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June 3, 2003
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Tomatoes, Popscicles, and Hero

10:32 pm: A surprisingly satisfying day, today, really rather overfilled. I had a full day at work, which was actually quite fun as I got in another interview, got a good review of what I wanted written down, and closed the loop with someone on their feedback which was actually quite helpful.

I also had a twenty minute lunch that was quite satisfying, and my boss' boss' boss came by to tell me that everything was in place to get my transfer done to the other side of the company!! Woohoo!! We can, at least, start on the plan to get the whole transition done with. There are a few things that I really need to finish off, but the rest of it is going to be a job of helping someone else transition smoothly into this job.

When I got home at 4:30, everyone was outside by the sandbox eating popsicles. Hannah had brought popsicles for everyone in the sandbox, which included Sam, Ben, Jet and John. Hee. John was out there with his laptop and they were all enjoying their treat. That was cool.

I worked a bit on getting the plot a bit larger. I really want room for the tomatoes to grow properly, so I widened things a bit more. Given that the current tomatoes are supposed to be three feet apart from each other, that's a lot of room to make. But I managed to do that, and get a bit more turned over. That was nice. The boys wanted to wash their hands after they were done with their icy, sticky treats, so I brought them all into the house to wash their hands. Ben glommed onto Jet's toys nigh instantly, but was eventually dragged back outside by the fact that Sam and Jet wanted to go back outside.

John cut off all the dead branches from all the trees. Ben and Sam were just playing with all the branches and little Jet manfully started wrestling all the branches into a single pile!! I was pretty impressed by that and encouraged him and the other boys to do so instead of whacking each other with them. That was pretty cool. They all worked pretty hard, but Jet was pretty single-minded in just getting it all piled together.

Eventually, the other boys went home. So we made dinner. Simple, just fish planks, mac and cheese, and frozen veggies. Jet ate one fish stick, and then stopped. Then John got called to go into church to meet up with someone, so he took Jet with him. I got the house to myself!

I took the opportunity to watch Bob's copy of Hero (warning, the site expects Flash 6). It's gorgeous. It's also a story that gets modified, over and over, with more information from different people, and it's got a very typically Chinese ending. It was beautiful, had great choreography, but I wasn't so happy with the plot. So it is. There was one part that was a good consequence, but the other just made me mad. So it is. I really liked it, though, and I enjoyed how the stories gradually made more and more 'sense' to me. There was one special effect, with candles, that I really enjoyed. The other two that I really was impressed by had to do with raindrops and fallen, autumn leaves. That's all I'll say.

It took me quite a while to turn on the English sub-titles, but I recognized the character for 'written words'. The order, however, wasn't obvious, as it was a two-pick switch.

I managed to wash the dishes, clean up the kitchen, get some laundry done and folded while they were away, so I wasn't entirely idle. *grin*

John went to sleep 'early', and I took the duty of getting Jet to sleep. It took a while, as he was up and about and wanted to finish watching Monster's Inc. So he finally ended up sleeping at about 10:30. Whew. I only stayed up long enough to have a cup of herbal tea, for the water, and then followed everyone else to bed. I did record the hour-long American Food Finds because the first one was on hot food, and it would be fun to know where to get some for the folks that I know that love the heat

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