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June 9, 2001
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Bridal Shower and The Stanley Cup

8:28 pm: Jet got up three times last night. He was up at a surprisingly early 11:30 and then at 12:30 and then at 3 as well. The nice thing was that he went back to sleep fairly quickly, so I was up a sum total of fewer minutes. The other good thing was that with the walk in the mall, I actually went to sleep pretty quickly after each waking. When he got up at 3, though, I was surprised, and John helped me with him, so Jet and John were up for a total of 20 minutes, but I was up for 30 to pump and everything.

I was up at 7:30 and made blueberry, whole wheat scones while John rode the exercise bike and Jet played full bore on his play pad. Breakfast was yummy and good, and the day was turning out bright and very hot. I took care of Jet for most of the early morning while John replaced the shocks and brake pads on the Baby Buggy, another in a long string of improvements to the truck to just make it that much better. One of the rear shocks had been damaged somehow and wasn't doing all that much, so the Buggy should ride all the smoother now.

I fed Jet thoroughly at 10:30 and then left at 11 for Debbie's bridal shower at her mom's house. Jet and John took off at the same time for the brew shop as John hadn't brewed for some time, and there's going to be a party at the end of the month that could stand some brew. A bunch of Debbie's friends at work decided they wanted to throw her a party and decided that a good place would be our yard. So they asked us for permission and we said sure. It certainly would make things easier on Jet.

Then again, it's on the day before we leave for Seattle, so it may be just a bit nuts. Not that I haven't burned the candle at both ends many times before. The nice thing is that I can say, yes, please help clean up this time, I have a baby to put to bed, instead of the polite declining of help we've done before.

The bridal shower was fun, though I normally would have had to have that pulled out of me. Sometimes it's good to have an all female crew, especially when there are comments about males. The funny thing is that Sandra and I fit the 'male' concept most of the gals had with some of the things that 'guys do'. It was fun to talk about dogs with various folks that were talking about them, as Debbie's Boris and Forden are such a big part of her life.

The party was outside, and in the sunshine it was just roasting hot. It was mildly reassuring that even the natives were complaining about hot hot it was. We were all under an awning and talking and then eating a very nice cold lunch of salads and small sandwiches. I kept drinking lemonade because I knew I would be mildly dehydrated from being outside so much.

We then did Debbie's presents and they were all really nice. Lots of baskets and big bags filled with bath stuff, movie watching stuff, and even a really neat package from a French perfumery with lavander laundry water with a sprayer to spray the light scent on all the linen. The stuff could also be put in an iron to steam in the scent. That was pretty neat, though I probably couldn't eve do something like that with my allergies. It was fun to sniff, though.

There were cucumber and melon bath everything (lotion, bath gel, body cream, etc...), a green tea bath gel that smelled really nice, and all kinds of those things. Debbie's sister gave her the most X-rated stuff, and her mom gave her a whole kit for making margaritas that included not only all the glassware, pourables, and recipe but also a salt cellar, sombreros for the bottle tops, and all kinds of decorative goodies as well, including a well glazed salsa bowl. That was a very thorough basket.

All kinds of neat things, and Debbie was very gracious about our present. She lit up on seeing it and really wanted to play it with Matt. That should be cool.

As we finished presents clouds rolled in from the mountains. Big, dark thunderheads and then lightning and thunder to our south. Then it started raining huge splatting raindrops that was just wonderful. It cooled the temperatures down a bunch and I just luxuriated in it. One of the ladies ran out to close the windows of her car, and Debbie worried about her window sills getting wet, but I thought that the brief rain wouldn't do any damage, especially given how quickly the stuff evaporated when it hit. The humidity is still less than 50%, so things still dried out really fast. The concrete on the back patio was dry a bare twenty minutes after the rain stopped.

Dessert was tiny cream puffs and eclairs with starwberries and cherries. Yum. We just sat and talked and talked and talked and it was pretty nice to just be there without Jet or John and just be myself on my own. Debbie's mom wanted to meet Jet, though, and Debbie and Jenny wanted to see Jet again. Sometimes I may just go into work in the morning and have John bring Jet when he arrives at 10, and then Jet can go visiting again.

