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July 25, 2001
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Packed Day

8:29 pm: I am very glad that I am learning how to sleep while nursing Jet at night. I was so tired from the last few days, that when Jet got up three times last night, I just fell asleep while nursing him. The first time John was able to get Jet to go to sleep; but for the other two risings, I fed him and then tried to give him a bottle for the second one because at the first one he was already asleep by the time I woke up to check on him. He didn't wake up when I took him upstairs and put him in his crib.

So I was mildly tired this morning. Jet didn't want to eat again until 8, and I didn't get up until then. I did get breakfast while he was eating, though, which was really nice.

The rest of the morning was just jam packed the way most Wednesdays are. There was the group meeting at 10, my 1:1 immediately after, which ended just in time to run off to lunch with John, Bob, and Chad at KT's and then I raced home to pick Jet up a little early so I could get all settled and unloaded from the car before Bill called me for the meeting at 1.

Jet was asleep when I got to Joan's, and he stayed that way all the way until 2 pm. Wow. I was really not expecting that, but it was really, really welcome. It turned out, though, that he didn't really sleep the entire time. When I went to check up on him at 2, he was actually awake and was playing with his blanket! That's a first. He usually wakes up crying, but I guess after so many times he finally decided it might not be so bad to just wake up from a nap.

So he was wide awake and gave me this huge smile when he saw me come into the bedroom. He waved the blanket at me and grinned like a loon while I changed a really nasty poopy diaper, and settled in for a good, solid feed. Happy boy.

Very happy boy. We played and played and played. I figure that when he's grown up he'll have plenty of time without me, so I indulged myself and played with him and talked with him. I changed him and fed him when he wanted it, and then did more playing and watching, and let him play in his exer-saucer when he wanted some time without me.

He really wanted my jug of water, and when I let him have it, he attacked it and did his level best to get the top end of the straw into his mouth. Jet sucked on it thoughtfully and thoroughly, and eventually actually drew up some water. It surprised the heck out of him. He spit the water everywhere and then thoughtfully swallowed the very last bit of it. He immediately tackled it again and tried to suck on the end some more. Eventually he did get more, and was just as surprised.

John got home at 5, and it was really cool. He let Jet down to pick up all the toys he'd thrown down and Jet obliged by grabbing things the moment they were within reach. Wow. That was pretty cool to see. He really thought it was a cool game. Watching him throw things off the edge of stuff, he doesn't really seem to understand, yet, that they really will go away. I'm not sure, at least.

John made frozen buffalo chicken wings while I fed Jet, and he made salad to go with it. Then he and Jet went upstairs to make CD's for the grandparents of every single picture we've ever taken with the digital camera. I'm still astonished that we can get 30 CD's for only $3. Yeesh. The postage costs more than the disk.

I got some time to read. Genevieve had sent me two books, and they arrived today. The Stars Dispose and The Stars Compel, both by Machaela Roessner. They're really gorgeously written, set in the late Renaissance with all kinds of historical figures as well as the families that the story centers on. The main family is a family of cooks for the d'Medici and their main magicians the Ruggieros, okay occultists... okay, it's all set in a parallel universe where there are influences form parallel universes that, in that time, look like influences of the occult. Which is way too simplistic an explanation as it's actually very finely woven as a bigger deal than just monsters, but more the subtle and not so subtle influences of time and possibility and the workings that influences across those boundaries between possibilities. It's pretty interestingly presented.

I'm only half way into the first book, but thoroughly hooked. Oops, it's nearly 11. Stupid me, especially after how rough last night was. I should sleep.

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