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January 27, 2003
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Windy Day

9:22 pm: It was nearly 70 today, but the wind from the west was blowing so hard that it nearly knocked Jet and I over as we went out for a walk this afternoon. I tried to shelter him with my legs, but he's so small and my legs are too skinny, really, to be of much help. He was doing fun stuff, too, like balancing on one side of a rut and taking his time to walk down into it and back out of it and there was at least five times when he was knocked onto his butt by the wind.

I was impressed.

After staying up too late last night, finishing the sweater, I got up nearly too late this morning. John and Jet left about five minutes after I got up, and I simply had cereal and milk along with a caramel latte from our boiler based espresso machine. It's nice getting lowfat, organic milk for my latte by default. I really enjoyed it as I blearily worked.

Part of the bleariness was because Jet was up a lot last night. The wind was howling in from the West, which usually pushes temperatures up here. But at night, it was booming and howling, and Jet would wake up screaming. When I went to him at 2, he asked, "What's that?" when the wind boomed against his skylight, and I explained that it was the wind. He wouldn't sleep in his futon, instead, pulling me towards the door, and asking me to go downstairs. So I took him downstairs, and we lay down on the couch together. He snuggled in against me and went to sleep. I listened to the wind for a while before falling asleep myself. When I woke up, he hadn't moved, so I got up, and he stayed fast asleep. I put him back into his bed and went back to mine, and he stayed asleep until dawn. I nursed him then, and John took over and let me go back to sleep.

It's early today. Joan agreed to take Jet at 8 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, so they were off early today and I got a good hour more in than I would otherwise have done. That was pretty cool, but it seemed like a long time between the time Jet went and I got to go get him. He napped easily, and I worked another hour and a half.

When he got up, I made him ramen, and reheated some old pasta for myself. We had a really hard time in there when Jet tried to eat the steaming hot ramen, and kept recoiling every time his mouth hit the really hot metal of the spoon. The soup was too hot, so I dumped a couple of ice cubes in it, finally, and he could just eat it. He ate with gusto, drank the soup, and the proceeded to eat a quarter of a Red Delicious apple as well. Crunchy. Mmm... he really enjoyed it. I was just impressed that he was sitting in his seat eating away. I also gave him some orange juice. Later he got some crackers and a bit of trail mix. So he had a pretty good eating afternoon.

When he was done we headed outside for an adventure because it was nearly 70 outside!! At least the temperature in the sun was 70. The west wind, however, was just howling. Jet had fun in it, though and kept saying, "Wheeeee!" when an especially big gust hit. It was actually a lot of fun, and we stayed out in it for a good forty five minutes.

When we got back, he asked to nurse, so we did, and I mixed up my first batch of granola. I really wanted granola, but I didn't want the store-bought kind with all the oil, coconut, and salt in it. I also like dried fruit in it, but I like the fruit to still be plump and tender rather than the extra desiccation that seems to happen with granola. So I mixed up a batch with rolled oats, pecan meal, coconut meal, sliced almonds, plenty of wheat germ, a dab of honey, dark brown sugar, maple syrup, and a touch of vanilla. I then let it toast while I met on the phone.

Jet was happy to watch TV, eat yogurt, crackers, and some protein bar. He played and danced and only occasionally tugged on me to play with him. It was easy to pay attention to the meeting. I'm finding it gradually easier to work with him awake, so long as I'm downstairs and able to do something without my main machine.

John got home a bit after 5. I threw some seasoned chicken thighs into the oven and went back upstairs to work a little more and the bring my machine completely down so that I could take the hard disk out. Sadly, the chicken and John and Jet were done before I was able to do it. Jet came upstairs with me, and tried to 'help' me with the last bits of that, but it was far more hindrance than help, and I got frustrated enough to just go, "AGGgggghhhh!"

Jet went "AAAGGGHHHhh!!" back and started to cry. I gave him my Visor and he started pushing buttons happily. That got him much happier, then he got down himself and found the marbled paper meditation cards that I have and he spread them out and called each one by a color's name. Not necessarily the correct name, but he was pretty happy to just be able to give a color name to each of them. I let him go through the whole deck, and when they were done he was happy to go back downstairs. He just needed that bit of patience, and we were back downstairs.

John had had his shower, the chicken had cooled off a little. John made salad and reheated leftover stuffing, and we had a meal. Sadly, Jet would have nothing to do with it. Later, though, he joined me and ate some yogurt, a couple of chicken nuggets, and nibbled a couple of broccoli crowns. I was just happy that he was eating dinner with me.

We played after that. I was trying to tuck all the ends to the sweater in, but got distracted by Jet pulling at me to draw choo-choos. So I drew with him for a while, played with gears for a while, and then we just laid on the floor and wrestled, played, and tagged feet. He had fun jumping on my stomach and getting horsy rides.

I enjoyed it. Amazingly so. We played with stuff, leaned on each other, and just enjoyed being together. I liked that. I just had fun being with him while John filled out a very thorough questionnaire by my mom and dad as to what information they needed for their March stay here with Jet. I think the coolest thing in the world is that they're asking. There was a lot of stuff in there that we don't really know. In March he may have completely different likes and dislikes, but we did our best shot at it all. The food questions are the hardest. Jet is so prone to dropping favorites and picking up things we thought he hated or didn't like. So it's all somewhat confusing to say what he will or won't eat.

Maybe the real answer is 'try a bunch of stuff and see what takes'. We ended up with eight pages of possibilities. I was happy with that.

There's no wind tonight, and we have another 8 am morning tomorrow. I am also pretty tired from today and last night, and I'm trying to give up the last evening nursing as well. I have a feeling that for DunDraCon and visiting Gretchen that I'm probably going to have to pump at least once a day, which will be interesting to do, just to get comfortable. I don't think that I'll be down to only a single feeding or even no feedings by then, but I can but try.

Sometimes, like tonight while we were playing, I don't really want to think of being away from Jet for a whole week or even a four-day weekend. There are other times when I'd be too glad to have the time away, but tonight, it seemed too sad and strange to be so separated

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