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June 30, 2003
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Quiet Monday

8:28 p.m.: A quiet day today. I just did the usual stuff. Jet had a good night, last night, no more staying up for hours at a time. He was up around 5 something and John took him all the way through to Joan. She kept him up so he had a good two-hour nap when he got home. Since he was actually allowed to sleep until he got up, he was far, far more cheerful than any time this weekend.

I'll admit that I was untterly unmotivated for work. I have only a few things left to do and not much else. I'm all mentally thinking about the vacation, not about work, and I want to be out of all this anyway. I have so little reason to concentrate that it wasn't very funny. I putzed around and poked at some of the things that I should be doing, but that was about it.

When I picked him up from Joan's, he was eating tube pop quite happily. He was a very happy camper. That made me think a bit about bringing a box of them with us on the trip and throwing a few into the freezer before we go to sleep so that the next morning we'll have pops for him to eat.

We had some lunch, watched some cartoons, ate some ice cream when he wanted non-existent popsicles, and then headed off to the Rec. Center. John didn't show up for another half an hour, turned out that he was ambushed by a bunch of work issues. Oops.

But he made it, we worked out, we played in the pool, and then we went to Chilies as I was just utterly uninspired by What To Eat. We still had our gift card from the Goodells from Christmas, and it was a good excuse to use it. Jet, in the pool, drank a HUGE amount of water before we noticed what he was doing, and by then his belly was nearly distended by the amount he drank. Oops. So he didn't eat much. He had a few spoonfuls of my chocolate shake and a few fries, but he wasn't interested in much more than that.

John had ribs. I had their trio of appetizers. No fries. So it was just something to nibble. I ate some of it; John tried a few things. I had a few ribs. Jet cheerfully ignored everything but his coloring book, crayons, and drink coaster. But he only had one excursion out into the restaurant, and mostly played with stuff in the booth. That was a marked improvement over other times we've been out.

He stayed awake on the trip home, with the very last bit of the lollypop from last week. He then played with John. I decided to go to sleep early, which was very good for me

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