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June 5, 2002
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Clones, Custard, Tacos, and Swimming

10:16 pm: Today was an extraordinarily busy day, but I wouldn't have given up any one of the things that we did. I didn't get very much work done, but that was okay. I can probably catch up some time this weekend.

I did get my morning time in, and we even got our meeting cancelled, so I got to work instead of meet. That was very nice. Bob and I got to talk about some stuff, and I also got face to face time with Sudipto and Cary about the TCL questions I had. It was very good to talk with them and untangle some of the problems I had. I'll get to document the results sometime. I would like that.

We didn't do lunch with everyone, but Bob and Cary and Chad got to go out to lunch at Deli Cioso's, which is good. John and I, instead, left for home, where I just stopped long enough to nurse Jet. We then ran off to the big theater in Westminster, and saw Attack of the Clones.

I'll admit it, there were moments when I would just hit my forehead the acting and some of the line were just that stupid. And there is a real difference between comic relief and straight, blind stupidity to further the plot. And there was one point where both John and I looked at each other and while John has a complete taboo about talking in a movie theater, we both, at the same point went, "I have NO idea *why* that just happened." It was just gratuitous and stupid.

The effects were great. We could tell exactly which scenes were going to make up the video games. There was one where John brightly said, "Bandicoot!" And I cracked up. We love the Naughty Dog Bandicoot games and it really was right out of one of the Bandicoot games. Lots of space fight vid game stuff, and chase scenes. It would make a very pretty video game.

I think it was better than The Phantom Menace for two reasons. There was very little of Jar-Jar Binks. Yoda's fight scene. That's about it. And Yoda's fight scene was just way too short compare to all the other fight scenes. The plot was just as forced. Almost all the actors were just as wooden.

Okay.. maybe three points. There was one chase scene near the beginning that was actually pretty good and there was one really nice subtle bit to it that was actually really well done. For a bit it was a very interesting mystery and movie, but then it just kind of flashed away. Ah well.

From the movie we headed towards home and stopped at a Good Times for frozen custard. . Yum. I got a Turtle Sundae with the custard. Yum. We really enjoyed our ice cream on the way home, and when we got there Jet was asleep on the floor of the livingroom. He'd been sleeping in Dad's lap, but then had woken up, struggled away from Dad and then laid down on the floor and gone back to sleep.

He was very cute.

So John and I got to work a bit. Jet woke up at 5, and when I came down, he was sitting at the door, looking out the window at the driveway. He was still half asleep, but when he heard and saw me he grinned big and ran to me. I picked him up and hugged him tight and he got to ride the sling for a while as I started to get an early dinner together.

With Mom's help we made fresh corn tortillas, cooked some taco meat, cut up cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and spooned out yogurt for our tacos. It was really yummy, as the tortillas were fresh and springy, and everything else was fresh and nice and crisp, tangy, and spicy. John and Dad added salsa happily and we all ate.

By 7 we were all in the car headed for Fredrick, and we went to the recreation center. It was really cool having Mom and Dad get to see Jet in the pool as Jet immediately started squawking, splashing, kicking and playing. He loved it and they had a great time with him. I got to do my class in peace, with an occasional look over when I heard a particularly enthusiastic happy sound from Jet. That was great.

Without Joan class wasn't nearly as fun. I really enjoy talking with her during the class as she's always interested and always willing to offer an opinion on things. The class seemed to be made of a bunch of introverts today, everyone very serious about the exercises and only our instructor really talking much.

Afterwards I got to play a bit with Jet and then we headed for the locker rooms. Mom and I rinsed off, dried and dressed and were well out before John and Dad. They had to undress Jet, shower him, and they forgot to lotion him up, so it was no wonder that they were taking a bit longer. I was glad that they were doing the duty as I was a bit shaky after the class, very relaxed and mellow.

Jet was tired, probably hungry and not that mellow. He was pretty unhappy on the way home, and I had to distract him with my pink plastic swim card on the way home. He did like it but it wasn't enough to keep him occupied for the whole time, by the time we actually reached home he was pretty upset. So John and I lotioned him up, and then I tried nursing him. John was nice and gave me some ice cream, and since Jet wasn't asleep, he wanted ice cream, and he got quite a lot of it and lots of drinks from my hospital mug of water (it holds a full quart of water in an insulated area, easy to know if I've drunk enough in a day, just two of those and I'm content and afloat).

John, Dad and I watched the USA vrs Portugal game, and wow, what an upset! Jet was very interested by all the cheering, groans, and animation, especially at the own-goals by both teams. Ouch. At least they cancelled out.

John finally took Jet upstairs and bounced him to sleep in not that long. Jet was pretty exhausted from the swimming, I'm sure. Then we watched the rest of the game and then John did some work stuff while I watched some of the Germany/Ireland game and figured out which games I wanted to record tonight and got a chance to write this.

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