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January 29, 2003
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Confusing Day, Dairy Queen Evening

9:12 pm: It was an okay day, though I got a weird requirement that every hour be accounted for in every week for the next couple of months. Actually, the whole of our engineering has been asked to make a table and account for all their hours. I'm not sure why, and I don't like the implications of having to count hours to justify or track certain things. Damnit, they pay me to think, not to track hours... though it amuses me to put the hour of doing this into administration, plus the three hours taken by writing up status and doing my 1:1 updates, and the three staff meetings that I go to. That's a lot of hours for a person that only does twenty-five of them a week.

It was something that Bill realized last year, and we got me to drop a couple of hours' worth of meetings a week, which was very useful in getting things done.

My weeks are actually Thursday to Thursday because of my 1:1 being something of a marker. I like that.

This morning both john and I drove in because John had a 1pm meeting he had to run, and he really wanted to be at work to do it face-to-face. So we both drove in, met up at a new espresso bar. It was a very odd morning ad I really needed the caffeine. Jet woke up every hour after 1, as he had a really badly stuffed up nose, and at 4, we cleaned it out, but he couldn't get back to sleep. At a bit after 5 I gave up and handed him over to John, who got him back to sleep around 6. Jet then slept until early 9.

We didn't have to get Jet over to Joan's at 8 because Alex was sick, so Joan and Ray couldn't do the errand they wanted to do in the morning anyway. But she said that Jet was welcome to come over. So at 9 John took him over, and then headed for the espresso bar.

This was my morning to forget everything in sequence. First my insulated cup, then the coupon for half off the drink, and then, when I paid for my drink, I forgot to remind the bar lady of the fact that I had the coupon. So they had to refund me half the money. That was pretty nice, actually. I liked actually getting the money and by being nice about it on both sides, it all went very smoothly for my forgetting about it completely.

The meetings were meetings. I talked with Smitha a lot about stuff, and there's a whole wealth of stuff to be mined there. I'll like talking with her about it later. While I love how she sticks up for her ideals against Bill's insistence that some things be some way, there are times when I wonder if she sometimes sticks to a contrary position simply because it is different or just the one that she first came up with and she just can't back down. Maybe it's just the other edge to the shining ability to stick up for her thoughts even when someone else objects to them. The good thing is that she's not abusive in any way, so there's a very good chance of getting heard.

So we talked. It was good to talk and figure things out.

Lunch was at the Bear Rock Cafe, which is a deli chain that does okay sandwiches. They're supposed to do great sandwiches, but I found that they were okay. Better than most fast food places, but there's only so much satisfaction I can get out of a cold sandwich. If they even had some hot sandwiches I'd be more impressed. As it is they only have soup or baked potatoes (of all things) and the occasional kid's grilled cheese. But that's the only hot stuff they have.

Ah well. At least they had Stewart's ginger beer. Yum. John and I both got one, and it was very good. The guy running the cash register was very.... sloppy. I wasn't impressed with either his attitude or his opinion when telling us that ginger beer was the worst thing he'd ever drunk, but it was okay if we liked it.

From lunch I went to Joan's, got Jet, got the full update on Alex, Jet, and Haley and the fact that Joan wasn't going to go swimming tonight. I decided not to, either. Too headachy and tired from last night's up and down from Jet. So I just stayed home and rode the exercise bike after John and I were both done with our serial meetings on Wednesday afternoons.

John reheated some chicken, pasta, and nuked some peas, and we had a quick, easy dinner before going off to Diary Queen and Safeway. John called Mina's and they're closing down tomorrow, so they're not able to make the cake for Jet's birthday. So John's planning o making it himself. We got some decorations for the cake, ice cream, and we have some party plates. That should be plenty.

I also got some apple fritters for tomorrow's breakfast. I have been good and doing granola and plain yogurt for a while. I wanted something different, and having the fritters fresh from the night before is about as good as we can get.

Diary Queen was fun, and Jet ate a very large amount of ice cream. He put a bunch of my toasted pecans in his mouth, but he didn't chew or swallow them, instead, choosing to spit them out onto a napkin. I was glad that I consciously stopped giving them to him when I noticed that he wasn't chewing them, and told him that he has to eat the ones he had in his mouth before he'd get any more of them. But he was great about just getting fed ice cream from both of us, and ate quite a lot of the stuff.

John was cool and kept Jet awake for the ride home. We played Jet's music, full-blast, and had a good time with it. Once home, John changed a set of light bulbs and Jet had a blast just climbing up and down and up and down the step ladder, over and over again. He even took one of his plastic gear toys up and dropped it and went down to get it and then do it all over again, dozens of times.

It was really fun watching him. I also made up a game by grabbing the plastic bit whenever he dropped it and making him 'catch' the thing from my hand. He had to actually grab my hand and pull it out. He got pretty good at it, but his coordination was gradually dying as he was getting more and more tired.

He finally went to sleep at his usual time of 9:30. Yay! No weirdness for tonight!

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