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July 27, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Wandering Around Work

8:43 pm: A really good day with a pretty busy evening. I really enjoyed today. Work wasn't hard to get into and it was pretty fun. Jet was great fun, and we had a fun time, al day. We went into work for John's party and had a pretty good time there, too. The day was pretty cool, too.

Jet had a blast at Joan's and gave her something of a break by alternating sleeping and being awake with Haley today. He actually fell asleep while nursing on me just before leaving, so he arrived asleep to Joan's. That was mildly surprising for her, but good. Haley played with her and then fell asleep just before Jet woke up and then they did the switch again in a little while.

Joan gave John a bunch of prints from pictures she'd taken a month ago. They were really great! There's a sequence where Jet and Haley are sitting on either side of the same chair and are mildly solemn, then Jet reaches a hand out and lays it on Haley's leg and they're both grinning, and then they sprawl against each other and they both are just laughing. It's pretty funny to see the sequence in a row.

There are a lot of other good pictures in the pile she gave us. Turns out that her parents and her husband's parents love seen pictures of Alex, Haley, and Jet too. They hear a lot about Jet, too, so they like seeing how he's doing. I really like that. Jet has made himself some extended family in some ways. That's pretty cool.

Jet slept some more when he'd eaten after getting home, so John and I got to make ourselves lunch without having to watch him at all. That was pretty nice. We used British white, aged cheddar on dark rye, that's all and the very simple sandwich was really good. We had baby carrots and corn chips and grapefruit soda. The Safeway Select grapefruit soda actually uses real grapefruit as flavoring, which I found pretty cool.

It was a yummy lunch.

When it was done, I went upstairs to work some more while John took care of Jet, and fed him more banana-dipped potatoes. That was pretty funny.

I got my hours in and then came down to feed Jet while John made his potluck appetizer, and then the three of us went into Boulder and to work. John headed for the party while Jet and I went upstairs and got a printout I had made on the two-sided printer and wandered about talking with people and meeting them. Jet greeted everyone that gave him hello and a smile with a big smile and a wiggle. That was great.

Andy, a co-worker, made a few small sounds at Jet and Jet grinned at him pretty much immediately and Andy went, "Wow, what a quick response! My sister would be envious. She brought her kid over, and it took her three days before she'd smile at anyone." Andy had a great time playing with Jet, and Jet had equally as much fun.

Bob had fun holding Jet, too, and eventually gave him back because Jet weighs a good deal. Seventeen pounds is a good chunk of weight to carry for a while. Sometimes I regard it as incremental weights. I'm really building up those upper arms.

It was good to talk with Bob and Ryan about work things, design ideas, and other general thoughts about how things were at work.

I went back to the party, handed Jet over to John, and as part of the conversation, John showed them how Jet was sitting now by plopping him on the floor with a cup to play with. Jet played for a good long while, fell backwards once, onto John's foot, and cried a little before going back to playing again. The Jet went sideways after the cup and this time when he landed on the fairly hard floor, his head bounced.

I was mad. I am not a hovering mother. Especially if Dad wants to take care of the baby, I let him do it his own way. But he'd already had the warning once. This time John said he wasn't going to put Jet back on the floor, but this time, Jet was crying so hard that he wasn't getting comforted by being held by John sitting in his chair. So I took Jet, and cuddled him and held him and bounced him as I wandered back out into the office space.

Jenny had wanted to see Jet, so I brought him up to her office. Peter, Jamie, and a few other of the guys popped their heads in when they heard Jet coo. Peter said that Anika isn't nearly as big as Jet, but she's walking, now. Wow. I still remember when I thought Anika was *huge* and now she is smaller than Jet! That's amazing. But her motor control is months ahead of Jet's and a month makes a big difference at this stage. I think Jet's going to be a big boy. Okay, not as big as Cole, but still pretty good sized.

Jenny had a great time playing with Jet. They smiled at each other, stuck their tongues out at each other, and generally had a good time. John eventually came looking for us, and found us there. The three of us went back downstairs and Jet started fussing, and it was pretty much time for him to eat again. So I took Jet with me to John's cubicle and he took a little while to settle down, but he did and he ate there steadily for a good half hour.

He was much more cheerful when he was done, and the two of us went back. A bunch of folks were around John and they melted away when Jet and I arrived, it was late and they had stuff to do or needed to get home to their families. The three of us headed out to the Gondolier, the nice, inexpensive Italian place. We found that they had moved, and John found out that it was near the Pearl Street Mall, so we went out there.

Jet was great during dinner, especially once he had his blanket to play with. John and I had fairly hearty dinners. John got the stromboli and I got the eggplant parmesan sandwich. The eggplant was sliced thick, deep fried quickly enough that it didn't soak up a lot of oil, covered in cheese and their rich, red, marinara sauce all on a thick, chewy roll. It was really good.

John and I talked work, and it was good fun to do that. I really enjoyed talking with him about the problems I was seeing from where I was. Especially since I knew that John was likely to do something about it once he understood the extent of the problem. It was good to be able to discuss a problem in its logical and emotional parts and know that he'd understand that both parts were important.

That was cool.

Jet watched the interchange like it was a tennis match, and wrestled with his blanket when he was bored of us. He played with his jitterbug, watched the sunlight drift away from the high beams of the outdoor patio area, and basically had a great time and fell asleep on the way home.

When he was home, I took the opportunity to use the restroom, and when I came back his eyes were wide open and he was just looking around. I really like this not crying on waking up thing. It's really nice. We settled in for a good, long feed, and then the three of us went for a walk down the block opposite our driveway.

The sun was setting over the Rockies, casting them in jagged relief. There were only a few thin clouds over them, and they were rendered in glaring silver by the setting sun, and they attenuated the rays in all directions and turned the tops of the clouds purple, red, and magenta. Gorgeous colors. Possibly because of the dust being kicked up by a fair breeze. It was nice and cool out, though, and the walk was nice and flat, so we did the whole thing twice.

Jet was wide awake for the whole thing, first playing with his Whoozit in the stroller, and then with his blanket as we did the second walk. He really liked all that, and when we went back in John played with him for a while and then Jet wanted to eat again right around his usual final eating time. He settled in pretty well, sucked down his breastmilk bottle and refused his formula again.

It took a while to get him to sleep. He even woke up crying after John had put him to sleep, so I asked John to do the dishes while I put Jet back to sleep. Jet had a bunch of burps and when he was done, he settled in to nurse for about five minutes and then passed out after a really intense squirming, kicking, wiggling session in his sleep. After that nothing was going to wake him up.


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