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June 9, 2002
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Fire, Smoke and An Insulated Floor

9:45 pm: It was hazy today. The whole sky was white and hard to see through and my lungs ached a bit while I was breathing outside. The forest fires are all burning wild as the high winds are fanning them and banning the use of anything from the air to fight the fires. So they're going wild. It's sad and sobering to hear of 5000 acres burned and thousands of people displaced. A little scary to see the evidence of it affecting us so closely.

We're out on the plains, and I was never so glad that we decided not to live in the mountains than now.

We had a pretty good day. We went to the Coffee Urn for breakfast and Jet got his own teddy pancake with two strips of bacon and he polished nearly all of the bacon and an ear off the teddy. He drank half a glass of orange juice and then proceeded to play with everything. Hee. He ate bits of my corned beef hash, some of the spiced meat from John's huevos rancheros, and basically had a great time.

From there we got to church just as the service was beginning, and they moved the nursery to the pre-school wing to find a cooler place for all the kids. Jet cheerfully went and played with all the kids, and we headed into the service, which was really good. Michael had invited a musician in to sing some musical reflections for the congregation, modern music. One of the songs was "Cat's in the Cradle" and I was deeply reminded of why it's an extremely good thing for John to be home with Jet now.

My parents' generation would never have contemplated retiring at 40 in order to be with their kids. We're lucky enough to think about it and contemplate what we can do to get it to work. Better yet, with both of us employed and making more money than we spend, we can work part-time and make it not only work but still work towards that early retirement still more possible. And it starts with making it a very clear goal for both of us to spend time with Jet, not just during these early years, but through his life as we're able.

I'm gradually dealing with the fact that I may well never go back to full-time work again. That I don't really want to and that I may not, in the long run, have to do so. It's a weird blow to my original image of myself. A huge change from how I used to see myself and what I would do if I had a kid. I thought I would always be the geek girl I've always been, and I would still work weekends, still kill myself with long hours and still make my work my life. Now I have something that I enjoy and gain satisfaction from a great deal more. It's been a huge change.

I am still not entirely caught up with it. I know my family's image of me hasn't quite caught up with it, either. They still think of us as the rich yuppies with huge paying jobs., and that it's inevitable that we'll go back to being full-time engineers.

What's best is that between John and I and our one and a half jobs, that we can still pay all the bills, get some money for travel, and still save nearly a third of what we make. It really helps that we're not spending a lot and never have.

Anyway... the song reminded me of all that, and that was pretty cool.

Afterwards, Jet ran around on the lawn while we ate our snacks, drank some water, and headed out. The weather is hot again today. It's in the 90's again, and we were going to be working outside most of the day. So I did my best to tank up on water and we headed on home. Five minutes in to the drive home Jet went to sleep, Hoorah! And he slept while we went into the house, changed, and got buckets of tools and put them into the car. We then drove over to the Goodell's.

Jet woke up on the trip into the house, and on hearing Jeremy playing his drum set, he woke up completely. So I baby sat while John set up the start of the job and got all the complex measurements done on the new floor to the porch room. They were going to build a floor and insulate it so that it could hold the cool/heat from the house as the kids are going to play in there.

Jet loved watching the guys work. He would sit, for long stretches in front of the sliding glass door and watch everyone in motion. When he did play with Haley and Alex's toys he looked a bit forlorn, and looked around for his friends to play with. Jeremy played with Jet for a good long while, and Jet really enjoyed that, but he was a bit uncertain with Jeremy as he probably just seems to be another adult to Jet.

John took Jet when the fancy measurements were done, and I got to pound a few nails. But then John had to come back out and answer lots of questions and guide the next steps to the floor. So Jeremy was a champ and took care of Jet for a good long while. The basic idea to the floor was building a frame with supports every 16 inches, and then firming up the supports with cross beams and then shimming the whole thing so it was completely supported by the concrete slab. That would keep it solid. Then we'd add insulation and then top it off with floor boards which could then be carpeted or whatever.

There were windows and a door and insulation to be put on the walls, and then wall board and all the smoothing elements to the walls. Finally texture and paint would be applied. So there's still a lot to do. We had Tony, Ray, Jeremy, John and I and we finished the floor by about 5. Jet took a nap from 3-4, which was nice for both John and I. I fed Jet food after changing him when he woke up and he sat and watched the guys work.

I remember, on one of the days when Mom and Dad were taking care of Jet, when I came down after I heard him wake up from a nap. Dad was marveling at the fact that Jet was sitting in front of the glass door to the porch, just looking outside and watching everything out there. He was still half asleep, and very sure of what he wanted to do, which was just sit there and look. Jet seemed to be very contemplative as he sat there.

Jet was like that for a lot of today. Though he did do typical crazy toddler things like throwing around a pint glass of sweet tea he found on an end table. He also pulled down every toy he could find from the toy chest and then ignored most of them. He also slid a lot on their slide, as he likes it a lot. He smashed the last part of his cereal bar the moment he saw the fruit chews I gave him. Just little stuff.

I'm sore, now. I also itch a little from laying insulation and letting one of the batts touch my shin. I think I washed a good deal of the fiberglass insulation off, but there's still a little. I should probably have worn long pants, but it was so hot today it would have been more painful to be that hot.

When we got home, the house had been closed up and unlived in all day, so was relatively cool. With the hazy, smoke laden air, we decided to just run the AC instead of opening things up until late. My eyes hurt, and since we skipped lunch and worked so hard, I could tell my blood sugar just sucked. John was a sweetie and made double cheese burgers for both of us, with tomato and lettuce.

I washed the sugar snap peas and we ate those as the side dish. Jet ate some of them, too, and found out about being able to pull the peas from the pods. He really enjoyed that, and ate the peas, on the most part, while John and I kept eating the pods he had left over. The peas were super sweet and unstringy. I was surprised at how tender the pods were. Crisp and sweet and wonderful.

It was a yummy dinner. I really enjoyed it. We watched some of the fire coverage, and then watched the Mexico/Ecuador game. It as the only equally matched game of the night, and from the play Mexico seems to be completely dominating Ecuador. With Italy and surprising Croatia in their pool, it's going to make it uncertain as to who goes ahead until all four sets of games have been played. That should be a very interesting thing to watch develop.

A US game tonight. We'll be sure to record it and watch it tomorrow.

Sadly, the weather is mostly promising to be drier, hotter, and windier the next few days, so I don't have much hope about the fire. There is going to be a mildly calm period, though, so there might be some air support for a while at least. They may have some plan to contain at least some of the blaze at that time. I can hope for that.

John's mom arrives tomorrow afternoon. So John's going to stay home for the morning to help me with my 1:1 and give me a little time as he has to go in for the afternoon to go to his meetings. I'm going to go and pick up Isabel from DIA I the afternoon with Jet. That should be a great test to make sure that Jet and I can do things on our own. grin

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