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July 16, 2000
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Winding Down

Geoff came in late, but not at the crack of dawn, and it was just kinda comforting when he went peacefully to sleep.

Geoff and I took our time getting up, enjoying the late sleep and the time to rest and be and just not have to get up for anything. That was very sweet and very nice. We packed up and as a last possible chance, I called a friend in Columbus that I had wanted to hook up with before leaving. They said that they could drive us to the airport, so Geoff and I packed-up, check out, and on a whim of mine, the two of us went back for a last-time sweep of the convention.

I was very glad we did, when someone stopped Geoff to remember a game they'd played last year, and how keen it was, and the guy turns out to be the guy that's revitalizing the Shadowfist cards. He asked if Geoff was still working with the Feng Shui game stuff and Geoff affirmed that he'd been in the last book. It was really keen seeing the bounce in Geoff's step after that.

We then took a round around the dealers' floor and had a good time just saying good-bye to everyone that still had booth duty. Most of the Aspects had already long-vamoosed on their drive back to Pittsburgh when check-out time rolled around.

The friends were on time, and got us to the airport on time, after a very nice brunch, in a very keen diner with the most marvelously equipped bathroom I've ever seen. Lotion, hair spray, and nearly anything one might want was in there.

At the airport it was nice to just sit with Geoff and talk and think and cuddle a bit. No tearful good-byes, just tired and content a bit and knowing it'll be a while 'til we meet again, but both of us knowing we'll have full lives in the meantime. Full of work and communication and projects to be done.

The flight was simple, and on time. Even landed on time, and then it turned out that the plane in the gate was late out, so we sat out on the tarmack for 20 minutes to wait for them to go, eventhough two gates on either side of our gate were completely empty. There are times that I swear United plans to get all their passangers late as heck for whatever they're doing.

John was waiting patiently, gathered me up and swept me off to the Moonlight Diner and we settled in happily to good food. It was so restful to come home, and be home and be in familiar spaces again. A hug for Fezzik and a bit of vegitating and I was home early enough in the afternoon to be able to take a little time to settle again. Nice that. Then sleep.

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