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July 27, 2003
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Church, Pulse, and Potato Salad

9:10 p.m.: Today was a far more low-key day that yesterday. After have tired Jet got, how cranky he got in the afternoon, and how hard it was to sleep last night, both John and I put more thought into planning Jet's day.

Isabel and George took care of Jet early in the morning. He'd actually slept all night after I put him down, but when John got up Jet stayed with him as much as possible. When I got up I took a shower, and before I was even finished both of the boys were down there to find me. Jet really wanted to see me. I guess all the time away from us has made Jet a little bit more anxious about where we are and how he can see us or find us. He sat in my lap while I ate breakfast, and it was nice to have him tag along while I got ready for church. By nine all of us ready to go, and hopped into the Eurovan.

Church was a little chaotic. Jet was not the only visiting child. Betty's grandson had brought his two sons, who were five and two. Zoe was there with her mother. There were also four other kids. Betty's great-grandsons were in the nursery at the start of the service, and Jet gave us good evidence as to why it was a good idea. He decided to explore the stage while Isabel and Rick did announcements. It made most of the congregation giggle. John finally captured him and sent him to the nursery, where he could play with the other boys. We didn't bother to get him out for the children's message, as he was too busy and happy playing with the other boys. Zoe, on the other hand, stayed with her mother for the beginning of the service and explored the stage during the children's message. The funny thing was that someone commented later on that Zoe was the one that was out of line, and that Jet had behaved beautifully. I think that would have made me angry if it had been said to me.

Afterwards, the kids got along just fine. There are all kinds of games of chase, tag, and follow the leader. Alex was exactly the same size as Jet and Zoe, and he was as blond as they were dark, it was quite a contrast. They all got along beautifully, and no one got hurt. I guess the last bit is my measurements of success in a whole chaos of two-year-olds gathers.

Since the coffee hour doesn't supply food, I brought out the Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers for all the kids to eat. We have the rainbow colored goldfish, and they proved quite popular. Jet really needs a little bit more fuel after all the play he does in Sunday school. He gobbled them by the double handful, drank some juice, and ran off to play some more.

There was no farewell kiss this time around. They just waved goodbye to each other, and I had to gradually herd Jet towards the car, as he was more occupied the gravel beside the sidewalk than anything else including traffic.

Once he got home, we nursed and he went right to sleep for a two-hour nap. I was very glad of that, as it was long enough to compensate for how much he played this morning and it was late enough that he probably won't need a second nap if we don't hire him out too much. Everyone got to do a few things while he napped. I actually got a little time to catch up on the journal, as I've been using all my spare time for the last few days to read The Gumshoe, the Witch, and the Virtual Corpse by Keith Hartman. It's the first novel he wrote, and filled in all of the back-story that I wondered about while reading the second book. I really enjoyed it, as it was fairly complex and more interesting than the second book in that the gumshoe was more capable of dealing with the strangeness around him. It was also interesting that the witch of the first novel was not the same witch that was in the second novel, but they were connected through a common coven. There was also a more interesting exploration of the Baptist organizations of the world. I also liked learning more about the poet.

So I haven't been writing much lately.

I also didn't get to catch up too much, as I also had to do laundry, eat lunch, and do a little bit of planning for our launch tomorrow. We are leaving tomorrow for Portland to visit with some friends and then head home. I still can't believe it's already been three weeks, but I am somewhat ready for the vacation to end. I want to start my new job.

When Jet woke up from his nap I nursed him until he was somewhat awake, and John managed to tempt him away with a corndog, with mustard. Jet ended up eating most of the corndog, including the first third of the corn, but he took the entire last three bites into his mouth at the same time. He spent the next hour chewing on that last mouthful, only to spit it all out in order to speak to Grandpa. Luckily, I was there to catch. So he ate a pretty good lunch. It was three by the time he was done, and instead of riding the bus to the Seattle Center, we decided to drive. I called William to tell him that we were coming.

We got there, no problem, and even found parking right next to the entrance to the Science Center. William arrived just as we were walking up, and we all shuffled in the line to get our various tickets. We got there around 3:30. Pulse, the Stomp! IMAX movie was playing at four. It was a 45-minute movie, so George, Isabel, and John said that they would meet us on the lawn at 4:45. Since Jet seem to need a parent more, and John wasn't that interested in the IMAX movie he decided to stay with Jet. He also knew that I really wanted to see the Stomp! movie. I am very thankful. William also wanted to see the movie, but probably wouldn't have if I hadn't decided that I really wanted to see it.

It was far better than either of us had expected. After the Cirque du Soliel IMAX movie in Vancouver, both John and I had been mildly disappointed with the movie, so I hadn't expected the Stomp! movie to be as good as I had hoped. It turned out to be far better. It's a set of various percussion groups performing in their native habitat, in their homes or their normal stomping grounds. There were lots of African groups, which was to be expected, but seeing the South African miners working at the mouth of them mine, the Tyco drummers in their perfectly lighted performance space, the Brazilian drummers in their neon hats on the streets of the village, and the flamenco dancer on the Spanish rooftop with her musicians was wonderful. The surrounding countryside of the Native American dancers was gorgeous. They really use the format to its advantage. I really liked the opening sequence with four stories of an apartment building all shown at once. And sequence in the English Channel was excellent. They did really good framing of all the performances, and segued into each with parallel shots in the midst of The City. I loved all the transitions.

I highly recommend the IMAX movie to anyone who is a fan of Stomp!

When we got out of the movie and met Jet and family they all looked very content. Jet was happy but not exhausted, and we went for a short walk through the Seattle Center. We hadn't been there for quite some time, and it was funded just look around at all the changes. We ended up at the huge fountain in the center of the area. It used to be surrounded by gravel, and while kids would play in the spray it wasn't really made for that. The new version of the fountain was made to be played in. There was even music that all of the jets were synchronized to spray with. It was a lot of fun to just watch all the kids running around and screaming. Some would dive for the jets, while others would dive to get out of the way. Some of the water would shoot so high in the air that the spray from that would reach us, drifting through the air so that we could see it coming.

After the walk, we said our good-byes to William, and went home to a quick dinner of hotdogs and potato salad. John and I also started to pack. During dinner, Jet sat for a while and drank milk while we ate our dinner. Eventually, though, he ended up climbing all over the stationary bike. It's a really sturdy climbing toy. The base is very heavy, all of the moving parts are covered, and there are two handles for exercising the arms. Jet uses the handles to hang from, to climb further up, and to swing himself around the front wheel. We were all very impressed at how many ways he was able to climb on the thing. He's gotten very good at climbing with all of the new climbing equipment we keep introducing him to at all the parks we visit. He's gotten very good at assessing whether or not he can actually do a particular piece of equipment. He'll actually ask for help or hold out his hand for more support when he doesn't think he can do a particular segment. I'm very pleased at that.

We had ice cream and blueberries afterwards, and I really enjoyed the blueberries. Isabel was quite happy to pack away two points for us in sour cream containers. They will fit in our cooler, whereas the quart yogurt containers weren't going to fit.

So now I'm just sitting here, dictating. I kind of hope I can catch up with the last three days, but we'll see.

So I got a lot done, but also managed to figure out that my period's coming, get Jet to sleep at a 'normal' hour, and finish packing what I could pack. John was a sweetie and got out of my way as much as possible. I am kind of sad to leave this place. It feels a bit more like at least one of our homes. John keeps answering the phone and saying "Jet's Playhouse Northwest!" Hee. It's been a comfortable stay and I really enjoyed it, but I am glad to get home and to see if the tomatoes have thrived while I was away

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