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July 9, 2002
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Stacked High Day

Today was a day that was stacked a lot like one of Jet's block towers. Everything helter skelter on top of each other.

John only had his status to write today, but he found plenty of work to do all morning.

I had a 9 am meeting, a 10:30 meeting, a 1 pm meeting, and a 3 pm meeting. I also had a 4:30 appointment with CeLena and a handful of things to do before I left. The 10:30 meeting came up with a broad set of checkins I had to finish before I left so that other people could work on the things I had started. So I managed to do most of that before 11, which was when John went to get Jet. I went with him and we got to talk with Joan a bit and ended up saying that we'd come over in the evening.


I went home, nursed Jet, put him to sleep, tucked him into his chair and then ran into work for my 1 pm meeting, as it was a meeting with a lot of folks. I wanted to be there face-to-face with some of the issues and questions.

I got home at 2:30, just as Jet was waking up. He got a snack, and then we went upstairs and played while the phone meeting was going on so that John could have some time to pack. Jet got really upset about half way through. Partially because of the heat, I think, and maybe because he's teething. John came up and got him and took him away, crying; but five minutes later Jet was happy and playing and had had a shot of Tylenol. So it looks like it might be teething. Jet also helped John with the packing.

When that was all done, I helped pull more stuff to pack out and put it on the bed for John. So that when I left for CeLena's he was all set. He also asked me to pick some things from the Santiago's menu for dinner. He and Jet were going to take care of dinner as the fridge was pretty cleaned out.

I needed the massage, badly. My back and hips were a complete mess. Not to mention how badly my knees, shoulders, forearms and neck were feeling. It was, oddly enough, the middle of my back that was in the most pain, and the small of my back wasn't doing too much better. CeLena really concentrated on the really painful parts, and it was just terrible. I really hate it when my massage hurts so much; but it really does seem to get those super tight areas to relax. Whew.

Dinner was great. My bean and beef burrito, smothered in mild green chile was tasty, tender, cheesy, and covered in ripe tomatoes. It was so good. While Santiago's normally gives me far too much food for me to eat, a simple burrito was just enough. I was glad of that.

Jet had real problems with dinner, though. He refused to sit in his seat and eat. He sat and just screamed. It's really hard to know if he's being bothered by his teeth, if he's just throwing a tantrum so that he can eat while sitting in my lap, or if he was having other problems. He sometimes just needs a Mom fix and when he has one, he's good to go and had plenty of courage to do whatever he needs to do. It's just hard to tell.

So I ended up with him in my lap. He didn't want to eat anything, so he didn't bother my food at all. So it was pretty plain that he just wanted a Momma fix. After a while he was good to go, and he went off and played while we packed some last thing. John moved all the plants to the kitchen counter, and we got all the things out of the fridge that would likely go bad in the next two weeks. They were also the things that someone else might want to eat. There were half a dozen ripe tomatoes, half a box of cherries, and a dozen eggs.

We took them over to the Goodell's. They were about to have dozens of people visiting for two weeks, and it was stuff that anyone would eat. We also brought over the video camera and John even hooked up their new VCR, so that it could record from the camera onto a tape. We had Alex's belt test on the tape, and it was fun for Ray's mom to see Alex take his test. That was cool.

It was really nice to just sit and talk and relax for a while. We'd done what we could and the rest would just have to wait until the morning

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