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July 10, 2003
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Sleeping In, Swimming, and a Pillow Fight Supper

Today was a restful day for me. I didn't wake up until 10:30 and found a note that said that the boys were out on a walk. Turns out that they went all the way to the bottom of the hill and went to a park by the creek at the bottom of the hill, just off from downtown. Jet played, climbed, slid, and joined all the other kids saying, "Mommy! Mommy! See?" All the other kids were there with their mommies, and John was the only daddy there, so it was pretty amusing to have Jet also calling John, Mommy.

John got Jet into the stroller and brought him all the way back up the hills. He said it was a great workout. I may have to join him on the walk, sometime.

Breakfast was simple enough. I just had some cereal with one of our yogurts and lots of cut strawberries. The berries we'd brought were already eaten and they had two more flats that were ripe and perfect. It was a good breakfast. Afterwards, I went out into the backyard with my laptop and dictated to catch up for the last couple of days. It was very peaceful back there and I wasn't interrupting any conversations with my conversation with the computer. Plus, no one was interrupting me, either. A good thing.

Jan was great and made us all lunch, tuna melts for John and I and a corn dog for Jet. Jet ate a huge amount of breakfast, a whole bowlful of cereal with a bit of milk and then he ate the whole of his corn dog as well. When we were all done eating, we got all ready to go swimming at the local pool.

It was already in the 90's, so the cool water felt very, very good. Jan was well prepared and had lots of sunscreen for everyone. Jet vibrated with impatience as I slathered him up, and then he zoomed over to the pool. He completely refused to put on his float, but did just fine on just his noodle.

Marina swam everywhere, stopping, occasionally, on her noodle, but often just treading water and talking with us. Wow. Then Jet found a stairway up out of the water. Marina took, it, too, and then leaped into the water. Jet had to do that, too. Then Marina asked Jan to 'catch' her, too, as we were 'catching' Jet. Marina would just touch Jan before swimming for the stairs. We weren't actually catching Jet, he'd leap and jump into the water and sink. We'd just help bring him back up to the surface. He held his breath beautifully and just did it over and over and over again. He loved doing it, and would run around the bend on the deck, eventhough John and I told him to WALK! He was doing his best to keep up with Marina and loved every minute of it.

When adult swim time started, we had to get out and go to the toddler pool. He and Marina found some Nemo toys and played with them in the water. Jet even went underwater to get a couple of the toys after they'd sunk to the bottom. When John and I went off to get some things ready for getting Jet out, Jan saw Jet stumble and fall in the deeper end of the toddler pool and she rushed over to be sure that he was okay. He popped up, no problem, and grinned at her.

On getting home, everyone lay down for a nap. So everyone was a bit more cheerful when we decided to go out for dinner. We wanted Middle Eastern food, and Jan recommended Pilaf's and even recommended a good parking spot. We parked there, and walked over to the restaurant. It was a very nice little vegetarian place, with a backroom that had booths with lots of pillows. It was very good to have the kids out of the main dining room, and back and out of the way.

We ordered Jet some polenta fries just to start, and they came crisp and slightly sweet. He ate a few, we ate the rest. I guess we were hungry, and everyone had gotten sampler platters of a lot of small dishes. Marina got a pizza and we couldn't really find anything on the menu to pique Jet's interest other than the fries. So he ate some more fries, drank my hot chai, and then started playing, with Marina, with the pillows.

They managed to have a pillow fight with the waiter when he came through with our food. He didn't mind, because he had two daughters, about the same ages, so he understood. That was very good.

I got spanakopita and stuffed grape leaves along with a handful of olives and the stuffed, grilled eggplant with pita bread. That was so good. It was made into a kind of spread for the pita, and was very tasty. The spanakopita was crisp and butter and the spinach filling was rich and dense. It was really excellent. The dolmas or stuffed grape leaves were tasty and dense. John ate my olives, on the most part, though I ate one bitter, rich bite.

Afterwards, Marina decided that we should not go see the Green Show and that we should have ice cream. The Green Show is a half-hour outdoor play, for free, in the park next to the open topped Shakespeare theater. It's free for anyone, and ends an hour before the outdoor performance.

BJ's ice cream, however, was the greater draw for us, tonight. They're a local ice cream place, with 'handmade' ice creams. The Jamaica Almond Fudge drew me, with its Jamaican rum, bittersweet chocolate base, and toasted almonds, but I ended up eating the Oregon Trail Mix. It had fresh, local blackberry pulp/jam in bittersweet chocolate with toasted, Oregonian hazelnuts. Yum. It isn't a blend I could have had anywhere else.

Jet enjoyed a mint Oreo mix on a cake cone. We had to clean off a few drips and clean him off a few times, but he did really well with the cone. Marina did great with hers, and John polished off a waffle cone and his pick of peanut butter chocolate. It was a very successful ice cream trip.

I really liked it. Yay for local businesses!

Now I'm tempted to open a specialty ice cream shop. There is Boulder Ice Cream in Boulder, and there are Cold Stone Creameries everywhere; but there's a certain appeal to the small batch creamery like Theno's or BJ's.

From there we walked to the park, and Jet chased Marina around until he was staggering. They had a great time on the play structure, the merry-go-round, and the swings. Yay!

John put Jet on his shoulders for the walk back to the car. Jan and Marina showed us the secret, metal stairway, up the cliff that led us right to the car. That was really nice as an ending to the evening. A great walk and lots of fun.

While we'd been deciding on doing ice cream before the park, Jan had noticed that Marina was much harder to get to sleep if she'd had a treat close to bedtime. So, tonight, as I was putting Jet down, I found that he was having a restless time of it, too. Maybe all the input of the day, but he was pretty tired, but he refused to close his eyes for the first side. It was only on the second side that he actually closed his eyes and went to sleep. So, for Jet, tonight, at least, he was having a hard time getting to sleep. I'll have to see if this happens again when he eats his ice cream late

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