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June 4, 2002
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Untangling Policy, A Walk, and Picky Eating

10:30 pm: A mildly strange day. I had the fun of trying to figure out the company policy on what TCL we're using and how we're using it and what we're actually shipping. It isn't too important for the present release, but it was important to me, as I was supposed to be trying to develop some TCL scripts to do some stuff and I had no idea what I should be using.

Since I'm trying to find out all this stuff, I get to write it all up for anyone that follows me. That should be interesting. I may write it up and have some folks review it before it gets linked with what everyone else can look at, as there is a developer's page for folks in the company to figure out how to do things.

I was able to really concentrate on all this because John stayed home this morning, and then Mom and Dad had a great time with Jet here in the afternoon. Mom and Dad took Jet to the mall for the morning, and he did great with them, didn't protest at all when they put him into a stroller to go around. He just studied everyone and everything he went by and Dad said that Jet was really patient while Mom shopped. Keen.

Jet actually woke up at 5 am and wouldn't go back to sleep. John stayed up with him until 6:30, which was when Dad woke up. Dad took over then, and I didn't get up until 7:30, which is when I found Jet just asleep with Dad. I woke Jet up enough just to feed him and then tucked him into his car seat up in his room. I ate breakfast and then ran off to work. John got to sleep in until 9:30. Hoorah!

When I called home to tell them that I was coming home, John said that they were still at the mall. So I stopped off at Safeway to pick up a few things for dinner and for snacking on. That was good.

I then got to work at home after Mom and Dad made lunch. That was cool. Jet sounded like he had a good time with my parents, including a wander around the yard. He was mildly tired when I got down, but happy to see me. We bounced on the ball for a good long time and Jet was laughing and yelling form happiness. That was great.

I then got to make dinner while Mom and Dad watched Jet and kept him busy. Mom helped by making the Trader Joe's corn bread. I cooked some spinach with garlic, lemon juice, and pine nuts. I grated the zest off a lemon, and used that for part of the bread crumb coating. I took four boneless, skinless breast-halves, defrosted them, bashed them thin and big, and then rolled the stuffing into them, dredged them in flour, egg, and then the breadcrumbs (which had lemon zest and Italian flat parsley mixed in as well). Then I tucked them into a 425 degree oven and leg them cook.

When they were almost done, John made a salad, and we had chicken, bread and salad for dinner. Yum. Mom said she really enjoyed it. I was glad, after all those years of her cooking for me, it was nice to be able to cook for her something she enjoyed.

We all went out for a walk after dinner, and for an amazingly long stretch, Jet walked as fast as he could for all he was worth. I was amazed at how much of the walk he did without stopping or looking at anything. He just zoomed. It was pretty cool out, we even put a coat on him. I think that being part of a large herd of all of us, he just kept pace as best he could for quite some time. He was practically running for a lot of it, and happy as could be. He'd eaten, he'd drunk and now he was with his people. Yay!

Eventually he stopped and picked up a rock and instead of eating it or flinging it, he gave it to my Mom. He then proceeded to pick up probably a few dozen rocks, one or two at a time and gave them all to Mom. Hee. Mom had to toss at least a handful or two of rocks, before Jet finally got tired of that game and started walking back towards home. He got to see some big kids setting up street hockey and when we got home, he got greeted by a whirlwind of Dora, the puppy next door, who was totally excited and was sideswiping Jet.

Jet wasn't afraid at all. He just got almost knocked off balance by Dora a few times, and almost overwhelmed by her until we picked him up. Finally, instead of picking him up, I set him down and just stayed right next to him. Dora isn't too sure of me, especially after I picked her up and put her on her side of the fence. She knew that she needed to keep away from me. So with me looming behind Jet's shoulder, Dora didn't dare tackle him again. So Jet got to chase Dora, while yelling, "No!!" at her and have her run away from him. He loved that. She liked it, too, as it was a game of keep away, and she was clever and quick and stayed well out of my way until her people came out on their side of the fence and asked about her.

Then she came right over to me and crouched down by me. I petted her nicely and picked her up with plenty of support and handed her over to her people. They received her cheerfully and she knew to stay on her side of the fence while they were there. Whew.

Jet got to smash some orange when he got home, and then play a bit. He seems to be ignoring his toys in favor of direct interaction with any of his people. He said a lot of words far more clearly while we were there. He definitely is saying far more words with pleasure when they get recognized. He is saying 'more' more often and 'mine' and 'juice' and giggling when I actually get it and give him what he wants.

He also got to sit in my lap and eat some of my dinner when he wasn't that interested in his own bowl and tray. He did eat quite a lot more corn bread, chicken, and even a bit of spinach. Mom wanted to feed him more Baby food, but with the walk and everything else it just didn't work out. Mom really seems to believe that Jet needs to eat more during meals, and I think it's normal grandmother instincts kicking in, as all the books say that toddlers never eat as much as grandmothers think they ought to. *grin* I've gradually given her more of the modern information about toddler grazing, that Jet really should be eating a little something every two hours instead of trying to stuff him only three times a day. And I think it's taking. His smaller stomach isn't going to take the amounts she wants to feed him. It helps that when he's cranky and we feed him, he gets much happier very visibly.

I think I may just have to take the time around three or four to make sure Jet gets his snack right then and there. Yesterday he ate an entire cereal bar with two hands, as fast as he could while I was down with him, around 5. I just have to do it earlier, if possible.

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