I finally excused myself around 2, as I knew that John had fed Jet between 12:30 and 1, so if I got back at 2:30, it would be two hours and Jet would probably want to eat. I was pretty full when I got back, so Jet pretty much ate until he was completely sated and went to sleep for a bit in the warmth of a house that had 87 degrees outside and beer brewing inside. My.

It was nice and humid, though. I pulled out my little battery powered fan I'd gotten free from some DAC and Jet and I basked in its stream of air as he ate.

Jet had a pretty fussy early evening. He had some fairly bad diarreha to show for it, but when he'd done with that, he was happy as anything. We had him propped up in the couch corner for a while and he loved sitting there and seeing things. He also slept for a bit while we had dinner, John went and got us Mexican food from the good place in Erie. I had their incredible chicken mole, rich and deep with the bitterness of black chocolate as well asl all the roasted chiles. It was really wonderful. John got the fish tacos, and we both filled up happily.

The Aves game was just astonishing. I hadn't thought it would be so decisive, and I'll readily admit that I was crying when Bourque lifted the cup for the first time in 22 years. Hockey has quite the set of traditions and one of them is no one who doesn't win the cup can touch it, which is part of why the handlers while the series is played wear gloves. So the impact of Bourque lifting the cup high and kissing it was all the greater.

Jet got his bath during the second intermission and enjoyed the cooling off a lot. It was good to scrub away all the sticky places off of him, and he looked much more comfortable afterwards. That was good. He ended up in a completely new to him outfit with all kinds of barn animals on it and his feet sticking out. It's long sleeved and long-legged, so he should be warm enough. It's also kind of neatly snapped in a diagonal across his chest and has the usual crotch snaps for diaper changes. That's cool.

After he finished his bottle it took a little time for him to go to sleep, but John was patient with him and got him to go to sleep eventually while the two of them watched the after-game celebrations and interviews. So he went to sleep pretty easily again. Hopefully tonight he won't have whatever was bothering him last night. I am wondering if he got thirsty and that's the only reason he woke up, and the volume of what he drinks isn't as important as the simple fact that he gets a drink.

I don't know. I probably won't get to until he talks, someday. I can just guess and experiment a bit. Now I'm really glad of all the experience I had with Fezzik, all those times I had to communicate with a creature that couldn't talk are important now. It helps, though, that Jet's very decisive about what he likes as well as what he doesn't like. So he'll definitely smile when he wants or likes something, and will spit out or yell as decisively at things he doesn't like.

That makes the results of the experiments pretty easy to interprete. Some of the harder ones are experiments as to how to get him to stop crying, as those things change with time and with what he's capable of and what he wants to do. Now he'll actually cry until he's propped up to sit, sometimes, or until he's set down on his play mat. He doesn't always want to be held anymore, which adds a whole new dimension to things.

I imagine that the short list of 'things to try' will gradually get longer, longer and longer. More things to try and do to make him less upset when he is. Mom and Dad said that baby digestive problems just keep going for about the first two years as their digestive systems keep getting introduced to new things, keep learning how to deal with what has been introduced, and they change with the size of the kid. And at first those change are relatively huge.

So this may just be another growth spurt and he may notch back down again to just the one waking at a decently late hour soon enough. Or he might even just start sleeping through the night someday when he's big enough to need more sleep as well. They say kids sleep from 8-12 hours a night, and need two naps in the morning and afternoon from 1-3 hours long! Of course, that all depends on the kid.

We'll see. I found out that Anika, too, also gets up in the middle of the night, sometimes multiple times. So it's not just Haley.

I want to make sticky pecan rolls tomorrow. I know it's going to be warm enough to rise the dough the first time, no problem. We'll see if I get the time to do that and get more entries up. Maybe if I set that as my goal, that'll just happen. We'll see.

There are times when I get grumpy at pushing things so hard, but there are other times when I know that if I don't have a goal I won't get anything done. Better to try and do a bit too much than to get nothing done at all. Though I should keep in mind that in several years I won't remember that I did the dishes today and I will remember Jet's smile while finding himself sitting on the couch with toys within his reach.

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