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June 3, 2002
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Tummy Raspberries and A Good Day

9:35 pm: This evening, while I was lying on the livingroom floor, Jet came over, lifted a bit of my shirt, leaned forward and blew a raspberry on my tummy. giggles It was really cool.

We've been blowing raspberries on his tummy for a while, to his delight, and it was very cool to have him figure out that he could do it to us! Yay!

Mom and Dad have been doing really well with Jet and vice versa. They've all been getting along famously. Dad, this morning, when he took Jet at quarter 'til 7, took him outside and the two of them walked all around the yard for an hour. It was pretty fun for both of them. Dad just followed Jet's random walk all around the yard, kept an eagle eye out to make sure that Jet didn't eat any of the amazing things he picked up. Jet didn't eat a thing, which was pretty amazing, to me. He did pick a flower in the front yard, take it to the back, eventually, and then crushed it back there.

They did just fine in the morning, and then took Jet off to Safeway to stock up on groceries while I worked upstairs. They forgot their list, and took a good, long time, as they not only did Safeway, but also went to a Wal-Mart to shop around for some Kleenex. So I had three hours of work time, easy. Turns out that Jet napped in the car on the way over, so when he came home, he was wide awake and ready for lunch.

Mom, Dad, and I all made a meal from the mole chicken leftovers I had. It was extended, a little, but leftovers from yesterday and a can of refried beans. Jet loved the beans, and ate some brown rice with it. Mom also managed to feed Jet most of a jar of sweet potatoes and turkey. I got to go back and work my other two hours, and when I was done, it was totally silent downstairs.

Jet was asleep in Dad's lap. He'd been sleeping there for an hour, already, and was totally passed out. I told Dad it would be okay to put Jet in the car seat in our room, but Dad said that it was okay, he'd hold him. He was pretty amazed that Jet found it a great place to sleep. So Jet slept another half an hour, and when I heard him, I came down and nursed him while Mom and Dad ran off to find another grocery store and get some cucumber for dinner.

Yay! They made dinner, too, as soon as John got home, and it was the Chinese spaghetti with carrots and peas along with the pork and sauces. Jet surprised John and I by completely ignoring the spaghetti and only eating the bits of pork from his bowl. He ended up not eating anything but the pork and this time, when Mom tried to feed him jarred food, he fought it fiercely. Jet did eat some strawberry and a bit of orange, but he smashed a lot of the orange as well.

When he was cleaned up from that, was when he did raspberries after playing a lot with us. The rain started around dinnertime. It had only been in the 70's during the day and then the thunderstorms started and got pretty wild. Looking at the weather reports, there were actual severe thunderstorm warnings popping up all over the state, with warnings of hail stones greater than an inch and a half in diameter! Wow.

Here it just rained, stopped for a while and then rained again in earnest, a steady rain that wasn't that heavy. As the sky darkened it was easier and easier to see flashes and stabs of lightening in all directions. Earlier in the evening John and Jet went out onto the porch and watched the lightning and counted to the thunder. The counts were less than twenty, then suddenly less than ten and there was one crack so soon and so loud that Jet, being wise, stepped back, away from the door.

I'm very glad that my parents and Jet are getting along well. Jet's been very good at telling Mom and Dad when he doesn't want something. Jet's also really enjoyed playing with Dad, and at my first break, when I went downstairs, after I gave Jet his hug, he ran over to play more with Dad. There were even times when Jet completely ignored me. That was very cool. I'm glad he's getting over his clingy phase. It should make for even better nights. I hope.

Dad also got ahold of the Go game on my pilot and spent a few intense hours playing it and muttering about how stupid it was. Dad trounced it thoroughly twice, and declared the weakness to the machine's strategy. I think I can use that to my advantage if I am to play it again. Yay! The biggest flaw to the machine game is that it's assumption is that the number of pieces *and* spaces count, not just the spaces. So it plays until there can be no legal moves, which means the least amount of space. So the basis of its game is flawed. That was interesting to learn so thoroughly.

We had the TV off for most of the evening, so we got to talk about books, about Mom's painting, about their trip to China, and all kinds of stuff. That was really fun.

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