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June 4, 2003
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Playing in the Rain

9:43 pm: An okay day. It was very good to find that Bob had listened while Michael was talking about me transferring, as I don't have to hide it from him anymore and we can talk about it. It was nice to just talk with him about it, including the fact that I wasn't going to be moving on for a month or two. There's a lot to do before I move on, but it's good stuff to be doing.

The morning was mostly uneventful, other than that. We all met at Ichi-ban for lunch, and it was actually quite good. The sushi eel roll had big chunks of eel and avocado. The rice was warm and good, and the teriyaki chicken was flavorful and juicy and tender, not dried out or left for too long. It was a great lunch. Everyone that went enjoyed what they got, especially for the price. It was good. John got a combo that included five pieces of sushi as well as the spicy chicken and he enjoyed it. It wasn't great sushi, but it was not bad, which is better than most of what we find around here.

Home again, home again, and Jet hadn't gotten up until 7. I'd had problems going to sleep last night, thinking too much about Hero. It was cool to talk about the movie with Bob, too, and the whole question about 'Who was the hero?" in the movie? It was an interesting question and all the facets of what it takes to be a hero or what is heroic action? That was fun to talk over with him. I didn't sleep well, so when Jet got up twice, I wasn't loath to go take care of him and leave John alone to sleep. So he got a full night's sleep, and when Jet got up at 5, I went up, nursed him, and he went back to sleep for another two hours. That was nice.

So Jet didn't nap while he was at Joan's. So he did nap after we got home. Instead of working for that time I just napped. I needed it, badly.

When Jet got up, he let himself out of the room to see John. I woke up less than half an hour later, and took over taking care of Jet. It was fun. We went outside and played. I got some good work clothes, and while Jet played in his sand box, I dug in my dirt area. I folded in a lot of the composted manure, and it was surprisingly black against the whiteness of the clay/dust of the local dirt. It was nice. It started to rain pretty heavily on the two of us, and it felt wonderful as it was pretty warm. I really enjoyed being out there, digging in the dirt while getting rained on.

Jet played with the drops coming down from the corrugated tin of the roof over the sandbox. He also played with the sand, and with the trucks and pails and shovels out there. He really loved being in there and listening to the rain outside. We had a good time.

Eventually, we had to go in, change out of our wet clothing, and have some dinner. I was pretty tired, so we just went to Santiago's and got food. We got Jet some rice in the hopes that he'd eat something, as he hadn't eaten very well all day, and while he hasn't eaten rice for the last few weeks, it seemed like a good time to reintroduce it to him. When we got home, we presented him with the rice container and he wouldn't eat it in his seat, instead, he took it into the livingroom and sat on the carpet and ate it with a fork. He got it everywhere, but I didn't really care, so long as he ate. He ate nearly the whole pint of rice. I was very impressed, and both John and I cleaned up after him with no real problem.

We played Crash Bandicoot for a while, which was good, but we were mildly frustrated by the fact that we couldn't find the last two warp pads. Then Jet demanded Crash Team Racing, so we raced for a while, too. Jet loved the races and got really involved, and asked for more, even when my hands got tired. But we had to stop. So we're upstairs, now, and Jet's all ready for bed and reading books with John. Yay!

So I have a little time to write

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