone going, "Oh, shit."

It was Joan calling him from the Fredrick pool, they were there and wondering where Jet was. Oops. John had completely forgot, so, this time, he added the swim lessons to his work calendar, and that should help for future stuff.

At 4:30, we all packed up and left for church to talk with Michael about Jet's baptism ceremony. Jet wandered about Michael's office and did just great during the discussion. John stayed, afterwards, to work on some stuff and then to go to the men's Brat gathering. They get together, talk with some of the local folks, and get to socialize. It's John's time.

So Jet and I headed to Twin Peaks mall. I knew that it was likely that Jet would be coming to the play area tomorrow, but I thought it would be a great way for him to play all out without my having to wear myself out, too. And it turned out to be great, especially since we got there right at 6. There were only other little kids there.

So Jet got to play with a bunch of kids that were more his size. He ran and ran and ran, and climbed the bridge, slid down the waterfall, and crawled through the tunnel a lot. He chased two other little girls around and around the area. After seeing one little boy walk the edges of a liferaft like it was a balance beam, he had to try it, too. I watched him carefully, but he was great and just shuffled his feet along to keep his balance as he went around. He did better the next time, and smiled at me when he jumped into the center. He loved that.

It was a good thing to just let him try.

He got to run like crazy for a full hour. At seven bigger kids and more kids showed up. I guess it was the after dinner crowed or something, but there were much bigger, wilder, and crazier kids. One boy knocked Jet down at one point, another nearly jumped on top of him, and that's when I decided enough was enough, and I got Jet and put his shoes on and we walked out of there. It took a little persuading, but he was tired enough it wasn't too hard.

I dropped the diaper bag, coats and stuff on a table in the eating area. Jet and I went over to the Panda Express, ordered food, and got a Sprite. Jet drank away at that, thirstily, while the food cooked. We got our stuff fresh and hot, and sat down at the table. I had gotten him his own bowl of fried rice, and he dug into it, first, with a spoon quite happily and ate a good third of it before he was full enough to pay attention to my food, too.

I put it well within his reach, as I've found that he loves stealing food and eating it even more than eating whatever he'd given. I had chow mien, the orange beef, and some broccoli beef, too. While we were talking, I put my chop sticks down, and he took them and started eating chow mien with them. Just went ahead and did it. He had no problems grabbing noodles, and he ate them with gusto, after he'd gotten bored with the fried rice. I was pretty impressed. He also grabbed one of the broccoli trees and sucked on it happily, before munching most of the flowers off. He liked the sauce, I guess.

I just let him do things himself, and ended up with a pile of noodles and rice in his lap, on the chair, and on the floor. I managed to, with the pile of napkins that I'd gotten from the Panda Express, to clean him and the chair up, but left the table and the floor for the mall folks. I got all the stuff together, took Jet to the bathroom, I changed him and then we washed our hands, as he was pretty greasy. By the time we got back out, our table and the floor around it was perfectly clean. Wow. Efficient folks. I had left a couple dollars on the table kind of as penance for the cleanup. So I'm glad they got that for that kind of work.

I'd just gotten a Victoria's Secret catalog, so I went to the store. There were a few things I wanted to try on and see if they were worth getting. Jet was great. I carried him in, found my stuff, and we went to the dressing rooms together. He played with the pile of hangers while I tried stuff on, and, then, when we went back out, the lady that had been helping me said, "Bye-bye!" to him. He smiled at her, waved, and said, "Bye-bye!" back, while he'd been completely silent while we were looking for things. She was utterly charmed. *grin*

From there we headed back to the van, and Jet was quite willing to climb in and get strapped back into the seat. I eyed the gas gauge, and it was well into the empty zone, so I headed for a gas station, talking to him the whole way to help keep him awake. He was happy with that.

I got to the gas station, and then had a terrible time with the gas cap. It's a locking gas cap, and I wasn't sure how to work it. It took me about fifteen minutes to figure out that when it was clicking one way, that it was *unlocked* and that when it was perfectly smooth both ways that it was locked. At one point, I looked up from my problem to see Jet watching me, so I smiled at him and waved. He grinned back and waved back to me from inside, and seemed to relax. I guess it was pretty obvious that I was frustrated.

When I finally figured it out, I just muscled it counter-clockwise and got it opened, filled the tank, and by the time I wrote everything down I realized that Jet was asleep. Ah well. It was already 8:30 and he'd played so hard that it wasn't surprising that he'd gone to sleep. I got him home, and managed to change him into his pajamas and his overnight diaper without waking him up. I took him upstairs and settled him in and just as I got out of the room I heard the garage open. John was home.

He'd had a good time. They'd talked with one of the board members of the St. Vrain school district and gotten an insider's view of what had been happening with the district's finances. Yes. This is the district that had mis-counted its teachers and were several tens of millions in debt because of it. They'd borrowed from the state's get-by fund to a tune that is going to impact the next decade of the school district's financial health. Yes, it's our district, too. But John got to find out how and why it had gone as long as it had, and how there were new things in place to make sure that it not only couldn't happen again, but how they were going to help fix the problem.

They'd had apple pie for dessert, and he had brought me home a slice. So I had it with a mug of herbal tea and it was a very, very relaxing and nice way to end the very busy evening. It did get me to go to sleep too late, but it was worth it to unwind a bit after being Jet's sole parent for the evening.

I should do this more often. I like having the courage to go and just do something with Jet, and tonight turned out really nicely. I'm glad it worked so well.

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