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July 10, 2002
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Jet Flies Well to Seattle

7:44 pm: Today was a pretty solid travel day. Jet did an excellent job getting from there to here, and we're all here in one piece. John woke up at 7 am, to get a shower and start with putting things into the car. I woke up then and at 6, when he'd gotten up to check the monitor. Jet had gotten up a little before one, had stayed up, unhappy until about two, even after nursing and some Tylenol.

This morning, Jet was sporting another point through his gums, this time on the right side, where some molars are probably starting to come up. He was very unhappy last night, and he slept in this morning. After John and I had showered, eaten our breakfasts and gotten nearly all of the last minute things packed, we finally decided it was time to wake Jet up, nurse him, and get him ready to go.

He was pretty cheerful, even after the surprise of being woken up. He started awake when I touched him, but he relaxed against me when he realized who I was. I nursed him for half an hour and that woke him up really well. So he was cheerful and happy when John gave him a plate full of watermelon for breakfast. Jet stuffed huge chunks into his mouth and ate happily. He also got some cereal and some juice down as well.

So he was well satisfied on the way to the airport. He was very cheerful, talked to us and sang to himself in his own way and we got there without any fuss from him at all. John dropped us off with all the luggage at the sky cap station for Alaska Airlines and Jet and I got everything checked in and done and the sky cap gave us all our boarding passes. Since there was an ID check just before we boarded, I figure he decided he didn't have to do it there. I was pleased by that.

John found us pretty quickly, and Jet was protesting being kept in the seat until we sat down where we could see all the people walking around. Jet watched people avidly and didn't fight being in the chair. We sat next to two folks that did wheelchairs for the airlines, and they talked about how slow it was now that it was past the Fourth of July. I'm glad it's a lot slower, it meant no line at all at the security gate.

John and I pulled our Birkies off and while we were gathering all our metal into a bin, we tucked Jet into another bin just to keep him from going anywhere. The security folks were tickled by that. Jet just looked around like he wasn't going to be going anywhere except around my legs anyway. But he stayed put in the bin until we had everything settled. I stayed back and fed things into the machine while John went through with Jet.

No stops, no beeps, no problems.

We just collected all our stuff and went on through. Yay! It was so fast that we spent some time upstairs, above the A concourse to use the bathrooms and let Jet run around. For a little while I followed Jet around, and kept one eye on the luggage. Finally, I stood by the luggage and kept one eye on Jet. He kept one eye on me, too, and didn't actually go too far. I am so glad of mother separation anxiety, now. I need him to have some and train him to look for me rather than me always looking for him.

Maybe a little of that will take later. We'll see.

We also stopped at a Chick-Fil-A and bought some of their nuggets before we sat down at our gate. John and I tore through most of them, while Jet was still eating his first one. I saved him a second one and when he was finished with that he really wanted more. Oops. I should remember that for next time. Instead, Jet got a few fruit chews, some graham cracker, and a couple of crispy M&M's. He loved the M&M's and they did a great job of keeping him occupied and happy in the plane after we boarded.

Hmmm... I guess I might be training him to eat while bored. Oops. He also got to look at a Wired! magazine for a while, as it had bright pictures, pages that were interesting to turn, and it's nearly bigger than he is when open. He liked that. The plane pulled out of its slot on time, but then stopped on the tarmac.

After about ten minutes out there, with the guy behind me whining constantly about how hot it was in there, the pilot came on the microphone to say that one of the air conditioning units was failing, and they were debating what to do about it. Ten minutes later they said that they were going to go back for more fuel as without the unit they'd have to fly lower, which would use more fuel. But then they came on, five minutes later, to say that after they'd moved, the unit had started functioning again after one more try at a reset.

They do not lift my confidence by much with this last statement. Still, it does mean that we don't have to add fuel and we can just go..

So we do.

In the midst of all this, Jet gets warm, gets bored, goes to sleep. Wow. He sleeps for two hours. Double Wow. Not only does he sleep for two hours, but he is pleasant and happy when he wakes up. He drinks his cranberry juice, eats a couple of grapes, nibbles on his sandwich, and gobbles his share of chocolate graham cookie. He then proceeds to play with me and with everyone that's in sight.

