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January 30, 2003
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Picking Up George and Isabel

9:48 pm: Tired. Jet had a weird night last night, and got up from 2-4, but John took him the whole time. I'm still tired because I was up at a bit after six, feeding him, and he went right back to sleep. I didn't, though, and got up at 7:30 to get ready to go to work. Turns out that Alex is still sick, so John could wait a bit after eight to get Jet over there. No hurry.

So John took Jet off, after gulping half of my coffee after his donut. I ate mine at leisure while reading email. I got a good three hours in, and the took off to Joan's, found Jet and Haley entertaining a much better Alex. I paid Joan, and talked with her about the possibility of taking Jet tomorrow morning, as a possibility. I don't know how it'll be tomorrow, but it didn't hurt to talk about it and I paid her for the week as it seemed silly that if she wasn't taking any more money for taking Jet extra hours, it seemed silly to not give her the same amount of money even if she was taking him less.

Anyway... home again home again, and Jet nursed, and this time he didn't go to sleep. I was mildly unhappy with that, but the we had lunch together. Grilled cheese sandwiches, and, as usual, he ate the crusts and left the middles for me. We ate that, and then I toasted up some frozen French fries in the toaster oven, and he downed those happily. Some apple slices later, he was a happy camper. The Wiggles just made him happier. They're just a silly, musical British kids' show, and he likes them so much I worked for a while.

When the half hour show as over, he came upstairs and joined me in the office. I started up his software and he worked away at that while I worked away at my stuff. That was pretty cool. I got a good hour in before he got bored and started pulling things out of drawers. Finally, I finished up what I was doing, took him downstairs and he fell asleep within minutes of starting to nurse.


He slept for two hours, and I got a ton of stuff done before John came home, and started packing for the trip to the airport.

We took the new way to the airport. E-470 has opened up, and it's a tollway that starts on I-25, just before the places where I-25 almost always backs up at rush hour, and it was 5:30 pm when we hit it. Rush hour galore. We got on and it was completely empty. $1.75 later, it was still empty as anything, and another $1.75 and we were at the airport in record time. Normally we take surface streets to get to the airport the most direct route possible, and it can take 45 minutes on a good day, but throw in a train or a slow driver and it can easily take an hour just to get to the lots. It only took us half an hour to get to the airport and another ten minutes to park. Wow. That's quite the improvement, especially at this time of night.

We got out, walked to the terminal, and found the baggage claim completely empty and still. They hadn't gotten there yet! How cool. So we wandered about a bit. Jet and I looked at working carousels while John used the bathroom. Towards the end of that time, Jet started walking away, just out into the terminal, and then he suddenly started running!

I asked, "Where are you going?" and started running after him. Finally, I realized he was making for the escalator, so I sprinted, and got him just before he got there. Whew. John caught up and we rode the escalators a few times, walked around, looked at stuff, rode more escalators, and when we got back to the baggage claim there they were!

Yay! George saw us first, and we waved and I was surprised and happy when George bent over to pick Jet up and Jet didn't object at all. How cool! He held George and Isabel's hands on the way out, and walked happily over to the car with them. They were pretty surprised at his far better mobility and the ease he had with repeating words. That was cool.

They entertained him just fine on the way back, and Jet didn't fall asleep at all. Yay! Home again home again, and I put water on to boil, got the sauce out of the jar, added frozen meatballs, and then put garlic butter on frozen slices of bread. I started up the broiler, and away we went. 13 minutes later we had dinner. John made salad, and we all sat down, but Jet.

Jet was playing. When we all said grace, through, he came over, said, "Wow!" and willingly sat down at his seat. He played with and ate a good slice of Italian bread, ate a whole meatball, and slurped a few noodles. He wasn't really into the sauce, but he actually ate a meatball! I haven't offered him those for a while, but did so on a whim tonight. And he actually ate one! Another example of his changing tastes.

After dinner, he was very happy to be the center of attention. He and grandpa played with cars on his mountain. I played with him and his gears. We got the choo-choo out and I laid a whole circle track, for the first time in a while, and he happily drove his train around the whole thing repeatedly. The George and Isabel offered to try and put Jet to sleep!


So John and I put away the things we couldn't stand leaving out, and John also took out the garbage and freed a bird that was trapped in one of our bathroom fans. It's just a matter of opening the grill after opening the window to the outside and then guiding the bird outside. So that was good.

I'm getting to write! Yay!

It's also very good practice for others to put Jet to sleep so Jet'll be more ready for it when my Mom and Dad get here. I'm very glad that they offered. They're doing great with the books, the rest of the night ritual seems to be playing out well, too, just a bit later than usual because we stayed up later than usual to talk with them and catch up.

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