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July 1, 2003
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4:10 pm: I'm just tired today. I'm not entirely sure why, though having a pretty restless night last night because of the heat might be part of it. I was glad, however, that I did go to sleep early, as I was up at 5 this morning to take care of Jet. I didn't feel the worse for it, either.

We had a good morning, and I got him ready to send to Jodie's. We went, and I went to work all day. It was a weirdish day as I'm completely unmotivated. With the vacation coming up and not all that much left to do, it was just a really hard day to actually get up and do things.

I brought my lunch of leftovers from home, ate them in the break area by my area, and got to talk to people for a bit. That was quite good.

The meetings were a wash, though, for me, and by the time I got home, I was ready for home. So I had fun playing with Jet, worrying about what to pack, and writing more stuff down.

I made dinner from leftovers. The last of the slow-cooked pork went to barbecue sandwiches for John and I. They turned out pretty well, though I was impressed that how much barbecue sauce to meat actually absorbed. The refrigerator is almost empty, and it gets less inspiring, as it gets emptier. That is probably to be expected, as the choices get fewer. I am mildly more reluctant to pull things out of the freezer. We don't need any more leftovers anyway.

It's still hard to think of being away for an entire month. So many things to remember or try to pack, and so many needs that I'm not sure I can anticipate. I guess the real trick is to just do as well as I can, and not sweat the rest

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