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August 1, 2003
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Doing More At Home

10:34 am: I didn't manage to wake up. Jet went back to sleep, too, after John suggested that he might want to go back to sleep. The other two guys were up, packed, showed, and ready to go by 8. So the three of them went to breakfast, and Jet and I slept for another hour, though it felt like nothing between when John told me of the plan and when I heard Jet waking up, crying.

We got up, he nursed a bit, and then I headed for the shower, but Jet didn't want me to shower, so we played in the bathroom for a while, as I put myself together. John came home about then, and I got my shower. Whew.

I then made pancakes for Jet and I. I made blueberry ones for me, and plain ones for Jet. He ate one and a half pancakes, with syrup, eventually, with some pursuasion on John's part. I ate my three blueberry pancakes happily while reading the introduction to Tony Bourdain's A Cook's Tour. I've liked the episodes on Food TV, but there isn't any listing on the Food Network's website, of all the restaurants he goes to, and I figured, rightly, that they'd be listed in his book. Maybe that's why they don't list it on the site. I have to admit that I enjoy his writing voice. It's quite the contrast from the Pie Lady's very correct phrasing and ability to talk people into stuff gently.

After breakfast, we went over to the neighbors and picked up all my plants. Only the marjorum died of all of them. The peppers are now filled with red berries! Wow. So we got them all, headed home with them, and most of them ended up on the porch. I pruned, cleaned, and watered most of them, and John moved some of them back. I have to get the rest under cover. The herbs are going to stay outside, as they were outside for the last month and look outrageously happy. Roy also gave us three giant zucchini, so I'll have to be inventive and think of things to do with them.

Then John realized that it was garbage day, and we had two empty garbage cans. So we went around the driveway and pulled up tumbleweeds. They'd grown HUGE while we were away, big enough that it was easy to clear them out by just getting a hold of them and pulling. We filled one, and then John filled the second while I went by my tomatoes, pulled out weeds there, and discovered a lot more ripe, tiny tomatoes. The plants have run rampant from the cages. They're already over the top of the five foot tall cages, and I may need to think of something to contain them, but a few of them even have their main stalks out of the cages. They're definitely well supported. But I got a handful of ripe current tomatoes from the plants, and poured more water on the one plant that is just dropping blossoms instead of setting fruit.

The small red ones were extremelly sweet, especially when they were completely red and ripe. I heard one lady, at one farmer's market, saying that if the tomato was red it couldn't be locally grown, but mine are pretty brilliantly red. I'm glad.

We spent the afternoon thoroughly planned, as Jet had his nap and as soon as he woke up, we had everything timed. We fed him, as well as we could, and then went to the Erie Safeway to return the carpet cleaner. That was due before 4:30 and we made it, no problem.

Then we went to a Longmont park, and Jet got to play in mildly cloud-covered weather. We got sprinkled on a little, but not much, and it was nicely cooler by the time we had to leave to get to Linda's. The three of us then got a haircut from Linda. I'm growing the top hair out as much as possible, but all the other stuff really needed to be trimmed off and neatened up. I liked that. Jet did great with his cut after he saw me get mine. Linda even had a popsicle for him! He loved that, but the two of them got into having to spray off any random bit of hair from his head that hit the popsicle. That was pretty funny, seeing both of them so serious over the cleaning.

From there, we hit Albertson's and found that they no longer carry King Arthur flour! That surprised me, and dismayed me a little. But we managed to pick up the few other things we'd forgotten to get.

Then, on the way home, John let me hop out at Tanaka's, and I got some local sweet corn, some of the first cobs of the season. We grilled those, with some chicken breasts, and I sauteed zucchini and John heated beans, and we had a nice dinner, that Jet didn't eat. He did, however, eat half a chunk of ramen, dry, dipping it into the soup. He drank plenty of water to go with it, too.

So it was a really busy evening. We didn't get around to getting our plants, as by the time we were all done with everything it was already nearly 9, and Jet was wilting. So I have hope that Jet will phase shift back to our time zone soon enough for the week to be less of a problem.

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