When everyone files past him, after we've gotten to the gate, Jet is ecstatic. He grins at everyone, yells "Bye!" at everyone that walks by, and waves enthusiastically at them all as well. He grins even bigger when they all wave back. That's pretty cool.

We arrive. We look for a rental car, there's a huge line. We use the restrooms, then come out to find our luggage. We get a Smart Cart with a swipe of a credit card. We load it up big. John gets the car while I chase Jet around as he plays with the line ropes of the Enterprise line, follows an Asian family down baggage claim row, and as he discovers his mistake and comes running back to me. John gets the car, so Jet sits on top of the pile and then nearly topples off at one point in our trek to the car.

So I get him, and find that he'll take my hand as we go into the car garage, and he trots down the rows of cars. He cleverly hangs onto y hand so long as I'm going in the direction that he wants to go. When we don't go past our rental car out into the rest of the underground garage, Jet starts to pull on my hand and yell. So I pick him up and he yells harder. We get him into the seat, and give him his juice, and he finally settles when John gets open a packet of fruit snacks, and Jet gets a couple of those.

Jet is then happy in the car, while we feed him fruit snacks, and we drive to John's parents' house. It's an uneventful drive, though it's over 80 here, which is unusual. The mountains are green, the huge lakes are blue, and the sky is mostly clear. I was amazed. It was like we brought our weather with us.

Isabel and George greet us as we get in, and Jet gets a whole basket of toys that he immediately dumps and plays with. He has a great time with them. At about 5, though, he climbs into my lap and starts tugging at my shirt. I nurse him and, of course, he falls asleep. We let him nap and then wake him up for dinner.

He is great at first, and then when I go to get his sippy cup, I hear him start to get upset, and then more upset, and when I get back, he starts to just scream at the top of his lungs. I don't know if it's from being woke, being in a strange place, or it's just whatever it was that was eating him yesterday; but he won't sit in his seat. He will only sit in my lap. He does eat off my plate, and he steals a piece of bread from me that has olives in it, and he eats most of the bread, several raisins, and some chicken salad.

He also eats some ice cream, but refuses the raspberries completely.

But he does get some real food into him, which is a good thing. After dinner, he and his granny and grandpa got the record layer going and they stomped and clapped to the music, which is actually quite a bit harder than it sounds, as the power source to the record player was on A Clapper, that turned on and off whenever anyone clapped hard three times in a row. Oops. But they had a great time anyway.

I enjoyed watching Jet stomp. He kept time with his whole body, looking serious as could be as he lifted his whole leg to stomp each beat he could hear. He really enjoyed that.

Afterwards, everyone but I went out for a walk. When I do hear Jet he sounds perfectly happy. I'm glad.

We've run into a few situations where what Jet does on a regular basis at home has seemed inappropriate here. I'm going to have to work on those things and/or figure out how to not feel bad about them or something. I'm already having some problems with the fact that Jet seems to only want to eat dinner in my lap. I don't know if giving into him is only making the habit worse or if it's one of those situations where if he gets to be with me for a while, he'll do better without me after that time. And it's nearly impossible to tell. Up to this point, Jet's always been clingy for a while, and after that while, he's been great about getting out and about under his own steam and/or doing without me.

At the moment, he seems to be doing just great on the walk, after having me for a while at dinner. It's not like he's fighting to get back to me and crying inconsolably, the way he was at dinner. I don't know if it simply isn't a battle he can wage because I'm not there, or if he's had enough of me and now has the courage to do things himself. I'm hoping the latter... we'll see, I guess, in the long run.

I miss all the stuff from home, but it certainly is nice to be back where there's humidity and oxygen in the air, where there are green things everywhere, and I can see water in all directions. I even packed my pillow and Jet's nightlight. Talk about a minor version of All Our Stuff. *grin*

Tomorrow the flood of Other Brothers starts. So there will be even more people around. Isabel was great and is very supportive of my having some time to myself tonight. Everyone going for a walk has really helped me with that. I think John will really help me in this, and it's going to be important that I have alone time, given how many people I'm going to be interacting with in the next two weeks.

Yay for understanding mother-in-laws!

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