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July 31, 2003
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Settling Back In

7:58 pm: I slept in until 11.

In the middle of the night, when John got up to take care of Jet, I thought we were in some nice B&B with Jet in another room. Then I dreamed that a teakettle was whistling, and actually work up to the sound and realized that we were at home. The whistling turned out to be our drip irrigation system. The same system that was watering the tomatoes was howling, probably for the same reason George and Isabel's system howled. There was something that was just the right length of piping to get it to howl. I wonder if I should call the installation company about that?

Since I'd let John sleep in yesterday afternoon, he was quite willing to do morning duty. It helped that Jet didn't wake up, himself until after 7:30. They had a very fun morning.

I got up, washed up, and made myself some crepes. Then Jet wanted to nurse, so we did. He fell asleep, and I put him into our bed to nap in, as the car seat was still in the van. He slept just fine while I ate my breakfast. I also read American Pie: Slices of Life (and Pie) from America's Back Roads by Pascale Le Draoulec. It's a sweet book about her travels all over the US with friends in her cars, Betty and Betty Blue. There are lots of wonderful descriptions of the people that make pies that they serve people. It's a very fun book.

When Jet woke up we had grilled cheese sandwiches. I finished the book. We all had a nice talk with Isabel and George about our journey home. We called around for filters for Jet's humidifier, and found nothing. We ended up just sitting around until about 3, when John decided to go rent a carpet cleaner from the local Safeway. When he started on the couches, my parents called to see how we survived out trip.

It was fun to talk with them. They'd also given John and I a book for our anniversary. It's Tales of the Teahouse Retold: Investiture of the Gods as translated by Katherine Liang Chew. She translated the stories, originally, for her children and told it to them as a way for them to gain background in Chinese mythology and the old stories. Wow. I was very glad that Mom and Dad sent it to us, as it seems a very interesting book and a great way to get introduced to a lot of Chinese ideas.

So I thanked them for the gift and gave both of them a short version of our journey. That was fun.

By the time I was done, John was done with the couches, and I got to do the carpet. The pre-treating spray was hard on my hands, so John took over for that as I started to clean the carpet with the steam cleaner. The livingroom carpet is a real mess, given how much we use that room and how much food, dry erase marker, and other stuff all of us have worked into the carpet.

So the first wash didn't get everything, and the machine, itself, warns against doing too many passes to start. It said that we should let it dry before trying again.

So we went out to dinner when we were done, at 7. We went to Casa Alverez, and Jet actually sat own and ate rice for a while. He also ate ice and a few corn chips. He also tried to climb John, watched a table full of kids, and played with his cars. He spilled half a cup of water and ice, and we got it cleaned up pretty well with a pile of napkins that the waitress brought us.

Afterwards, John and Jet wandered a little and found some plastic drink swords at the bar. Jet galloped over to me to show me his new acquisition. He loved it. He got another one, and talked about them all the way to the car. Then he climbed into the back of the van and played on the platform back there and managed to lose one of the swords though a crack to the bottom level. He was pretty upset about that, but we explained that we could get it once we were home, but not before that. Jet listened and climbed into his seat to get strapped in and go home.

Halfway there, he asked me if we were going home, and needed a bit of reassurance that, yes, we were going home. He then cheered, 'Yay!" when the garage door opened and we, indeed, got home.

Jet's been playing a lot of his computer games since we got home, and he's trying to drive the games with the mouse. He hasn't quite got the patience to move the mouse before banging on it to click it, but he's getting there, and both John and I are working with him on that, as my hands don't like doing all that mouse work. Jet's gradually getting, it, but he certainly doesn't have the patience that Haley had from when she was very young and could do computer games by herself.

It's good to be home. It's been a quiet day, but a good one. Yay! Three more days before we have to go back to work!

Walt and his friend Mike, from his work, came in at 10:30. Jet was, unfortunately, still awake, and proceeded to be very happy and very cheerful and helped the guys move in downstairs. Then he started showing off, by playing with everything, crashing stuff, and basically creating a bunch of mayhem.

I finally corralled him at 11:15 and forcibly changed him, brushed his teeth, and got him into his PJs. By the time he was done with all that, he was asking to nurse. So we did, right in the livingroom with everyone else, and after one side, Jet was fast asleep.

Whew. We talked a little while longer, and then everyone went to sleep. It was good to see Walt again, and they have a plan, tomorrow morning, to go and eat breakfast burritos at Santiago's. Hee. After a bad experience at a diner, they wanted to go for something tastier and authentic. I'll see if I can even get up..

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